Celebrating Backpack Deliveries

After kind support from our donors, we have distributed another 32 school supply backpacks to children who need them in Bali. Whilst elementary school is free and full sponsorships are not required, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a cost.

Families are expected to supply bags, uniforms, shoes, and school equipment. But for families in poverty, this is a cost they cannot afford. Many children go to school in old hand-me-downs, broken shoes, and ripped clothing.

Now, thanks to our latest donors, these children can go to school happy and ready to learn.

You can find our more about School Entry Backpacks here or donate here.

Backpack Deliveries

Fund a School

Many kindergartens in Bali lack good supplies, facilities and more. We aim to renovate these kindergartens and transform them into quality learning spaces for children. But we can only do it with help from supporters like you.