Bali Children’s Project provides schools support to many under-resourced preschools and kindergartens – providing materials, equipment and training.

educationThe Importance of Learning

A child’s early years are the most critical in terms of development.

Vital brain connections are made during this time, which provide the foundations for each child’s future learning, well-being and prosperity.

Early stage learning is key to this ability to access education. Sadly in Bali, not all younger children are able to enjoy the same level of early stage learning.

justionSchools in Bali

There are many under equipped schools in Bali – especially those for early years. Poor families cannot afford the luxury of private well equipped pre-schools. While there is a growing number of well equipped pre schools, there are also many which lack support.

There are many schools that have been set up to serve young children in the local community, that do not qualify for support. These schools lack the resources, equipment and materials to provide effective early stage education.

kidsProviding Supplies and Materials

Many preschools and kindergartens that exist in poorer areas struggle with minimal supplies.

Many schools are left bare, with little books, equipment or learning materials for children.

After firstly identify the schools in need, we create a list of needs and try our best to provide the schools with all they need.

Our Children’s Wishlist includes many supplies toysfor this program.

We also hope to gain support through creating new partnerships. Please contact us if you can help support schools in Bali.

*left: a typical example of deteriorating equipment in under privileged preschools.

book boxReading and Writing: Book Boxes

One of our most inventive ways of helping children from early ages to read and write is through our Book Boxes.

The boxes are stacked full of books that are rotated around different schools.

The boxes are a unique way of giving children new and varied books that can genuinely develop their reading levels in both Indonesian and essential second language English.


prekBali Children’s Project Preschool & Library

Thanks to fundraising efforts from supporters, Bali Children’s Project were able to build our own Preschool in Penestanan, Ubud.

The preschool caters for local children to enter early stage education, without the high costs. Local families, including children sponsored by Bali Children’s Project are able to access our high quality preschool.

Our Preschool runs each morning, but includes after hours sessions including reading and writing, a library, English lessons and more. Balinese children are able to enjoy all these extra sessions completely free.


Creating Quality Playgrounds

Many Preschools and Kindergartens in Bali have old and dangerous playgrounds.

Built from poor materials, the playgrounds do not last long, especially through rainy seasons.

At every school that we have provided support for, there has been a need for a new playground.

The importance of playgrounds cannot be understimated. Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Play is important to healthy brain development and social development.

Typically a good quality playground using strong, rust proof materials can cost between $1,750 and $3,000 USD depending on equipment needed. Please get in touch if you can help fund a playground.

 Videos of Renovated Schools