45 Students Sponsored for School in July

A record breaking month as Bali Children’s Project were able to sponsor 45 students to stay in school!

It has come at the most critical time too. With families in poverty already struggling with school fees, July marks the start of a new school year and a host of new costs such as enrolment fees.

To make things worse, incomes have dropped even further in the pandemic as there is less work, but higher competition.

So there has never been a more important time to provide sponsorships.

New Futures

July was also a landmark month because 81 realised their dream and graduated from high school, thanks to support from their sponsors.

Statistically, 1 in 5 students will never graduate school in Bali. Our team finds those students and gives them a chance by putting them on our Sponsorship Waiting List. Once sponsored, students are able to enrol in school and graduate – unlocking a completely new future.

Despite the sponsorships being complete, many sponsors have kindly continued their donation, giving us the ability to sponsor a new students for school.

If you’d like to help change a student’s life through school sponsorship, please visit our Sponsorship Page, where our Sponsorship Manager Anastasia explains all about how sponsorships work.

Sponsored in July

Become a Sponsor

Please help us to change more lives. A $40 USD monthly sponsorship gaurantees that students can stay in school and graduate.