18th May 2017.

Meet Bali Children’s Project’s Sponsorship Manager, Anastasia, whose work has been helping us to provide a growing number of children with access to school.

Anastasia: Sponsorship Manager

Here at Bali Children’s Project, we are incredibly proud of our hard working team. Here, we introduce our Sponsorship Manager, Anastasia (Anas for short) on how she’s enjoying managing our longest running and most complex program.

Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city, Anas is an International Relations graduate- a course which covers everything from political issues to social needs.

“I was raised and born in the Big Durian city or Jakarta, Bali Children’s Project provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to pursue my passion, namely helping others, or Bali children to be specific, in an rich in nature as Bali is.”


Responsibilities of Sponsorship

Joining the Bali Children’s Project team in December 2015, Anas is responsible for managing our ever growing sponsorship program. The program itself perfectly encompasses what Bali Children’s Project is all about – finding sponsors to help children pay their school fees.

Sadly in Bali, not all children can afford to stay in school. There is a constant pressure on families to pay school fees. And if they can’t, children either drop out or finish school, but without the critical graduation certificate.

As the program has grown over the years (and especially over the last two years), Anas has been met with challenges, but also a huge responsibility to manage the sponsorship team in providing children with all they need to stay in school.

“I want to be able to give back some for this beautiful island. Working for BCP means that we are also serving the community of Bali, which is the perk of it.”


Structure and Sponsors

The structure of sponsorships means that each child has a local representative from Bali Children’s Project, who provides all the assistance children need to stay in school. Each of our 10 local co-ordinators report to Anas, who ensures that each child is getting exactly what they need.

Hands on work is also required – with Anas making many visits throughout the year. Sponsorships are not always plain sailing, with many children needing additional help and support. Anas expertly provides this, such as the multiple hospital visits during sponsored Koming’s (pictured left) recent leg amputation.

International relations is certainly required, as the majority of Bali Children’s Project sponsors are from overseas – Anas compiles reports and organises visits, as well as overseeing costs and running of the program.

Sociable, professional and hard working, Anas provides the perfect fit for our Sponsorship Manager. Her passion for helping children access new futures is certainly something special.

Keep it Up, Anas

Although a little (well, a lot) camera shy, we’ve managed to pull out some great photos of Anas hard at work.

Now sponsoring 265 children for school, we are proud to have Anas and the sponsorship team working to help children make better futures.

“Working with children and their sponsors also makes me happy, because I’m able to bridge their worlds and help these children escape the cycle of poverty by finishing their education.”

Stay tuned for our next feature on Bali Children’s Project staff.