Child Protection Workshops exist to help children and communities understand and stop cases of abuse in Bali.

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Child Protection in Bali

Bali Children’s Project’s Child Protection program was launched in 2016, with the aim helping children understand and react to abuse.

Like many other countries in the world, children in Bali aren’t always protected from abuse – which can manifest in many forms.

Our survey among elementary school children showed that 90% of students did not know what abuse is.

If children don’t know about abuse, they are highly unlikely to be able to escape abusive situations.

Abuse Data and Statistics

Indonesia’s Ministry for the Protection of Women and Children (Kemen PPPA) reported that 2021 brought 15,517 cases of abuse against children [1]. Ni Luh Gede Yastini, head of the Bali Regional Child Protection Committee (KPPAD) highlighted that Bali’s reported 45 cases of abuse in 2021 is only a fraction of the real number [2].

Insights into abuse levels occasionally enter the public sphere, with by the National Committee for Child Protection reporting that six out of 10 abusers of children in Indonesia are close family members in positions of trust [3].

With various high profile cases of abuse making the news [4] [5] [6], the real story is that most abuse goes undetected and unreported. Abusers who tell children that their actions are ok leave many children not even aware they are being abused, let along able to react appropriately.

Abuse Awareness

Our abuse awareness program focuses on providing schools with the ability to run their own education sessions.

Our team have constructed an online and offline learning plan which can be delivered in schools. It includes animated videos exploring topics of abuse, along with a physical booklet and a lesson plan.

Participant schools ‘sign up’ to delivering the workshops and report their progress.

Our aim is to ensure every single school in Bali is delivering mandatory child abuse awareness workshops to their students.

The program works by forging alliances with school area education boards.

In 2021, the Bangli Education Board approved the program, instructing all 162 schools in the area to run abuse awareness workshops in their schools.

In 2022, another landmark moment occured when the Buleleng Education Board also decreed that all 463 elementary schools should run the abuse awareness program in their schools.

Our team run regular teacher training workshops, bringing district schools together to learn about the power of abuse education.

With Thanks to Supporters

The program is kindly supported by The Mel Wolf Foundation and the Bali Chef’s Charity Lunch. Their support, both in 2022 and historically has enabled this program to launch, grow and impact tens of thousands of children.


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If you would like to support our child abuse awareness program, you will be helping us to reach almost 16,000 students per year. Project costs include dedicated staff, We Are Special bookets, children’s prizes, animated video production and more.