Our Team

We are proud to have a structured team of dedicated and hardworking people, all working together to create a better future for the children of Bali.

Our Team in the USA

Linda Venter, MA

Founder/Executive Director

Linda Venter has been the driving force of Bali Children’s Project’s development over the last 10 years. Her involvement started with building a new school in Bali in the early 2000’s. Linda has a background in non-profits, and decided to dedicate her life to helping the children escape poverty through education in Bali.

Monica Alami, MS

Board Member: Treasurer

Monica joined the Board of the Bali Children’s Project in December of 2014.  Since earning her graduate degree in Organizational Development, Monica has spent the last 15 years supporting executives in the non-profit, private equity, technology, and retail fields.

Amir F. Alami

Board Member: Director

Amir joined the Board of the Bali Children’s Project in May of 2017.  He brings over a decade of experience in Silicon Valley as a Treasury Executive in the Fintech and Healthcare industries.

Robert Moselle, JD

Board Member: Vice-President

Robert is a California attorney who has practices in a wide array of areas, with an emphasis in Entertainment Law and trial work. He founded the Center for Continuing Education, a State Bar of California MCLE approved provider. Robert is Executive Director of CCE and is also on BCP’s board.

Gary Venter, MS

Board Member: President

Gary Venter is a retired actuary who is now teaching graduate courses and doing research and publishing on related statistical estimation methodology. He has been coming to Bali with Linda since the early 1990s and appreciates its unique cultural heritage. He is enthusiastic about BCP’s approach to supporting modern education within this culture.

John Cooke and Joyce Scott

Original Founders

John Cooke, along with Joyce Scott, were struck by how children were not in school when they visited the mountains of Bali in the early 1990’s. Along with Joyce, John began sponsoring children to ensure they are able to access school. It was the first step in what has now become Bali Children’s Project.

Our Team in Bali

Mangku Made Ariawan, SST.Par, MBA

Executive Director

Mangku Made Ariawan is the Director of Bali Children’s Project in Bali. He is both an active politician and a devoted Hindu priest. He is passionate about Bali and works publicly and privately to help its people and its culture. Mangku is well known for his devotion to social causes.

Anastasia Rahayu

Sponsorship Manager

Anastasia (or Anas for short) was born and raised in Jakarta. Anas graduated from Social and Political Science Faculty in Bandung, and majored in International Relations. Anas is passionate about social causes and leads the sponsorship program with complete professionalism. Meet our Team: Anastasia

Ni Wayan Sulatri

Sponsorship Manager Assistant

Tri’s role covers an important part of our sponsorship program. She is responsible for checking, monitoring and assessing sponsorship claims from sponsored children, ensuring all of claims are receipted and appropriate. Sulatri started helping out with Bali Children’s Project when our Sex Education Workshops visited her school back in 2014.

Ni Wayan Purnami Yanti (Arik)

Sponsorship Program Assistant and Sponsorship Sex Ed Co-ordinator

Arik works in the Sponsorship Program to help manage data, development and support for students in the program. Arik works with the area co-ordinators to compile and submit all sponsorship support requests and ensure timely reports. Arik also runs a sub-program to educate sponsored students in sex education.

Gusti Ayu Ketut Mahardiyani

Libraries Support Manager / Health Programs Manager

Gusti joined the team in March 2017 and is a natural born educator. Gusti undertakes multiple roles within Bali Children’s Project. Overseeing all Library renovations, our Child Protection program and our Sex Education program, Gusti’s role impacts tens of thousands of students a year.

Luh Sukeningsih

Sex Education Officer

With a wealth of experience in midwifery, Suke joined Bali Children’s Project for our reimagined sex education program for 2024 and onwards. Suke co-ordinates with education boards and delivers vital teacher training regarding sex education for all regencies in Bali.

Ayu Trisna

Schools Support Manager / Green Communities Manager

As Kindergarten Support Manager, Ayu oversees all of our kindergarten improvement projects as well as being Head Teacher at the Bali Children’s Project kindergarten, our very first kindergarten. Ayu also delivers our Green Communities program, which aims at helping villages to develop responsibility for their environment.

Ni Komang Ayu Sri Rahayu

Finance Manager

Komang joined Bali Children’s Project once graduating from university and has been with us since 2018. Starting as Finance Co-ordinator, Komang’s exemplary work earned a promotion to Finance Manger. Komang manages QuickBooks and our accounts, monitoring expenditure, receipt checking, finance requests and due diligence on vendors.

Ni Wayan Sintiyani

Libraries & Child Protection Assistant

A former student sponsored by Bali Children’s Project, Sintiyani excelled in school and was hired to support our two seperate programs – our Libraries program and our Child Protection program. Sintiyani works as a project assistant on both programs.

Trisna Dimas Setyabudi

Content & Media Officer

Trisna joined Bali Children’s Project in late 2023 as Content & Media Officer. A self-taught videographer and photographer, Trisna is inspired to help children by using his skills. If you’ve seen any videos or photos about Bali Children’s Project, it’s most likely Trisna has taken, edited and produced them.

Anak Agung Istri Ratna Dewi S.Pd

School Teacher & Librarian

Agung Ratna teaches in the Bali Children’s Project preschool and kindergarten. In the afternoons, she runs library sessions for local children in Penestanan, Ubud.

Ni Wayan Sri Nurbudi

BCP School Teacher

Ibu Sri is a our long standing pre-school teacher. Based at the Bali Children’s Project kindergarten in Ubud, Ibu Sri runs two classes every day, as well as afternoon sessions for local children.

The Sponsorship program is further supported by our local cordinators, who are each responsible for ensuring children sponsored are obtaining all the support they need.

Gst Ayu Pt Maha Panca Swasti (Tabanan)

Gusti Ayu Putu Nusantrini (Buleleng)

Gusti Ayu Sri Dani (Gianyar)

Gusti Ayu Swasti Dewi (Bangli)

Luh Wilarida (Munduk & Buleleng)

Ni Ketut Julianti (Gianyar & Klungkung)

Ni Made Mariana (Gianyar & Bangli)

Ni Nyoman Mariani (Sayan & Badung)


Ni Putu Kartini (Jembrana)

Ni Wayan Putriyanti (Karangasem)

Ni Wayan Sintiyani (Denpasar)

I Ketut Kutarayana (Badung)

I Made Sumadiyasa (Karangasem & Tabanan)

I Putu Adi Ekantara (Kintamani, Bangli)

I Putu Warsita (Tabanan)