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Change a life by helping a high school student graduate

Sponsor a child

School Entry Backpacks

Giving Elementary Students all the need to access school

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Kindergarten School Support

Help us renovate schools for young learners

Schools in Need

Sexual Education

Giving schools the power to run life saving sex education programs

Sexual in Schools

Library Support

Transforming libraries into new worlds of imagination

Library Renovations

Child Protection

Awareness workshops in elementary schools

Abuse Awareness

Bali Children’s Project is a registered non-profit in Bali, Indonesia.
We are dedicated to help children in Bali escape poverty through education.
Please help us create better futures.

Child Protection
Trained 1,454 schools and teachers in how to implement child protection education, through formal teacher training in 5 regencies in Bali
Sponsorships for School
Currently sponsoring over 505 students living in poverty to stay in school and achieve their dreams.
Library Renovations
Renovated 57 libraries, turning them into incredible new learning centers and bringing reading and computer literacy to remote areas of Bali
Kindergarten Renovations
Renovated 50 kindergartens to bring quality early stage learning to the poorest areas of Bali.
School Entry Backpacks
Provided over 1,000 elementary school students with 'school entry backpacks' to allow them to go to elementary school fully supplied and confident.
Sex Education
Since 2012, educating over 10,000 students every year in critical sexual education information so that they can make informed decisions in life.
Green Communities
Providing education, infrastructure support and guidance for villages to change their culture surrounding waste management and to protect the environment.
Children Currently Sponsored
School Renovated
Libraries Renovated

Help us reach our goal of raising 9,750 USD to renovate Sinabun Library, transforming it into an inspiring new Learning Center

15% raised so far
Raised so far

2023 Annual Review Video

Bali Children’s Project is proud to present our annual review video

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Champions for Children provides crucial support for children in Bali

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Bali Children’s Project is a 501(c) 3 USA federally tax-exempt non-profit charitable foundation (EIN 26-0014889) and a Yayasan in Indonesia (NIB 230921044171).



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