8 12, 2021

Bangli Education Board Approves Child Protection

2021-12-08T07:56:46-05:00December 8th, 2021|Child Protection, News|

Bangli Education Board Approves Child Protection We are proud to announce that our Child Protection Program has received Bangli Education Board approval, meaning the program of educating children about their rights will be delivered in each of Bangli's 164 elementary school. The program gives schools an online package for teaching students about abuse, along with videos, activities and [...]

7 12, 2021

Nine Students Sponsored in November

2021-12-08T13:51:51-05:00December 7th, 2021|News|

Nine Students Sponsored for School Thanks to our latest sponsors, we've been able to secure school futures for nine new students in Bali. Each student had joined our waiting list due to their dire situations, which would have led them into extreme debt or dropping out from school. But thanks to Jane & Olivia, Adonis, Sara, [...]

6 12, 2021

Holiday Giving Appeal Launched

2021-12-06T11:55:04-05:00December 6th, 2021|News|

Holiday Giving Appeal Launched Bali has had an incredibly difficult year. The pandemic has impacted families, schools and children's education. Now, we're appealing to supporters to help spread some holiday joy through our holiday giving appeal. We are aiming to raise a total of 15,000 USD for three areas of need over the holidays - food packages for [...]

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