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Join our 2018 School Entry Backpack Appeal and help us deliver 100 fully equipped backpacks for the new term. We’re asking for donations of $100 each to fully equip a backpack with all a child needs for school.

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For children in Bali, it should be an exciting time. As one school year ends and another is soon to start in July there will be a new class, new things to learn and another year of education.

But for children from the poorest families, it’s not at all as fun as it might sound. Although elementary school is free,  books, supplies, materials and uniforms aren’t. For too many children, this means they will go to school under equipped and embarrassed.

Not having the new uniforms, or having torn shoes and bags upsets children to the point where some don’t even want to go to school at all.

Thankfully, Bali Children’s Project has a way to help. By providing fully equipped backpacks, children from the poorest families can start the new year with a smile. With a new backpacks, shoes, multiple uniforms and school equipment, they can once again look forward to going to school.

Bali Children’s Project is inviting supporters to help us fundraise for 100 fully equipped backpacks. If you can help, please follow the instructions below.

Helping Children like Nanda

8 year old Nanda is in grade 5. With his parents struggling to afford the cost of daily life, the new school year is always a worry. They simply can’t afford to buy new shoes, clothes and materials for their growing boy.

Nanda’s shoes have holes in the ends and his uniforms are old and worn. Despite this, he goes to school with a smile on his face. Nanda desperately wants new supplies, but knows his parents cannot afford it and does not make a fuss. Nanda is just one of over 100 children currently on waiting for school entry backpacks.

We would love to give Nanda the special surprise that comes with new school supplies, but need help to do this.

What Does a Backpack Include?

A $100 Backpack donation enables us to purchase:

  • 4 school uniforms (regular, batik, sport, scouts)

  • 1 pair of black school shoes

  • A school backpack

  • School supplies (books, pens, pencils and pencil case)

*Note: This program is aimed at grade 1-5. For children grades 6-12, costs rise, hence the need for monthly sponsorship.

Pande was so excited when she received her backpack in 2017.

Donate a School Entry Backpack

To donate your backpack, follow the donate link below, input your donation of $100 USD and select ‘school entry backpacks’ under the program designation.

We will let you know which child your backpack is going to and you’ll receive thank you photos from the child or children whom you have helped.

Donate your Fully Equipped Backpack Here

Just some of the children waiting for school backpacks…