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Child Protection Workshops exist to help children and communities understand and stop cases of abuse in Bali.

Child Protection in Bali

Bali Children’s Project’s Child Protection program was launched in 2016, with the aim helping children understand and react to abuse.

Like many other countries in the world, children in Bali aren’t always protected from abuse – which can manifest in many forms.

While there is support out there to help children suffering abuse, cases often go unreported, with children not knowing how to react.

The workshops

The workshops aim to equip children and communities with knowledge and signs of abuse. In providing this key information, children can be better equipped to avoid and react.

Working through videos, engaging role play activities and information sessions, the workshops are a hit with children as well as their schools. Special guests from local police and child protection authorities are also by our side, helping to deliver the program.

Take home materials, including posters with key messages developed alongside child psychologist Mandy Braeur will serve as a reference material for children in future.

Through delivering these simple messages (for example identifying ‘stranger danger’), we can achieve our goal in raising awareness amongst young children.

Ultimately, this will decrease the numbers of children suffering from abuse.


Starting in 2016, Child Protection workshops have proved to be a much needed program. Out of all the schools approached, every school signed up to the workshop.

The growing workshops impact over 1,000 children from ages 5 – 12 each year.

With Thanks to Supporters

The sessions are fully funded by kind supporters Mel Wolf Foundation and Three Monkeys Cafes as well as our wider Sex Education program.

The Mel Wolf Foundation’s grant and Three Monkey’s donations through donating the price of a selected meal helped to launch and sustain the program.

A relatively new program, we are still seeking funds to continue the program in the long term. Our annual budget for this program is currently 12,000 USD.

If you would like to support our child abuse awareness program, you will be helping us to reach over 10,000 students per year, funding our staff to do so and awareness booklets for each student.