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Ketut Swastika

Ketut Swastika, 15, is the second youngest of five children and in grade 9, the last year of Junior High Ketut will have to drop out of school after finishing junior high school next year if he doesn’t get sponsored. They live in Gianyar Regency.

Currently, Ketut lives with his parents, siblings and grandparents. They used to share a house with only two rooms for the entire family, not having enough space for sleeping. However, they received help from the government to build another simple house with two rooms, so Ketut and his siblings could stay there instead. The other sister is married.

Ketut’s parents are rice-field laborers. His grandparents are elderly and cannot work. His family raises livestock such as ducks, chickens, and pigs. They get half of the profit with the owner of the livestock.

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Made Muriani

Made Muriani, 15, is the middle child. She has an older sister and a little brother in Kindergarten in the Bongkasa area. Her older sister is a vocational senior high school of tourism graduate and had been working at a villa. Her sister managed to enter senior high school by taking a loan and then paid it back after she graduated.

Muriani is advancing to the 9th grade this month. Next year, Muriani is supposed to enroll into a senior high school, following her older sister’s footsteps. Unfortunately, she will have to drop out if she doesn’t get sponsored. Her sister had wanted to help her in taking a loan for her school expenses later. Sadly, her sister got furloughed due to the pandemic and no bank would issue loan offer amidst the pandemic.

Muriani’s older sister has been the bread winner of her family. Her sister now works as a laborer until tourism reopens in the island. Both of her parents only graduated from primary school.

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Gusti Lanang

Gusti Lanang is only child. He lives with his father and grandparents in Badung Regency and is in the 6th grade.Because of the extreme poverty of his family, he received BCP’s School Entry Backpack, Mattress, Bicycle and COVID-19 Food Appeals all this time.

Gusti Lanang won’t be able to continue school next year if he doesn’t get sponsored. Starting in Jr High (grade 7) there are school entrance fees and monthly fees and higher costs, and it would be impossible for his father or grandparents to pay them.

Gusti Lanang’s mother left him when he was only 3 months old, as his mother couldn’t stand living in poverty. His father is mostly unemployed.

Gusti Lanang is mainly raised by his grandparents. His grandparents are laborers and often work in the rice-field or field.

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Wayan Lestari Setia Dewi

Wayan Lestari Setia Dewi (Lestari), 13 in August, is the middle child of 3 in Bongkasa. She has an older brother who is in senior high school and a little sister in primary school.

As her parents are already struggling to afford her brother’s school expenses, they are going to ask Lestari to drop out of school once she finishes junior high school, which will be after grade 9. They also have a loan from having to repair their home that they must repay.

Her father works as a laborer, while her mother works as a tailor. Both earn less than the standard minimum wage.

Lestari works to help her parents by making offerings and all necessary stuff for ceremonies. At most, she would get paid $4 per week, which she uses to buy meals or internet data for her school. During the pandemic, Lestari and her siblings share one old smartphone for their school lessons.

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Ni Kadek Mayanti

Mayanti (“Maya”) age 12, is the younger of two in Abiansemal. She has an older brother in the 11th grade, and he himself has a lot of school debt. Both of her parents work as laborers.

Unfortunately, her father is sick after falling from his motorbike some time ago and can’t fully work until now. Her older brother has to work as a laborer while going to school to pay for the family debt. The debt was for his school expenses and the family’s daily food.

Maya is entering the 7th grade or first year of Junior high school this month. Her mother had to borrow money from their neighbor to pay for her entrance fee. There’s no bank that would issue a loan during the pandemic. Badung Regency is going to ask for fees in this school year due to the pandemic, as the government’s reserve fund has run out.

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Gusti Ketut Juliartha

Gusti Ketut Juliartha (Nicknamed “Juliartha”) age 12 and in his first year of Jr High in Karangasem, is the youngest child out of four and the only boy.

His parents were both working until the pandemic – his mother in a restaurant and his father in a hotel. Now his mother is out of work and his father works mainly as a laborer in order to even get food. He works a few days in the hotel when they have guests. They have to work in the rice field to afford basics. When Juliartha has no school, he helps them in their work as laborers.

