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After the joy of seeing so many of our students graduate, we're pleased to say that 19 more students are now on track to complete school, thanks to new sponsorships.

Mostly made up of kind sponsors who's previous students graduated, August's new sponsors have continued their support to give other children the same chance.

We thank our new sponsors in August of Omer, Laurent & Marie, Chris, James, Lisa, Michael & Kylie, Heiko, Philippa, Tymur, Sophie, Marketa, Helen, Nesrine, Mclean, Alexis and Petra.

Statistics in Bali of school graduations are quite shocking.

In Bali the official figures of attendance are:

Primary/Elementary School: 99.5% (one in every two hundred do not graduate)

Junior High School: 97.85% (two in every one hundred do not graduate)

Senior High School: 83.84% (one in six students do not graduate)

The figures for senior high school graduation are also higher in the most built-up, higher income areas (Kabupaten Badung) at 90.79%, while more rural lower income areas are far lower (Kabupaten Bangli has only 74.47% graduation rate).

The official graduation numbers show 98,896 students graduating in 2022. Based on this figure being 83.84% of documented students, this suggests that 19,062 students did not graduate from high school in 2022.

The above figures do not account for undocumented students/children, who are more likely to be from families of poverty. Our estimate is that up to one in four students will not graduate from school.

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As part of our impactful Child Protection program, we were delighted to present awards to teachers at the Badung Education Fair 2023.

Working with local education boards such as Badung, our Child Protection team has ensured that every single elementary school is trained in delivering abuse awareness workshops.

Giving schools the capacity to deliver their own workshops means hundreds of thousands of students will now be exposed to abuse awareness education.

Our template workshop and teacher training are designed to give children essential information that is not included in the standard curriculum.

Our team presented the awards to the teachers who have successfully delivered child protection workshops into their schools.

We thank funders the Mel Wolf Foundation for supporting this program in 2023.
Meet Listia, one of our 102 graduates from our Sponsorship Program in 2023 👩🏿‍🎓

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102 students from our sponsorship program have now graduated thanks to kind sponsors fron arpund the world.
Proudly presenting our 102 graduates from 2023!

In July 2023, Bali Children's Project hosted a special event for our 102 graduates from our sponsorship program, joined by our elated graduate students.

Our sponsorship program finds and supports children who are at risk of dropping out from school, giving them the ability to break the cycle of poverty through education.

It is estimated that as many as 19,000 in Bali students each year are unable to graduate from school due to costs involved.

With lots of fun and games, we celebrated with our graduates in a special graduation event.

Their futures are now in their hands as we see these students get new jobs and move onto further study – all of which would never have been accessible to them without their kind sponsors.

We thank all sponsors who have changed children's lives in Bali for the better.

All sponsors have also been sent special thank you videos and photos along with their sponsored student's next plans in life.

We are proud of our Sponsorship Team too who work tirelessly to give these children better options in life.

Our sponsorship waiting list features students who are at high risk of dropping out of school and who need sponsorship in order to change their lives.

Visit the link in our bio if you'd like to become a sponsor.
Wonderful news for 19 students in Bali, as new life-changing sponsorships secure their school futures. Thanks to July's sponsors, 19 students will never have to worry about dropping out again.

As the school year ended and a new year starts, it is one of the most important times for children - school fees are due and payments must be made.

We thank our sponsors David, Franziska, Mary Ann, Marla & Al, Phillipa, Linda (for Sheila), Viktoria & Michael, Betsy, Jessica & Michael, Mark & Cheryl, Thomas, Bethlyn, Alison, Belinda & Russell, Brian and Mark.

In Bali, high school costs money. Finances are by far the main barrier to students graduating from school. Left with no other choice, children end up dropping out.

If you would like to become a sponsor click the link in our bio.

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Scroll along for our favourite before and after photos 💜

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Welcome to the Stocks to Trade School!
Putting the finishing touches to the mural at our latest learning centre renovation in Bali.

With special thanks to Yuki, our amazing artist whose 3D artwork brings all of our libraries to life.

The theme of our latest mural is 'fairy tales' and is inspired by fictional lands of imagination.

The murals are the centre peice to our wider projects, which turn defunct old libraries into full learning centers that are bursting with life!

This learning center - The Alacay Family and Friends Learning Centre - is about to open. It will be our 102nd renovation/building project which we have completed in Bali thanks to supporters!

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Bali Children's Project is proud to say that we have been able to sponsor a further eight new students to stay in school.

All in dire situations, these children would have little to no chance of completing school without a sponsorship.

In Bali, school costs money. As high school progresses, fees increase and children from poorer families are faced with a difficult decision - drop out of school and give up on their dreams or get into debt that is often beyond their means to pay back.

There is another solution for these students - a sponsorship provided by Bali Children's Project. However, we can only sponsor children if donors come forward to help them.

Thankfully our newest sponsors have done exactly that. We thank May sponsors of @bloominglotusyoga , Mary, Millie, Bri, Zelaya & Cameron and Nicolas for becoming new sponsors.