2nd February 2018.

Seven months after graduating, 17 year old Pitriani is now has her whole life ahead of her, after sponsorship completely turned things around.

Pitriani in 2015, needing sponsorhip

Sad Times for Pitriani

When we met Pitriani as a 14 year old she had experienced some rotten luck. Her father had passed away when she was younger and her mother had remarried. After her mother moved away into the new family, Pitriani stayed in her existing home with her grandmother.

However, it was never a long term solution for Pitriani and she ended up being moved to live with her auntie. For a short time, it enabled Pitriani to stay in school.

Pitriani was sponsored by Michelle

Things got worse. Pitriani’s auntie said she could no longer care for her. Pitriani had always dreamed of going to a good vocational high school, where she could major in Information Technology. But with no real guardian, Pitriani’s chances of affording school looked dim.

Working hard, Pitriani’s mother would send money for Pitriani, but this was just about enough for food and sadly not enough for school.

Pitri in her rented room

Pitri in her rented room

On the Streets

After being told she could no longer stay with her aunt, she was faced with the prospect of moving back to her grandma’s and dropping out of school. She’d go straight into work, forget about school become a rice farmer or fish seller like others in her family line. Her other choice was to stay near her school, but with nowhere to live, and just hope for the best.

Pitriani’s temporary housing was supported by BuaXo and Karma Resorts

This wasn’t the future Pitriani had always dreamed of and she was determined to do anything to stay in school.

Outstandingly, all through this ordeal, Pitriani had been in the top three of her class every single year. Such was her desire to finish school and do well in life.

Hope in Sponsorship

With only a plastic bag containing her meagre belongings, Pitriani was on the street. Fortunately she had a friend who rented a room

Pitri collecting her sponsorship funds to pay for school

who also let her stay with her temporarily.

Bali Children’s Project heard about Pitriani and put her on our sponsorship waiting list. Having found a sponsor for her school costs in Michelle, we also found her a room to rent nearby the school. Her room was basic, but just what she needed. Essential funds from BuaXo and hotel supporters Karma Resorts helped to fund her accommodation.

Independant: Pitri is now in college in Ubud

Finally, things were looking up. Pitriani went on to graduate school, working hard all the way through her remaining years.

College Dreams

After graduating with high grades, Pitriani started to look to further education. Telling us about her dreams to seek further education, we helped her to find options.

One option was to apply for a fully funded scholarship from Campuhan College. The college, based in Ubud, is a very well-known and respected college for its leadership and communications standards.

Acknowledging the need to help students from poor backgrounds, the college offers limited places for students to go for free. Not only that, the scholarship covers a room to stay in and some food provisions.

Up against hundreds of other graduates, Pitritani’s application was successful.

Future is Bright

Pitriani has now been at college for 7 months and is going from strength to strength. She told us that sponsorship has changed her life.

‘I would not be here if I had not finished school. I only finished school because of help from Michelle, my room sponsors and BCP Bali Children’s Project.’

‘I am learning English and how to be a leader. I feel very lucky that I can do this. I am looking to find a job after my college, hopefully in a cruise liner company.’

Become a Sponsor

Each child has their own path in life and our sponsorship program aims to help them achieve their dreams.

Focusing on supporting children at high risk of dropping out, sponsorship literally changes the direction of lives.

If you can become a sponsor, please see our current sponsorship waiting list or see how to set up a sponsorship.