His determination to continue school is really high. But the collapsing tourism industry in Bali really hit his family hard. He might have to drop out next school term. During the pandemic, he’s been studying from home, as his school was closed since mid-March until further notice.

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Kadek Ayu Sri Lestari

Ni Kadek Ayu Sri Lestari (“Ayu”) is the younger of two siblings in Jembrana. She’s now 12 and hoping to enter grade 8 this month. Her older brother is in college through a scholarship. He also works part-time to afford his other needs and helps his parents afford their living expenses. He lives in Jimbaran, Badung, but during the pandemic he’s been staying home in Jembrana. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, Ayu’s brother lost his job.

Both of Ayu’s parents are rice-field laborers. They barely earn $70 after combining their income.

With the pandemic hitting the tourism industry hard on the island, Ayu might even be forced to drop out before she finishes her secondary (junior high school) in two years, especially since her brother is also struggling to finish his school and earn money for the family.

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Ketut Ariandika

Ketut Ariandika (“Ketut”), 11 and in 6th grade, is the youngest of four.  His mother is a laborer and she’s deaf. His father passed away while his mother was pregnant with him.

His oldest brother also passed away and the next oldest only graduated from junior high school, since he has to help with the family’s living expenses. The other brother is sponsored by Bali Children’s Project

His older brothers live with and were raised by his paternal uncle. Meanwhile, Ketut’s mother took him back to her original compound/village to be raised by her and his maternal grandma. His mother chose not to get remarried.

As a laborer, Ketut’s mother won’t be able to pay for his junior high school entrance fee next year. So, Ketut will have to drop out then if he doesn’t get sponsored.

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Nyoman Gunawan

Nyoman Gunawan, 15 is the youngest of three. His older brother is in his last year of high school and his sister is married. Currently, Gunawan lives only with his brother, mother, and grandparents. His father just passed away 4 months ago from heart disease. His family had to take a loan to afford his late father’s cremation expenses. They live in the Bongkasa area.

Gunawan is entering 9th grade, the last year of Jr High, and wants very much to continue school next year. However, it will be impossible to achieve if he doesn’t get sponsored.

Gunawan aspires to become a bartender. He has an acquaintance who’s a bartender, and is impressed with how well the job pays. He has seen first hand the importance of financial independence.


Kadek Sudarmiasih

Kadek Sudarmiasih (“Dek Jarmi”), 13, is the younger of two with an older brother. She dreams of graduating and making it to med school so she can become a doctor.

As a girl, Dek Jarmi’s parents don’t prioritize her education since they think she will leave the house after getting married when she’s older. This is most likely true, as that’s how the culture works. But, meanwhile, Dek Jarmi really likes school and is quite dedicated with her studies. She’s ranked the 7th out of 26 students in her class. She would very much like to get a High School diploma, which would enrich her life and enable her to get much better work when she finishes. Without it, she will most likely be a low paid laborer.

Her parents are working as laborers. They took a loan for about USD 1,700 to pay for her older brother’s school expenses in high school, to repair their home, and to afford their meals. They also raise livestock, which will get them half of the profit when the owner sells them.


Ketut Sinta

Ketut Sinta, 14, is an 8th grader in Petang. Only one of her 3 older sisters managed to graduate high school, and that was because she got a scholarship.

Her parents got divorced when she was a 5th grader. Ketut Sintia has been raised by her grandparents and father ever since.

Ketut Sinta loves athletics and wishes she could become a famous athlete. Her hobbies are swimming and playing badminton. Her extra-curricular activity at school is the Athletic Club.She hopes she will be able to continue to senior high school and choose an athletic major.

Ketut Sinta works by helping her grandmother selling peanuts.


Komang Anisha Karnadi

Komang Anisha Karnadi (“Mang Anis”) is the youngest of three children. Her father is a laborer, while her mother is a small merchant in the local market.

