Child Protection Workshops exist to help children and communities understand and stop cases of abuse in Bali.

Abuse Awareness Workshops

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Child Protection in Bali

Bali Children’s Project’s Child Protection program was launched in 2016, with the aim helping children understand and react to abuse.

Like many other countries in the world, children in Bali aren’t always protected from abuse – which can manifest in many forms.

While there is support out there to help children suffering abuse, cases often go unreported, with children not knowing how to react.

Our survey among elementary school children showed that 90% of students did not know what abuse is.

It’s a real problem. If children don’t know about abuse, it’s hard for them to react appropriately.

With these child protection workshops, we are changing that, helping students to understand about abuse.

Figures surrounding levels are abuse back up an urgent need for education.

The Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) reported that there 123 reported cases of abuse in 2019, with 21 cases of sexual violence.

“The victims reached 123 children, consisting of 71 girls and 52 boys,” KPAI Commissioner for Education Sector Retno Listyarti said in a written statement. [1]

Official figures are extremely low. The real figure is unknown.

Insights into abuse levels occasionally enter the public sphere, with by the National Committee for Child Protection reporting that six out of 10 abusers of children in Indonesia are close family members in positions of trust [2].

With various high profile cases of abuse making the news, the real story is that most abuse goes undetected and unreported. Abusers who tell children that their actions are ok leave many children not even aware they are being abused, let along able to react appropriately.

The workshops

Prior to the 2020 Pandemic, Bali Children’s Project was delivering in-person workshops to schools. Our team would visit schools, delivering free child protection workshops.

Child Protection workshops are designed to give elementary age students awareness about abuse. Over one hour and thirty minutes, students are taught what abuse is and what to do if they are being abused.

Working from a now established routine, the workshops take children on a journey through the use of fun, games, singing and acting.

Ensuring that the workshops are engaging is an important part of helping children to understand the issues.

There is a clear approach too. Children are first taught what constitutes abuse, before moving onto how to react to abuse – with a simple message of RUN, SHOUT AND REPORT.

Backed up by a specially designed booklet, the workshops provide children with knowledge that could one day be lifesaving. In early 2020, Bali Children’s Project will be launching the “We are Special” cartoon.

Post Pandemic

The pandemic gave us chance to re-evaluate the program and produce new materials for schools. Now, the program is delivered as an online package for schools and teachers, with access to videos, booklets and support from our staff.

Our aims are to deliver this package to schools, enabling them to deliver their own workshops. There are rewards for students and awards for schools who deliver the program.

Initially online, this program will far outlive the pandemic, enabling schools to deliver thir own workshops. Other aims include obtaining government certification to expand the program to as many schools as possible in Indonesia.

The workshops have been inspired by the work of child psychologist Mandy Brauer.

Ultimately, this will decrease the numbers of children suffering from abuse.


Starting in 2016, Child Protection workshops have proved to be a much needed program. Out of all the schools approached, every school signed up to the workshop.

The project has been so successful that there is a massive waiting list of schools who want these workshops. Working as a small team, our aims are to increase the impact of these workshops as well as children we reach. We can do this using a ‘copy and paste’ method, whereby we hire new staff and buy new materials to emulate the exising program in new areas.

However we can only do so with funding to support the program.

With Thanks to Supporters

In 2020, The workshops are funded by The Mel Wolf Foundation, COMO Uma and proceeds from the Ubud Chef’s Charity Lunch event.

The program first became a reality thanks to support from The Mel Wolf Foundation, who have been the principle funders ever since 2016. With support from other funders such as Lucky Number 9 and COMO Uma, the program has been fully funded every year since then.

In 2020, the impact of this program has been doubled, as we emulate these workshops in a new regency of Bali thanks to new funding from the Ubud Chef’s Charity Lunch.

In 2021 and beyond, our aim is to firstly maintain the existing program and secondly to emulate it in as many regencies in Bali as possible. However, we can only do this with help from supporters.


[1] Di satuan pendidikan pada 2019, KPAI catat 21 kasus kekerasan seksual, Antara News, 31st December 2019.

[2] Komnas PA: Perkosaan Anak Terbanyak Dilakukan oleh Orang Dekat, KOMPAS, 25th April 2017.

We are seeking funding to help maintain and support this program. If you can help, please get in touch.

If you would like to support our child abuse awareness program, you will be helping us to reach almost 16,000 students per year. Project costs include dedicated staff, We Are Special bookets, children’s prizes and more.