About Sponsorships

Our Sponsorship Program aims to support children from the poorest families who are at high risk of dropping out from school.

How Sponsorships Work

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School Sponsorships

Welcome to our School Sponsorship Program, where we support children in Bali to complete their education. Our program focuses on sponsoring children from the poorest families who are most in need.

For many children in Bali, the biggest barrier to completing their education is the cost. School fees can include entry fees, building fees, teacher fees, extra class fees, materials, equipment, uniforms, and shoes. Fees can vary depending on the area, type of lessons, and school attended.

Without sponsorship, children from poor families would not be able to afford the costs of school and would inevitably drop out. This would perpetuate the cycle of poverty for them and their families. However, through our sponsorship program, we can provide these children with the opportunity to escape poverty through education.

School Costs in Bali

By sponsoring a child, you will be providing them with the means to complete their education and break the cycle of poverty. We ask for a monthly contribution of $40 USD per child, which will cover all school-related costs.

In Bali, fees vary depending on area, lessons and school. Costs include school entry fees, building fees, teacher fees, extra class fees, materials, equipment, uniforms, travel and more. We ask for $40 USD a month to support each child through school, administered and monitored through our staff. Our staff will administer and monitor the funds to ensure that they are used effectively.

Cycle of Poverty

We are committed to providing education to children in need, so they can break the cycle of poverty that has held their families back for generations.

By sponsoring a child and supporting them to complete their education, you can make a life-changing impact not just for that child, but for their entire family. Education is the key to unlocking a brighter future, and even just one child completing school can have a ripple effect on generations to come.

The cycle of poverty can often feel like an inescapable trap, with limited opportunities and few prospects for a better life. But by providing access to education, we offer children a pathway to a better future. With a high school diploma, they can compete on a more level playing field and have the tools to create their own opportunities.

Please join us in our mission to break the cycle of poverty through education. By giving a child the opportunity to access education, you’re empowering them to take control of their own future and make a positive impact on their families, communities, and the world.

Sponsorship Waiting List

Our Sponsorship Waiting List includes the most urgent children requiring sponsorships.

The Sponsorship Waiting List is available on Facebook, and is updated in real time. We hear about children via our Local Area Co-ordinators, who work within local communities.

Once our Area Co-ordinators have assessed the situation, children will be placed on our Sponsorship Waiting List.

Structure of Support

To run an effective sponsorship program, we employ Indonesian staff.

The program is run by the Executive Director and is managed by our Sponsorship Manager.

They manage multiple Area Co-ordinators, who provide day to day support and funds for children’s school costs.

See our staff structure.

Financial Management

All expenditure is tracked through our financial management system, which includes providing receipts and transparent reporting.

School costs for each child are monitored by our dedicated staff.

The program is overseen by Bali Children’s Project USA (a registered 501c3). 15% of sponsorship funds are used for organization overhead. This ensures the organization can run sustainably, helping to cover expenses for which specific donations are rare.

To sponsor a child for School, please see our Sponsorship Waiting List,
and set up a monthly donation of $40 USD per month.

When you sponsor, you will receive a sponsorship welcome pack,
complete with thank you photos and more information about how your sponsorship is helping.