March: 13 Children Sponsored

3rd April 2017.

March was a wonderful month for sponsorships as 13 more children moved from our Sponsorship Waiting List to being fully sponsored for school.

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February: 9 Children Sponsored

6th March 2017.

Our thanks to the new sponsors from February who have all kindly helped to change the futures of 9 children through school sponsorships.

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Enterprise Systems Sponsor 3

13th February 2017.

Bali Children’s Project were able to spread some great news to three children recently, as Enterprise Systems stepped in to become a multiple sponsor.

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New man Komang

9th January 2017.

Komang Sukedana is a whole new man since we first met him in June last year. This is how a sponsorship can make a difference to a young man’s life.

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9 Children Sponsored in December

4th January 2017.

December was a brilliant end to 2017 as we sponsored 9 more children for school, giving them secured education and new hope of a future.

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November: 5 Children Sponsored

1st December 2016.

Our thanks to November’s new sponsors Alison, Ali, Petra, Bruce and Maryam, who have all committed to supporting children through school in November.

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New Futures for Four Children

16th November 2016.

17 year old Linda Yani and three other children have new futures thanks to a series of kindness from supporters.

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October: 5 Children Sponsored

2nd November 2016.

Thanks to the kind sponsors of Viceroy Bali, Karina and Thomas, we were able to secure a school future for 5 more children in Bali.

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More Children Sponsored

3rd September 2016.

In September we were delighted to sponsor a further 6 children, thanks to the kindness of people who truly care about their futures.

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August: 22 Children Sponsored

31st August 2016.

August brought  brilliant news for children from our sponsorship waiting list. Thanks to donors from around the world, 22 new children have been sponsored for school.

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Agus Goes Back to School

25th August 2016.

With no family income, 15 year old Agus had dropped out of school due to the fees involved. Thanks to sponsorship, Agus is now back in school and can see a future. Continue reading

July: 21 School Sponsorships

3rd August 2016.

We were able to sponsor a further 21 students through school in July. The sponsorships secure their educational future and are life changing

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Video: Eny’s Graduation!

2nd July 2016.

Sponsored Eny is one of this year’s graduates from our sponsorship program. Eny told us about what a difference sponsorship has made to her life and plans for the future.

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Alison and Susan Change Lives

16th June 2016.

Friends Alison and Susan came to the aid of the children they sponsor, by personally donating and delivering mattresses for the families.

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Linda and Friends Deliver Donations

11th March 2016.

Last week supporter Linda dropped by to give bags full of donations for children, along with a visit to her sponsored, Putu.

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Children Sponsored: 10 in February

2nd March 2016.

The lives of 10 underprivileged children were changed forever in February, as kind people from around the world sponsored children for school.

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Erlika is Re-sponsored

24th February 2016.

Great news for young Erlika, the girl whose sponsorship fell through last month. She has now been re-sponsored for school by kind supporter Stephanie.

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Gamelan and Shadow Puppets

15th February 2016.

Anom and his sister Emas are incredibly gifted youngsters with a special and rare skill – as Gamelan musicians. They both have incredible futures ahead of them.

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Yulia & Dennis visit Muhammed

9th February 2016.

When supporters Yulia and Dennis came to meet sponsored Muhammed, they had a special gift for his sister Lina too.

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Fitriani Housing Joy

5th February 2016.

Fitriani was in a terrible situation when we met her. Her father had died and her living conditions were deteriorating. Thankfully things have changed.

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