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Our Sponsorship Waiting List of children needing sponsorship is regularly updated. Please see below to see the children and read their stories. You can help change their lives. To sponsor, click here and remember to name the child you would like to sponsor in ‘I want my donation to be dedicated: NAME OF CHILD’.

Please set your sponsorship to ‘monthly’ and $40 USD.

Ketut Titip (Tut Titip)

Ketut Titip, age 14 in 8th grade, from Karangasem, is the youngest child out of four. She has three older sisters. The eldest two were unable to finish primary school and the third only Jr High, all due to poverty. Ketut, however, is really smart and very much wants to complete High School. Her family wants her to also, but their income is just too low. Ketut is ranked the top 10 in her class. Ketut’s hobby is singing. Ketut joins the KSPAN (Kelompok Siswa Peduli AIDS & Narkoba) Club at her school as her extra curricular activity, a group that really helps others learn about healthy and safety.

Ketut’s father passed away when she was 9 months old due to a brain stroke. At the time, her family couldn’t afford the expense to take her father to the hospital. So her father died due to lack of proper medical attention and treatment after the attack.

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Putu Candra Dewi

Ni Luh Putu Candra Dewi, age 15 from Jembrana, is on the brink of dropping out after graduating from grade 9 next month. Her parents cannot afford the entrance fee and all the expenses needed to go to High School. So they have asked Putu to quit school after completing Junior high school.

Putu’s father used to work in a supermarket in Negara, but he got laid off as the company closed down almost a year ago. So now Putu’s father only works as a laborer, earning IDR 25,000-35,000 (about $3/00)per day. Putu’s mother earns a little bit of money by selling Balinese offerings, so her family can buy enough food for everyone.

When Putu is not in school, she always helps her mother by making the offerings alongside her. Putu has a dream to be a businesswoman or an entrepreneur. She really wants to continue school. She even planned to go to a vocational high school and major in marketing. However, it seems that her goal will have to be put aside if she doesn’t get a sponsor.

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Wayan Arta Winangun

Wayan Arta Winangun (nicknamed “Lecir”), 15 years old from Karanasem is the oldest of two siblings. He’s finishing Jr High soon and will be ready to enter grade 10 – Senior High – in July. In truth, Wayan’s parents can’t afford to send him so have been afraid to encourage him. They would have to give him money daily for food and transport to go to school, and they don’t have it.

However, because Wayan is begging them and is really motivated to go to school, his parents say they will try their best to take a loan for his schooling. It would have to pay for his entrance fee and will put the family deeper into debt. Wayan promises his parents that he will never stop helping them with their work. 

Wayan’s father works as a farm laborer and has no fixed income. He also works with miscellaneous labor works. His mother sometimes works as a laborer as well and makes offerings to be sold in nearby shop. When he’s not in school, Wayan helps his parents in the rice field and prepares food for their livestock.

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Ni Kadek Widiantari

Ni Kadek Widiantari, a 16 year old 10th grader in her first year of High School, had to quit school for a year because of her family’s financial struggles. She was heartbroken, because she knew how dim her future will be if she can’t graduate.

While Kadek was not in school, she worked and helped her parents with their work as laborers, making offerings to sell.

Her parents worked for a company that went out of business. So they had to take out exorbitant loans with high interest to survive, and this is why Kadek Widiantari had to drop out.

Kadek also needs to take courses in English and computer. Her dream is to work on a cruise line in Food & Beverage, so she can work as a cook or waitress later.


Ni Kadek Riska Maha Putri (sister of Ni Luh Putu Candra Dewi)

Ni Kadek Riska Maha Putri, age 13 in 7th grade in the far west area of Jembrana, has a humble dream. She wants to graduate from senior high school. However, considering how poor her family’s financial condition is, Kadek doubts that she will be able to continue school after graduating from junior high school in two years.

