Bali has already been struggling with the impacts of decimated tourism. With increasing COVID-19 cases, people who were living in poverty anyway are struggling to live. Please help us to lighten their burden by giving a $40 USD Food Package.

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Help us Lighten the Burden with Food Supply Packages

Life was already a struggle for families living in poverty in Bali. But now, things are even worse. Families are struggling to find work and afford basic daily life. With tourism decimated, there are even fewer opportinuties. Labor work has even ground to a halt.

Bali Children’s Project will be delivering Food Packages that will help a family live for one month. The packages give families all the need for food and ease the immediate burden.

Each food package supplies 40 USD of items including rice, eggs, non-perishables and more.

We are appealing to donors to give a 40 USD donation to buy the Food Packages for families on the brink.

Please help by donating $40 USD to supply a Food Package for families in need.

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Ardi’s Family Woes

Families like Wayan Ardi’s are struggling to cope during the crisis.

The whole family works at a small brick making factory. They get paid based on demand and orders. But with COVID-19 grinding many businesses to a halt, there have been far fewer orders. It means the family is on an even lower income than the basic amount they were accustomed to.

Wayan was sponsored for school to help stop him from dropping out and working full time, but now his sponsor has had to cancel. He is now back on the Sponsorship Waiting List.

Now that there is less work, the family has less money. With no reserves in the bank and unable to take any loans, the family has little hope of getting through the pandemic unscathed.

Our appeal will be helping families like Wayan Ardi’s with the most basic of needs – food supplies.

The supply package will include non perishable food items, giving the family much needed relief. It means that they can get by on their lowered income while not having to worry about how they will eat.

Across our programs, we work with hundreds of families who are all seeing the effects of COVID-19 on them. We ask supporters to help us be there for them and give them the basic necessaties to live.

The COVID-19 Crisis in Bali

Bali has relatively few cases of COVID-19 according to official reports. However, borders are closed and the economy has taken a huge hit.

The pandemic has led to Bali being brought to its knees. The main economy of tourism has been removed and even basic labor jobs have had to stop.

It’s left families that were already living in poverty under even more pressure. Families who normally can’t even afford school costs are now faced with a new stark reality – a lack of work, a reduced income and total uncertainty about how to feed their children.

Read more about how it has affected Bali Children’s Project’s work

What Does a Food Package Include?

A $40 USD donation enables us to purchase:

  • 25kg of Rice
  • 1 Tray of Eggs
  • 2 Litres Cooking Oil
  • 1 box (40 servings) of instant noodles
  • 5 bars of Soap
  • 1 bag of Detergent
  • 1 tube Toothpaste

*Thank you photos will be sent to all donors as soon as available.  All photos will be compiled and sent upon completion of the appeal.

Donate a COVID-19 Food Package

Thank you for helping people in need in Bali.

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