Australian School Gives Bali Support

30th October 2016.

A special thank you to Jodi Dorney, Chloe Jayne and Stacey Corney who visited us all the way from Victoria, Australia last week.

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VIDEO: Sintia’s New Life

29th September 2016.

12 year old Sintia was found living in a shack in east Bali. Now, we have some incredible news to share about how her life has changed for the better.

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Sex Education in the Mountains

20th September 2016.

Our touring sex education workshops visited 5 schools in Kintamani, educating over 600 teenagers. The workshops were an eye opener for students.

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Children’s Wishlist

14th September 2016.

One of the best ways to support children in Bali is by giving items from our Children’s Wishlist. These items can be purchased in Bali or abroad.

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August Enewsletter

5th September 2016.

August was an incredible month. 22 children sponsored, a school completely renovated and some heartwarming stories of children whose lives have changed thanks to your support.

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August: 22 Children Sponsored

31st August 2016.

August brought  brilliant news for children from our sponsorship waiting list. Thanks to donors from around the world, 22 new children have been sponsored for school.

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