Create a partnership with your school, helping to supply and equip schools that need it most in Bali.

School Partnerships

One of the most rewarding ways of supporting Bali Children’s Project is through school partnerships.

If you are looking to create meaningful links with Bali, school partnerships are for you. We welcome teachers, students and parents to become part of something that will have a big impact.

What will Partnerships do?

As you may know, schools in Bali often fall short of standards that some of us are used too. Kindergartens and preschools are in need of the most support. Many schools struggle through poor buildings, a lack of materials and untrained teachers. Meanwhile, many primary/elementary schools do not have working libraries any more.

Providing supplies for schools and books for libraries opens up a world of learning for children. Improved facilities and supplies really change communities.

Children, who cannot afford their own books, are able to access quality education. Schools, teachers and parents become reinspired to run more effectively.

How to Create a Partnership

In reality, the best way your school can support schools in Bali is through financial support. With so many supplies lacking, donations help us to support schools.

Bali Children’s Project has a huge waiting list of schools and libraries needing support. Depending on the levels of support, together we can help multiple schools.

To do this, all you need to do is get in touch. Bali Children’s Project will let you know about the schools that need support and how your donations are helping.

Ways to Support

The best ways to support are to run your own fundraising events. From non-uniform days, class sponsor drives or charity fundraising days, your school can help to support schools in Bali.

If there are any materials, advice or support needed from Bali Children’s Project, we are happy to help.

We will send your school photo and videos of how your support has helped. Of course, schools are welcome to visit the projects that you have been supporting.

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