Why Sponsor

Sponsoring a child for school in Bali has the potential to completely change their futures and escape poverty.

What is the Issue?

Many children from the poorest families in Bali never complete basic education. As children grow older, costs rise and families struggle to afford the fees.

There are two main reasons children from poor families do not receive a full basic education.

School Fees

School fees are a strain on families, especially when they struggle to afford basics of food and water.

Paying for school fees is something the poorest families just can’t do, especially as costs rise significantly in high (secondary) school. For this reason, many children drop out before reaching high school.

Alternative Income

There is an ongoing temptation for children from poor families to find work. The option of laboring could bring the family basic pay and is often preferred to paying school fees.

Why Sponsor a Child?

Sponsoring children for school means they will at least be able to complete basic education. It removes the real worry of dropping out and ensures children can stay in school.

What if the cure for cancer is trapped inside the mind of someone who can’t afford an education?

Given an education, children become far more employable in the future. They are equipped with the skills and knowledge to follow their dreams.

Escaping Poverty Through Education

Critically, sponsorships have a ‘butterfly effect’ on the whole family.

Educated children are far more likely to provide for their families, as well as one day their own children. It has the potential to break the cycle of poverty forever. That’s why our motto is ‘escaping poverty through education.’

Who is Sponsored?

Most children on our Sponsorship Waiting List come from families who have never completed school themselves. Children end up dropping out early and the cycle of poverty continues.

Latest government reports suggest that 1 in 5 children in Bali will not graduate from high schools. We focus on finding that 1 in 5 and giving them the opportunity that their parents never had.

Sponsoring children through school is a way to escape the cycle of poverty through education. It opens opportunities for children to achieve their dreams and find jobs.