Crowdfunder Launched to Renovate Library in Bali

Buleleng, Bali – In the heart of the remote village of Sinabun, a vital community resource is in desperate need of help. The local school library is in a state of disrepair. Although it should be a place for fostering literacy and a love for reading among local students, the library is hardly used anymore.

With a collapsed ceiling posing safety risks and a lack of engaging reading materials, the library’s current state dampens the enthusiasm for learning.

“It is sad, because many of the books here are over 30 years old and are not interesting to students.”

Gusti Mahardiyani, Libraries Support Manager

The villagers of Sinabun, who primarily rely on micro-businesses and farming for their livelihood, struggle with limited educational resources and a tight budget that cannot meet the community’s needs. Recognizing the importance of the library, a fundraising project has been launched to renovate and transform it into a vibrant learning center.

The goal is to raise $9,750 through crowdfunding efforts. This amount will cover the complete renovation of the library, ensuring it becomes a safe and inspiring space for the children of Sinabun. The project aims to address the immediate safety concerns and provide a wealth of new, engaging materials to rekindle the students’ passion for reading.

How Donations Will Help:

  • $10 USD: Purchases one high-quality hardback book.
  • $50 USD: Provides two comfortable large bean bags.
  • $100 USD: Buys a high-quality table and chair set.
  • $250 USD: Buys around 30 books.
  • $450 USD: Paints an inspiring mural.
  • $750 USD: Purchases a desktop computer to aid in computer learning.

As of now, the fundraising campaign has raised $1,494, which is 15.3% of the total target. Every contribution, no matter the size, brings the project closer to its goal.

“Libraries are essential to development of children, which is why we want to give schools the best possible facilities to learn in. But we need your help to give achieve this.”

Gusti Mahardiyani, Libraries Support Manager

The current condition of the library

What Happens to Donations?

All donations will be pooled together until the full project cost is raised. Donors will be kept informed about the progress of the project. Once the target is met, the renovation will commence, with an expected completion time of eight weeks. Upon completion, an opening day will be held at the school, and a video summarizing the impact of the donations will be published.

Indonesia ranks 60 out of 61 countries in the world deemed to have enough data on childhood reading skill

Reference: Indonesia ranks second-last in reading interest: Study – Art & Culture – The Jakarta Post

The renovation will transform the building, just like our previous 54 library renovation projects