Teacher Training for Child Abuse Awareness

Landmark news from our Child Protection team.

Bali Children’s Project have launched new teacher training abuse awareness workshops in the Buleleng regency.

The capacity building project enables schools to deliver their own workshops for students.

In the latest development, Buleleng regency has formalized the program for all 463 elementary schools.

It means that all schools in the area are obliged to attend Bali Children’s Project’s teacher training workshops, as well to deliver abuse awareness to their students.

Government Endorsement

The program has been an overwhelming success since its conception. A key goal has been to gain education board formalization – meaning each school is obliged to run abuse awareness workshops.

As part of the formalization, each school is required to deliver abuse awareness classes.

In 2021, the Bangli regency formalized the Child Protection program for all of it’s 164 elementary schools.

Now in in 2022, this has expanded to include the larger regency of Buleleng.

Due to the high number of schools, these workshops for teachers are taking place over several locations and dates. The first two of these full day workshops took place in June – with 148 schools represented.

Abuse in Bali

Bali is not free from abuse to children. A taboo subject, many children do not understand what abuse is or even know when they are being abused.

Although there have been several high profile abuse cases, real numbers on abuse remain unknown.

Working together with local education boards and schools themselves, our Child Protection program aims to help children and communities understand and put a stop to cases of abuse.

Supporting Schools

The child protection program not only trains teachers, it gives them the resources that they need to run abuse awareness workshops in their schools. Additional resources include a complete teacher’s manual (written and video format), education booklets and a supportive WhatsApp group.

Schools are given the supplies and resources to run the abuse awareness classes, so that their students can understand abuse.

A bespoke We are Special YouTube channel further enhances the program, giving schools animated videos and short explainer videos to be included in workshop delivery. With the first animated video already published, more of these impactful animated videos are on the way in 2022.

Bali Children’s Project is grateful to the Mel Wolf Foundation for funding the entirety of this program in 2022.

Child Protection

Together, we can spread abuse awareness all over Indonesia, helping countless children to understand and respond to abuse.