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Our Sponsorship Waiting List of children needing sponsorship is regularly updated. Please see below to see the children and read their stories. You can help change their lives. To sponsor, click here and remember to name the child you would like to sponsor in ‘I want my donation to be dedicated: NAME OF CHILD’.

Please set your sponsorship to ‘monthly’ and $40 USD.

Putu Dian Wulandari

Dian is the oldest of three. Her parents had to borrow some money for about USD 174 to afford her school entrance fee and uniforms last year. More school costs are on the way.

Her father is a laborer, but with the pandemic, it’s hard to find any work. Dian’s mother looks after the children and sometimes helps her father with labor work and makes Balinese offerings for sale. Dian’s parents are struggling so hard to afford Dian’s school expense. They’re considering to remove Dian from school if the economy gets worse.

Dian aspires to be a nurse. She sees firsthand how important medics are for society. She would like to become a nurse only if she could afford it. If she can’t, then she’ll be happy to land any decent job that pays more than being a laborer.

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Nyoman Seada

Corona Cancellation

Nyoman Soma Seada, loves to play chess. He’s 14 years old and in 8th grade in Karangasem in East Bali.. He had a sponsor, but he abruptly stopped due to Covid. Without a sponsor, he has almost no chance to stay in school. Because he was sponsored, he was able to pay the fees for Jr High, but without one, he can’t continue. His parents can’t buy uniforms, meals, fees, or school supplies.

Both of his older siblings dropped out from primary school. The oldest managed to graduate primary school in grade 6 and now works as a storekeeper in Denpasar. The second oldest dropped out in grade 5, and now also works as a storekeeper in Denpasar. Of course, during the Covid ordeal, many businesses are shuttered.

Nyoman is a bright boy. He is ranked the 2nd in his class. He received a certificate of achievement for his hard work at school. He has completed all of his end of semester exams and school assignments during the studying from home period.

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Made Vera Antari

12 years old and about to enter high school, Vera’s parents aren’t sure she’ll be able to stay in school. Vera is the younger of two. She has an older brother in grade 12, who works as a laborer part-time to afford his school fees. Her parents did their best to afford his school expenses since he’s the only boy in her family and will continue the family line.

When Vera’s not busy with school, she works by working in a coffee plantation, plucking the coffee beans, and cleaning the chicken coops. The family only earns 210 USD on a good month – even with both mother and father working as day laborers.

With the pandemic on the rise, the demand for daily workers or laborers has lessened significantly. It’s getting harder for her parents to get jobs. Vera has been studying at home and is desparate to stay in school and carve out a better future.

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Kadek Suditawati

13 year old Kadek is from Jembrana, in the west of Bali. Dita lives with her parents and little sister of 2 years old in a wooden board house. Due to their poverty, they can’t afford a permanent building for their home. Her parents work as laborers that get paid daily – if there is no work, they can’t earn money to live. This pandemic has left them with even less demand for their manpower.

Dita lives with her parents and little sister of 2 years old in a wooden board house. Due to their poverty, they can’t afford a permanent building for their home. She borrows her neighbor or relative’s smartphone to access the internet so she could get her lessons and send her assignments.

Even now, they struggle to buy their basic staples and food. Dita is most likely to drop out soon and go to work directly, despite being a child/underage, since her family can’t afford to spend more money for her school expense.

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Gusti Ketut Juliartha (brother of Gusti Ayu Nyoman Arys Meliani)

Gusti Ketut Juliartha (Nicknamed “Juliartha”) age 12 and in his first year of Jr High in Karangasem, is the youngest child out of four and the only boy.

His parents were both working until the pandemic – his mother in a restaurant and his father in a hotel. Now his mother is out of work and his father works mainly as a laborer in order to even get food. He works a few days in the hotel when they have guests. They have to work in the rice field to afford basics. When Juliartha has no school, he helps them in their work as laborers.

His determination to continue school is really high. But the collapsing tourism industry in Bali really hit his family hard. He might have to drop out next school term. During the pandemic, he’s been studying from home, as his school was closed since mid-March until further notice.

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Putu Ayu Sugiantari

Ayu is the older two sisters. She lives with her parents and sister in a house that is supported by the banjar (their village community) due to their poverty.

After a freak accident, Ayu’s mother lost one of her hands. She was left in a coma, finally being discharged after two months. Now the family is stuck with the massive medical bill which they try their best to pay off monthly. Ayu’s father is a daily laborer – he works any job he can find, such as tending buffalo for neighbors or planting/harvesting other landowner’s rice.

Ayu is 13 years old in June and is due to enter high school. However, that won’t happen without a sponsorship. Ayu has already been worrying about it and has refrained from joining any school clubs out of fear it would cost more money that the family doesn’t have. Ayu loves mathematics and aspires to be a math teacher.

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Kadek Dwi Sugiartawan

12 year old Kadek Dwi Sugiartawan (nicknamed Dedek) is about to drop out of school. He’s supposed to be entering junior high school, but because of the fees, his parents are telling him he can’t go.

Dedek’s father is sickly and his family owes IDR 6 million to the local bank to cover their daily expenses when his father was sick and couldn’t work. Both of his parents are laborers and can’t go to work every day. They earn barely half of the standard minimum wage.

His older brother would have been a dropout had he not gotten sponsored by Bali Children’s Project 3 years ago. Now Dedek is going to face the same predicament. He would have to drop out of school this year if he doesn’t get sponsored, as his family can’t afford taking more loans.

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Wayan Putu Ekarini

Ni Wayan Putu Ekarini, almost 15 and the oldest of three, lives in Karangasem, one of the poorest areas of Bali. She’s now in grade 7, the first year of Jr High.

Ekarini loves school and dreams of being able to finish Senior High School. Even if Ekarini worked while in school, she could never earn enough to afford her senior high school expenses. It’s terribly distressing, because she really wants an education.

Her father is a laborer – either field or construction. Her mother, a housewife, sometimes works at the construction site too if they need women power. When Ekarini is not busy with her school, she always helps her parents by working as a brick laborer.

Unfortunately, this pandemic brought the family to an even more difficult situation as there are no job offers for her father.

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Komang Pratinayasa

Komang’s father passed away when he was 2 years old. Since then, life has been a struggle for his family.

His mother works as hard as she can, but is just a day laborer and doesn’t always get work. When Komang has days off, he looks for laboring work too so he can help his mother with costs.

Komang has been on the verge of dropping out before. His mother had told him she was so sorry but couldn’t afford his school costs. After pleading to stay in school, his mother took a loan. She can’t keep taking loans though and without a sponsor, Komang won’t finish school.

He’s a disciplined and astute boy, with dreams of becoming a soldier and supporting his mother so she doesn’t have to spend her days laboring.

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Kadek Dwik Gunarta Dwik

Kadek Dwik Gunarta Dwik is the second out of three sons in his family. His older brother is on a college scholarship. Dwik is almost 16 and living in Ubud.

Dwik was sponsored but his sponsor had to stop. However, Dwik is on his way to fulfil his dream of working in the tourism industry, and has hopes that it will rebound once the pandemic is over.

He is now enrolled in a vocational senior high school of tourism in Ubud thanks to his being sponsored, but without that, he will have to stop.