Our Sponsorship Program aims to support children from the poorest families who are at high risk of dropping out from school.


Sponsorship visits can be arrangedSchool Sponsorship

Our sponsorship program supports children through school in Bali. Sponsored children are from the poorest families, who are in most need.

Without sponsorship for school, these children  would drop out of school. They, and their families would continue in the cycle of poverty. Sponsorships enable them to change that.

Sponsorships give these children a way to escape poverty through education.


Costs are too much for many familiesSchool Costs in Bali

Costs are the biggest barrier to children completing basic education in Bali. 

Costs include school entry fees, building fees, teacher fees, extra class fees, materials, equipment, uniforms and shoes.

In Bali, fees vary depending on area, lessons and school. We ask for $40 USD a month to support each child through school, administered and monitored through our staff.


Erlika and Erika are both sponsored.Sponsorship Waiting List

Our Sponsorship Waiting List includes the most urgent children requiring sponsorships.

The Sponsorship Waiting List is available on Facebook, and is updated in real time.

We hear about children via our Local Area Co-ordinators, who work within local communities.

Once our Area Co-ordinators have assessed the situation, children will be placed on our Sponsorship Waiting List.

School sponsorship can change lives.Structure of Support

To run an effective sponsorship program, we employ Indonesian staff.

The program is run by the Executive Director and is managed by our Sponsorship Manager.

They manage multiple Area Co-ordinators, who provide day to day support and funds for children’s school costs.

See our staff structure.


All funds are recorded and receiptedFinancial Management

All expenditure is tracked through our financial management system, which includes providing receipts and transparent reporting.

School costs for each child are monitored by our dedicated staff.

The program is overseen by Bali Children’s Project USA (a registered 501c3). 15% of sponsorship funds are used for organisation overhead. This ensures we can manage the program sustainably.



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