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107, 2021

YogiLab Donates 160 Mattresses

July 1st, 2021|

YogiLab Donates 160 Mattresses Children in Bali watched in awe as our team delivered new mattresses, all thanks to funds raised by YogiLab. They just couldn't believe their eyes. In an incredible appeal, YogiLab fundraised and 20,000 USD to fund 160 mattresses for families in need in Bali. Many children in Bali have inadequate bedding. They [...]

906, 2021

Hincapie Kindergarten Renovation Complete

June 9th, 2021|

The Hincapie Kindergarten Welcome to our latest school renovation, the 31st project funded by Karmagawa in Bali. We renovated this underequipped school and gave it a completely new look. If you'd like to fund a school renovation in Bali, please see our Fund a Library page. Fund a School There [...]

306, 2021

Barry Funds a Library Renovation in Memory of his Father

June 3rd, 2021|

Barry Funds a Library Renovation in Memory of his Father In our latest renovation, we took a library that was devoid of imagination, and changed it into an incredible new learning facility. It was all thanks to supporter Barry, who asked to renovate the library in memory of his father Russell. If you'd like to support a learning [...]

2705, 2021

The Red Parka Library Opens in Bali

May 27th, 2021|

Red Parka Funds a Library Renovation in Bali Thanks to supporter Jennifer and Red Parka, (Jennifer's children's book publishing business), we have been able to renovate another library in Bali! Watch as Gusti our Libraries Support Manager introduces this transformation for a library in much need. If you'd like to fund a library in Bali, please get in [...]

2405, 2021

Karmagawa Funds two School Renovations in Bali

May 24th, 2021|

Landmark as Karmagawa Funds 30th Project in Bali It has been an incredible partnership with our friends at Karmagawa. Having completed two more kindergartens in the area of Payangan, we have now worked on 30 projects together with Karmagawa. To think back to 2016, when we had only one kindergarten (the Bali Children's Project Kindergarten in Ubud). With [...]

405, 2021

Karmagawa Funds Three More Projects in Bali

May 4th, 2021|

Karmagawa Funds Three More Renovations in Bali Building for the future, quite literally! Thanks to support from Karmagawa, Bali Children's Project has just completed another three Learning Centers in rural Bali. It is incredible to think that since 2016, Karmagawa have funded 28 projects in Bali, impacting thousands of students. Even more good news, there's another eighteen similar [...]



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