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Help us renovate the Sinabun library and turn it into one of our trademark learning centers

Can you help us reach our target of 9,750 USD to renovate Sinabun Library?

Sinabun is a remote village in the Buleleng area, Most villagers here are basic local economy micro businesses or farmers.

The village is typical of a village that has few options and a budget unable to cater for its educational needs.

The library building, a crucial resource for fostering literacy and a love for reading among students, is in a state of in poor condition. The collapsed ceiling poses safety concerns, and the lack of appealing reading materials dampens the enthusiasm for learning among the students.

We are aiming to change all this with one of our trademark library renovations – but we need your help.

We are crowdfunding to reach our goal of 9,750 USD, which will enable us to completely renovate the library, transforming it into a magical new learning center for children in this remote village of Bali.

How your Donation Helps


$10 USD can purchase one high quality hardback book


$50 USD can provide two  comfortable large bean bags


$100 USD buys a high quality table and chair set


$250 USD buys around 30 books


$450 USD paints an inspiring mural

How Renovations Work

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