Children’s Wishlist

Are you in Bali or coming on holiday?
A great way to give back to Bali is by giving wishlist items that can help further children’s education.

Many of the items on our wishlist can be purchased in Bali at cheaper prices than western countries.
If you’d like to know which items are best purchased in Bali, just get in touch.

How do I bring the items?

Bring items from home

Some items are difficult to get in Bali. If you have spare room in your luggage, you could bring items that will help the children we support in Bali. If your suitcase is full, you could ask your airline if they will allow additional baggage for donations.

Buy in Bali

Many items can be purchased in Bali. Please get in touch and we can direct you to the best places to buy equipment and materials.

Where do I bring them?

You can drop your items off at our office in Penestanan, Ubud – see the location on Google Maps. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us and we can arrange a pickup.


For Schools and Libraries

  • giant lego & building blocks
  • bilingual story books
  • arts and crafts supplies
  • Indonesian children’s library books
  • notebooks and colouring crayons
  • Play Doh and Plasticine
  • hand puppets
  • flash cards
  • book boxes (please ask)

For Sponsored/Waiting List Children

  • clothing for teenagers
  • desk and chair for studying
  • beds and mattresses
  • toiletries
  • English learning books
  • peddle bicycles
  • laptop computers
  • gas cooking stoves
  • electric fans
  • portable solar lights

Thank you for helping those less fortunate!