First School Backpacks Arrive

26th July 2016.

After an amazing response to our new School Backpacks program, Bali Children’s Project were able to delight children with new backpacks.

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Bali Sex Education

22nd July 2016.

Bali Children’s Project’s sex education work has been visiting the regencies of Karengasem and Badung in the latest school workshops.

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Sintia’s House is Halfway There

19th July 2016.

Our charity work in Bali continued as Sintia Wati’s house has started to take shape!┬áThe foundations are complete and the walls are going up.

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School Backpacks Launched

10th July 2016.

Giving a School Entry Backpack helps children access school through providing the basics their families can not afford.

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Video: Eny’s Graduation!

2nd July 2016.

Sponsored Eny is one of this year’s graduates from our sponsorship program. Eny told us about what a difference sponsorship has made to her life and plans for the future.

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Vote for Bali Children’s Project

1st July 2016.

Bali Children’s Project have been selected for the Saleduck Competition for charities – a giveaway of millions of Indonesian Rupiah. We need your help!

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