March & April 2015

Our next regency visit for our HIV/AIDS and Sex education program completes in Badung, delight as we gain more sponsors for children to access school and an introduction to our lovely supporters Jamu Spa, Bali Buda, Social Gem and Anserai.

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All Girl, All Star – Family Sponsored!

PurnamaWe couldn’t be happier to report that Ketut Purnama, the cheeky and active younger sister of twins Mariana and Mariani has been sponsored for school.

It means that all four sisters in the family have now been sponsored by kind Bali Children’s Project donors! We can’t thank you enough.

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Tari is Sponsored!


Kind supporter Susan and family have become her sponsor! It means she will be able to stay in school and have the best possible change of achieving her dream of becoming a chef. Tari is from a family of 10 and despite everyone pitching in, her family simply would not be able to keep up with school costs. We are so excited to tell Tari the good news.

We are overwhelmed at the number of people kindly supporting children like Tari. You can sponsor too. Just take a look at our sponsorship page or get in touch for more. Continue reading

Putu the Future Policeman: SPONSORED!

Bali Children’s Project are delighted to announce that young Putu Sudarja has been sponsored, just days after our appeal on his behalf.

Putu’s sponsorship eases the pressure that is upon his family of 11. It means, he can go to school without having to worry that next month, he may not be able to afford the costs.

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Meet  Putu Sudarja and his family. Putu lives in with his family of eleven in one small house. He  is seeking sponsorship for school.

Putu dreams of becoming a police man so he can earn enough to look after his family, and hopefully one day to afford school costs for his own children. The family have no toilet so shower in the river. To help make ends meet, Putu works all hours.

As costs rise for school, Putu’s only hope of seeing through a full education is by getting a sponsor to help support costs and fees.

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Workshops in the Community

We were invited by our friends at Bali Buda Cafe & Health Food Shops to provide our flagship sex education workshops to their staff.

Led by our wonderful program manager, Opi, the aims of the workshop are to help people understand safe sexual practices.

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Double Delight for our Twins!

We are so happy to announce that our hard working twins Mariana and Mariani have both been sponsored for school! Both are desperate to learn and dream of attending university after school.

The two inseparable girls are from a large family, with their parents struggling to keep up with school costs. The twins’ father earns around $75 USD a month to support the whole family, so it was a huge relief for everyone when news of the sponsorship came through.

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