Libraries Renovations

Our Library Support Program renovates old school buildings to turn them into inspiring libraries and learning centres.

Literacy in Indonesia

Indonesia ranks 60 out of the 61 nations deemed to have enough statistical data on literacy.

Looking specifically at Bali, many children do not own a reading book and most do not have access to them.

While libraries exist, they are often poor quality, with little structure or relevant reading material.

Learning Centres and Libraries

The program’s main aim is to give communities the ability to run the libraries themselves.

Once renovated, the libraries are given back to the school, with a condition.

That condition is that the community/school commit to running the library.

By training librarians and creating agreements with school, old storerooms are become great new libraries or learning centres.

Why Libraries?

Elementary and high schools in Bali are run mainly by the government.

As a formality, each school will have a library building and books donated.

However, there is often not the infrastructure or training in how to run a library. With no training or enforcement of libraries, many are poorly run and have fallen intro disrepair.

Library projects focus on solely books, while learning centres include computer stations and English learning classes.


The Libraries Support Program

Bali Children’s Project’s Libraries Support Program aims to bring these libraries out of disrepair.

Through renovating and reequipping libraries, the program is bringing back a new kind of library to Bali’s youth.

Our team assess schools as to their level of need and support from the community. Once a school has been earmarked as in need of support, the project goes on our ‘waiting list’. We rely on the kindness of donors to help fund these new facilities.

Our focus is on promoting community ownership, so all buildings are owned solely by the school itself. Our team enter a management agreement, helping us monitor their progress. Once this agreement is signed, our renovations begin!

Bright and engaging, the libraries are immediately more interesting places for children to learn.

Renovating a Building

As each building has a different size and condition, costs for renovations vary.

Smaller projects in buildings that are good quality mean that we can focus on providing books, furniture and painting.

Buildings in worse condition may need remedial repairs, while some buildings are in such bad condition a complete rebuild may be required.

Once complete, we celebrate with a formal opening and invite students to explore the new facility.

The buildings become a huge source of pride for schools and give access to new worlds of imagination for students. Teachers set up usage timetables, a rental system for books, new lesson plans (such as English language learning) and even IT and computer sessions (in Learning Centres).

Featured Renovation Videos

Library projects can range from a simple project, to a complete building renovation.
You can find a library to fund in the link below.

Each library we create is the result of careful management and communication with proactive communities.
All libraries are community owned, with an usage/management agreement between Bali Children’s Project and local schools.