Timothy Sykes Opens 2 Schools

25th August 2017.

Timothy Sykes formally open two schools in Bali last week, giving a speech about why he has funded the schools, built by Bali Children’s Project.

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Free School Bus Arrives!

26th July 2017.

What a wonderful day as Bali Children’s Project launched our latest Special Project – a free school bus for children in the mountains of Bali.

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Norway Comes to Bali

29th March 2017.

Norway came to Bali in March, as efforts from Norwegian students sparked a great transformation in a run down kindergarten in the mountains of Tabanan, Bali. Continue reading

VIDEO: Widya Baru Renovation

22nd February 2017.

In Bali Children’s Project’s first project of 2017, we renovated an old, crumbling school in the mountains of Tabanan, Bali. It’s unrecognisable now.

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From New York to Bali

12th October 2016.

New York came to Bali this week, as we welcomed visitors from the Schmidt Family, who arrived in Bali with a special surprise.

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VIDEO: Sintia’s New Life

29th September 2016.

12 year old Sintia was found living in a shack in east Bali. Now, we have some incredible news to share about how her life has changed for the better.

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Children’s Wishlist

14th September 2016.

One of the best ways to support children in Bali is by giving items from our Children’s Wishlist. These items can be purchased in Bali or abroad.

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First School Backpacks Arrive

26th July 2016.

After an amazing response to our new School Backpacks program, Bali Children’s Project were able to delight children with new backpacks.

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School Backpacks Launched

10th July 2016.

Giving a School Entry Backpack helps children access school through providing the basics their families can not afford.

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Child Protection in Bali

31st May 2016.

An update from Bali Children’s Project as we visit more schools and help children to learn how to react to signs of abuse.

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Housing Appeal for Sintia

13th May 2016.

13 year old Sintia Wati lives with barely anything at all. The shack she calls home is in dire condition. That is all changing now that we’ve reached our appeal target for her new house.

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New English Learning Program

13th April 2016.

Exciting developments as Bali Children’s Project launch a brand new English Learning Program to help children who would otherwise miss out on learning the essential language.

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Supporting Underprivileged Schools

29th March 2016.

What do carpets, painting, blackboards, teaching materials and learning toys all have in common? That’s right, they are all missing from many underprivileged schools in Bali.

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Child Protection Workshops Kick Off

18th March 2016.

This year Bali Children’s Project are undertaking a new type of workshop to help teach young children of the dangers and signs of abuse.

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Jamu Spa Graduation for Girls

20th January 2016.

There were celebrations last week as the girls from Jamu Spa graduated to become professional therapists. We couldn’t be more proud.

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Seasonal Surprise

7th December 2015.

Sponsored Ni Luh Rismayani (Risma) received a seasonal surprise after sponsor David gave us an additional donation to buy her something special.

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Citra and Mira Move Out!

31st October 2015.

Wonderful news as we have managed to move Citra and Mira – the girls we found living in a basement – to new temporary accommodation.

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Urgently Seeking Housing Sponsor

9th October 2015.

One recent visit to a new family shocked us – two parents and their two daughters Citra and Mira and toddler were living in a dirty basement room, with no ventilation or facilities. We are urgently seeking a sponsor to help them move into better accommodation.

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A Holiday with a Difference

7th October 2015.

When supporters Lisa and Mal came on holiday to Bali, they brought with them a whole suitcase full of donations for preschools in Bali.

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Dreams Become Reality

29th September 2015.

Sadly, most children we sponsor do not even have a comfortable bed to sleep in – but that has already started to change thanks to new donations for mattresses.

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