Unfortunately, Mang Anis will have to drop out after finishing junior high school in two years if not sooner due to the pandemic. Her older brothers can’t help with her school expenses, as they already have their own families to look after.

Mang Anis usually helps her mother with her work, but the pandemic has been hitting their sales pretty hard.


Ayu Fitri

Ayu Fitri, 16, is the middle child out of three. She’s now in grade 11 in Jembrana, studying Pharmacy which is her career goal. Her older sister graduated thanks to a Bali Children’s Project sponsorship 2 years ago.

Now, Ayu Fitri lives with her mother, step father, and little half-sister. Her paternal father passed away when she was 3 years old.

Ayu Fitri is quite smart, as she’s always ranked within the top 10.

Ayu Fitri used to be raised by her grandma, but when her mother got remarried, her mother took her, as she was the younger of two. Her older sister was left to live with their paternal grandma – part of complicated customs in Bali.


Kadek Novitasari

Corona Cancellation

Kadek Novitasari (nicknamed “Novi”), is a 16 year old 10th grader in Tegallalang in her first year of high school. She goes to a local vocational senior high school. She chose Hotel Accommodation (Front Office and Housekeeping Department) as her major.

Unfortunately, her sponsor suddenly quit, and now Novi is in a school requiring monthly fees but without support.

Her school is the only municipal vocational senior high school in her district. When school is in the building, they have so many students, yet not many classrooms. That’s why the classes are divided into two shifts to accommodate all students from grade 10 until 12.

Novi chose to participate in the badminton club as her extra-curricular activity, along with the mandatory girl scouts. She’s so happy that her sponsorship also accommodates her club’s needs.


Komang Satria Wibawa

Satria, 14, is the youngest of three siblings living in Abiansemal. He has an older married sister and an older brother who works as a small merchant.

Satria’s parents work as laborers with no fixed income. During this pandemic, his parents receive fewer job offers, while his brother’s business also isn’t doing well.

His brother had wanted to help him continue to senior high school next year by taking loans and helping to pay it. Unfortunately, the pandemic has rendered their plan to be impossible.

As did his older siblings, Komang works in order to afford his school allowance to buy meals when he goes to school. He also has to afford internet expenses needed for his studying from home period during the pandemic, and school supplies and fees. He does various labor jobs, but mainly helps his parents raising the pigs that are owned by another person.


Ni Gusti Ayu Komang Putri

Putri, 13, was born on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi when her parents joined the transmigration program from the government. Her older brother is staying in Sulawesi with their relatives, while Putri, her parents and her little sister came back to Bali. She is now going into grade 8 in the Badung area.

Putri wants to continue school until she graduates from senior high school. She’s now in her second year of junior high school (grade 8, and in two years, she’s supposed to enroll into a senior high. Unfortunately, her parents can’t afford her school expenses. Even her older brother in Sulawesi could go to high school only thanks to her father’s relative.

Putri likes to cook. She often cooks for herself and for her sister, while their parents work. As she likes to cook, Putri would love to be a cook or a chef in the future. She wants to work in the culinary industry. Her favorite subject is English.


Ni Kadek Ayu Pujayantini

Corona Cancellation

Ni Kadek Ayu Pujayantini (nicknamed “Ayu”) is the second child out of four. She’s 16 and in grade 11 in Jembrana, a remote area in the west. Her older sister dropped out after finishing junior high school, and Ayu will follow in her footsteps if she doesn’t get sponsored very soon. Now her older sister is married. Her sponsor suddenly quit, and so now Ayu’s future is uncertain again.

She studies Marketing and Accounting, and since mid March has had to study at home. Her sponsorship was paying for the data costs and now she fears she won’t be able to pay. Up until recently, she was sponsored and doing well, but now her sponsor has had to cancel and she now needs to find a new sponsor.

Last year, Ayu managed to win the 2nd place at a speech competition. Her favorite subject is mathematics. Ayu is a bright student. She’s ranked the 2nd in her class and the 8th in her entire grade. She had several achievements during her junior high school years, namely by participating in science, marching walks and choir competitions