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Our Library Support Program elementary school students access to fun, engaging and inspiring libraries.

Literacy in Indonesia

Indonesia ranks 60 out of the 61 nations deemed to have enough statistical data on literacy.

Looking specifically at Bali, many children do no own a reading book and most do not have access to them.

While libraries exist, they are often poor quality, with little structure or relevant reading material.

Schools in Bali

There are many under equipped schools in Bali – especially those for early years. Poor families cannot afford the luxury of private well equipped pre-schools. While there is a growing number of well equipped pre schools, there are also many which lack support.

There are many schools that have been set up to serve young children in the local community, that do not qualify for support. These schools lack the resources, equipment and materials to provide effective early stage education.

Full of old and broken toys and games, poor schools find themselves in a helpless cycle. They can’t provide a good quality education for young learners without facilities and training. However, these elements cost money that villages don’t have.

With limited training and little salary, teachers end up teaching the same style each day. Unable to be creative with toys, games and supplies, school often restricted to singing, counting and other basics.

We focus on supplying, renovating and training community preschools and kindergartens. Finding communities who have the basics, but lack the support is what this program was meant for.

Thanks to support from school funders, we can renovate schools so they become unrecognisable.

Why Libraries?

Elementary and high schools in Bali are run mainly by the government.

As a formality, each school will have a library building and books donated.

However, there is often not the infrastructure or training in how to run a library. With no training or enforcement of libraries, many are poorly run and have fallen intro disrepair.

The Libraries Support Program

Bali Children’s Project’s Libraries Support Program aims to bring these libraries out of disrepair.

Through renovating and reequipping libraries, the program is bringing back a new kind of library to Bali’s youth.

Bright and engaging, the libraries are immediately more interesting places for children to learn.

Setting Structure

The program’s main aim is to give communities the ability to run the libraries themselves.

Once renovated, the libraries are given back to the school, with a condition.

That condition is that the community/school commit to running the library.

By training librarians and creating agreements with school, old storerooms are once again becoming great new libraries.

Library projects can range from a simple supply of books project, to a complete building renovation. You can find a library to fund in the link below.

Each library we create is the result of careful management and communication with proactive communities. All libraries are community owned, with an usage/management agreement between Bali Children’s Project and local schools.

Library Projects to Fund