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1410, 2021

Doors Open at Newly Renovated Hudson Kindergarten

October 14th, 2021|

Karmagawa Project Number 33 It's our 33rd project funded by supporters Karmagawa! The renovations are coming thick and fast after a lockdown in Bali stopped schools from opening. But now that restrictions have eased, we've been able to start opening the schools that we have been renovating. Our next project was Pikat Kindergarten, which Karmagawa have dedicated to [...]

1310, 2021

Sideman Kindergarten Renovation

October 13th, 2021|

Sideman Kindergarten Renovation With lockdown restrictions eased and school open again, we've opened our next project in Bali. It's our 32nd project funded by supporters Karmagawa - a renovated kindergarten. Karmagawa dedicated the school to eltheir friend and supporter Jack Schwarze. We can't wait to open more schools like this. If you would like to support a school [...]

1210, 2021

Sembiran Community Donor Library Opens in Bali

October 12th, 2021|

Community Donors Fund a Library Renovation Our next renovation has been completed! High up in the mountains or rural Bali, we provided support for this rural community to renovate their library. It was thanks to kind supporters who combined their donations to help us reach our fundraising target to renovate the library. With the lockdown restrictions finally easing, [...]

410, 2021

27 Students Sponsored in September

October 4th, 2021|

27 Students Sponsored in September September was another wonderful month for sponsorships, as 27 students were given a school future thanks to new sponsors. The new academic school year has just started, against a backdrop of uncertainty. With schools finally open after a pandemic lockdown, students are able to go to school once again, instead of [...]

709, 2021

20 Students Sponsored in August

September 7th, 2021|

20 Students Sponsored in August Thanks to new sponsors in August, 20 students now have their school futures secured. Coming straight after we saw 81 sponsored students graduate from school, we're reminded of how much of a difference sponsorships can make to student's lives. In Bali, school costs money and children from poorer families end up [...]

209, 2021

The Class of 2021: 81 Students Graduate

September 2nd, 2021|

The Class of 2021: 81 Students Graduate Bali Children’s Project is delighted to say that 81 students have achieved something that they never thought possible – graduation from high school. It is all thanks to the incredible sponsors who committed to supporting their school costs. In Bali, high school costs money. It means that children from [...]

208, 2021

45 Children Sponsored for School in July

August 2nd, 2021|

45 Students Sponsored for School in July A record breaking month as Bali Children's Project were able to sponsor 45 students to stay in school! It has come at the most critical time too. With families in poverty already struggling with school fees, July marks the start of a new school year and a host of [...]



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