Bali Children’s Project Launch Online Child Protection

Bali Children’s Project is excited to premiere the launch of our online Child Protection Program. It starts with the release of the video ‘We are Special: Mawar’.

It is the first video of its kind to address child abuse in Indonesia.

Our 2021 program focuses on giving schools the ability to deliver their own workshops. The online program signs schools up and uses a dedicated YouTube channel to deliver abuse awareness information.

The program includes training videos for teachers and interactive activities for students too.

Abuse is not widely reported in Bali and it is difficult to know real numbers of children who are being impacted.

Moving online helps to reach a far greater number of students than we could have previously.

We are proud to offer this resource to schools and are grateful for the support of the Mel Wolf Foundation, Bali Chef’s Charity Lunch and Como Uma Ubud, whose donations funded the production of the video and the wider program.

To help support our Child Protection program, please see here. To donate to our future work for this program, see our donation page here.

Watch the Animation Below

Support Child Protection

To continue offering child protection workshops for as many schools as we can, we’ll need support from donors. To contirbute to the program, see our donate page.