Sexual Education: 2017 Review

29th December 2017.

As we come to the end of 2017, we also mark the end of our annual sexual health education program. In 2017, the workshops reached more teenagers than ever…

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Saving Lives with Sex Education

26th June 2017.

Bali Children’s Project’s landmark Sex Education Program continues to save lives of youths in Bali, through school engagement and workshops.

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Sex Education Review: 2016

15th December 2016.

After visiting 48 schools all over Bali and bringing our workshops to 5,343 students, our 2016 Sex Education Workshops are over, but there’s more to come.

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Sex Education in the Mountains

20th September 2016.

Our touring sex education workshops visited 5 schools in Kintamani, educating over 600 teenagers. The workshops were an eye opener for students.

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Bali Sex Education

22nd July 2016.

Bali Children’s Project’s sex education work has been visiting the regencies of Karengasem and Badung in the latest school workshops.

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Sex Education Returns

25th April 2016.

Our Sex Education Workshops have returned for another year! The sessions are a much needed addition to the Indonesian curriculum, as our team travel to over 40 schools.

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Birds and the Bees in Bali

15th January 2016.

They may not know it yet, but teenagers in Bali have received a grant that could save their lives.

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2015 Sex Education Complete!

14th December 2015.

We’re proud to have completed our biggest year yet in sex education within schools in Bali. Visiting 40 schools, over 2,500 children and bringing an important issue that could save their lives.

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Workshops in Tabanan

16th October 2015.

Teenage pregnancies, sexual disease and HIV/AIDS has rocketed in Bali in recent years. Our latest workshops took us to Tabanan to teach teenagers essential health knowledge.

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Sex Ed Workshops in Bali: Klungkung

21st August 2015.

With the new school year back in full flow, our Sex Education team were back in schools in the eastern regency of Klungkung, Bali, to teach about safe sex.

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Phase 4 complete!

18th June 2015

In May and June we completed the next stage of our wide impacting Sex Education, HIV & AIDS workshops, this time focusing on schools in north Bali.

This time, we were in the regency of Buleleng – spanning a huge area across north Bali. Our sex education work is vital to help youngsters understand and avoid sexual disease, as well as many other issues relating to sexual health.

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Sex Education in Jembrana

Our next phase of 2015’s HIV/AIDS & Sex Education is complete! We visited multiple schools in Jembrana – one of the neediest regions in Bali – to deliver our flagship sex education workshops.

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Life Saving Workshops Begin!

A GIRLS W BANNERWe are very excited to say that this years HIV, AIDS and sex education workshops have begun!

Lead by BCP’s Opy Sulaeman and our fantastic team of staff, we visited our first schools of 2015 for the engaging workshops.

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