When Kadek started junior high school last year, she wished that she could get new school supplies, such as notebooks, pens, schoolbag and shoes. However, her school supplies are the old ones that she used in primary school, as her parents didn’t have the money to get her the new ones.

Meanwhile, a sponsorship now will give her the push she needs and enable her to cover current expense plus access to extra curricular lessons like her friends.

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I Putu Krisna Widnyana

Krisna is in his last year of Junior High and fearful that he will not be able to start Senior High at all.

Krisna’s father cannot afford his high school entrance fee and the school fees for 3 years in Senior High School. So his father had asked him to drop out of school once he graduates from Junior High School this year. However, Krisna still would like to continue school very much, as he wants to get a better and decent job so he can support his family, or at least not be a burden anymore after finishing school.

His mother (his father’s first wife) passed away about 5 years ago from breast cancer and his father has now remarried. His father owes about IDR 16 million (about $1,200) in total in three different places. The loans were to pay for his mother’s medical bills, cremation, their daily staples, and an allowance to buy meals for the children at school.

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I Gusti Made Rai Widana

RahDe to his friends, Made is the younger brother of I Gusti Ngurah Raka Dipa, also awaiting a sponsor. RahDe has a dream to be a tour guide. He would love to be able to speak English more fluently.  His father works as a wood carver, meanwhile her mother stays at home and makes Balinese offerings to be sold in the market. Sometimes his mother also works as laborer for other people.

His father owes IDR 7 millions in the village cooperation, while his older brother also still hasn’t paid 6 months of his SPP/school fees, about IDR 1.5 million.

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I Gusti Ngurah Gede Agus Wija Suputra

Nicknamed “Rah Agus”, Gusti is the oldest of three children. Age 12 and living in Tulikup, Gianyar, he is going into grade 8 this July. His father works as a woodcarving laborer who earns about $80/month. His mother makes less than $1/day making Balinese offerings. They live in debt.

Rah Agus is a bright boy, ranking 16 out of 39 in his class. As he’s only 12, Rah Agus doesn’t know yet on what he’s going to be once he graduates. However, he would like to continue and finish high school. He doesn’t want to be a woodcarver.

He would like to continue to vocational high school of tourism, because he would like to go to work right away, so he can help his parents. However, without taking more loans, Rah Agus won’t be able to continue to senior high school.


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I Gusti Ngurah Rahka Dipa

With one more year to go in school, 17 year old RahKa is the oldest of two brothers. Because of the family’s poverty, he has a debt at school for about IDR 1.5 million for his SPP or monthly school fee. Currently he’s majoring in hospitality and he would like to work in the housekeeping department at a hotel or a villa once he graduates from his vocational high school. RahKa is a diligent student and never skips a day. He studies hard and enjoys school a lot.

RahKa also helps his father work, sometimes carving wood. The family are in serious debt and need a break to cover the two sons’ school costs.

Sponsor RahKa | Read the whole story

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Nyoman Soma Seada

I Nyoman Soma Seada, loves to play chess. He’s now age 12 and in 6th grade, lives in Karangasem in the East of Bali. Without a sponsor, this will be his last year of school. Both of his older siblings dropped out from primary school. Both now work as shopkeepers in Denpasar.

Nyoman dreams of being a primary school teacher or working in an office (such as in a bank, hotel, government or private office). His parents both work as manual laborers and doing any odd job they can find.

Nyoman really wants to continue school, but if his parents can’t afford it and he doesn’t get sponsored, then he will have to drop out of school and work as a laborer to help his parents.


I Wayan Agustina Putra

Wayan Agustina Putra, age 17, has one more year to finish in high school. His home is the bare minimum, and he, his sister, and his parents all sleep in one room on mats on the floor.

Wayan currently has an internship in Ubud Terrace as a housekeeper. He is working hard to do everything it takes to graduate, but it’s stressful and difficult. He also feels terrible that his parents, already desperately poor, have taken out loans for his school.

His parents are already in debt for his school fees and they hope that they will be able to support him through graduation.

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