Milestone 100 Schools Built in Bali

Bali Children’s Project is proud to announce a landmark of 100 school renovation projects in Bali.

In February 2023, we hit our 100th project! Combined, these projects are impacting tens of thousands of children.

The specific 100th project is a learning center renovation, which was completed thanks to crowdfunding from multiple donors.

These projects have a profound impact on children in Bali by providing them with critical access to educational facilities.

The two programs represented (library renovations and kindergarten/prek renovations) give children the chance to learn, feel inspired and develop dreams for their futures.

We were joined by some of Bali Children’s Project’s closest supporters and know that our supporters overseas were with us in spirit to celebrate such a momentous occasion.

Our gratitude goes to all of the donors who have supported these two programs since their inception in 2016. Together, we have been able to transform education in 100 villages thanks to your support.

To see the full photographs from the celebratory day, click here (professional photography and editing kindly donated by Suka Studio and Design)

If you would like to help renovate a kindergarten or library in Bali, please get in touch.

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Fund a School

Libraries in Bali are often in such poor condition that children hardly use them. We aim to renovate these libraries and transform them into special learning spaces to inspire children. But we can only do it with help from supporters like you.