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Our Sponsorship Waiting List of children needing sponsorship is regularly updated. Please see below to see the children and read their stories. You can help change their lives. To sponsor, click here and remember to name the child you would like to sponsor in ‘I want my donation to be dedicated: NAME OF CHILD’.

Please set your sponsorship to ‘monthly’ and $40 USD.

I Kadek Wahyu Widiantari

Wahyu Widiantara is determined to finish school. Now 12 years old and in 7th grade, he fought hard to get into Jr High. His older sister dropped out in 5th grade, most children in his former area stop school after 6th grade, and his family expected the same from him. Even though they now live in the Tabanan Regency where his father was able to find work, their living conditions are a constant struggle.

ahyu is a determined boy with strong willpower. He persuaded his parents to let him continue school, despite their assumption that he would quit and their inability to pay the fees. His father relented and took a loan from his cousin in order to pay Wahyu’s entrance fee for junior high school. Wahyu is even working by doing wood carving, where he usually earns up to IDR 200,000 ($15) per month.

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Putu Nunik Yonia Saasri

Nunik, age 17, is now in her last year of High School. She is the oldest of two (2). Her younger brother, Kadek Wahyu Pratama, is in grade 9 in Bongkasa. She had been sponsored but the sponsor suddenly stopped, and now Putu Nunik is almost $400 in debt. The fees for the last year of High School are extreme, and must be paid or the student will not be allowed to graduate.

She had wanted to attend Vocational High School of Tourism, because her dream is to be a front office receptionist. But due to the common knowledge that Vocational High School or SMK would be more expensive in the long run, her parents decided to admit her into a general Public High School. Her father had been trying so hard so she can get scholarship and help in educational cost, but to no avail.


I Nengah Adiana

Ngah Adi has to walk 10 km to and from school most of the time. But because Ngah Adi desperately begged his parents, they relented and borrowed some money to pay his entrance fee for Jr High. This won’t happen with senior high school, as senior high school expenses are double the price of junior high school, and this would just be unaffordable for 3 years.

Ngah Adi will have to drop out of school next year if he doesn’t get sponsored, because his parents could not take that much of a loan and cover his senior high school expenses. But Ngah Adi is still being optimistic and keeps his hard work up.

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Ni Wayan Sulastri

Ni Wayan Sulastri (nicknamed “Wayan”) is a sweet 11 year old 5th grader living in Kintamani, Bangli. She has an older married brother, 30, and a 20 year old brother who dropped out after 3rd grade and now tries to support Wayan and their mother. Her father passed away 7 years ago and her mother is a field laborer. Wayan shares a bed with her mother.

Wayan Sulastri dreams of coming a teacher. She chose dance club as her after school activity. Wayan’s older brother has tried his best to let Wayan continue at least her primary school. But both Wayan’s older brother and Wayan’s mother are unable to afford junior high school expenses for Wayan. So Wayan will have to drop out after finishing grade 6 next year if she doesn’t get any help.


Ni Wayan Eka Yanti

Ni Wayan Eka Yanti (nicknamed “Eka”) is the oldest of two at age 15. She’s in grade 10, just starting High School in Karangasem, and has a younger brother in grade 4. Eka lives only with her mother, little brother and grandmother. Her father committed suicide in January 9, 2015 after prolonged suffering from what was diagnosed as heart cancer.

Her father had the disease for a long time; he got checked and got minimum treatment at the hospital, but due to lack of money to cover the expenses, medication, and surgery, her father got sent back home from the hospital. He also tried several traditional treatments but none had helped. Everyday her father used to wail all day long because of the unbearable aches and pains. Then Eka’s father took his life when all of the kids were sleeping and when Eka’s mother was at work. Eka and her brother can still remember the tragic event vividly in their minds.


Ni Kadek Riska Maha Putri (sister of Ni Luh Putu Candra Dewi)

Ni Kadek Riska Maha Putri, age 13 in 7th grade in the far west area of Jembrana, has a humble dream. She wants to graduate from senior high school. However, considering how poor her family’s financial condition is, Kadek doubts that she will be able to continue school after graduating from junior high school in two years.

When Kadek started junior high school last year, she wished that she could get new school supplies, such as notebooks, pens, schoolbag and shoes. However, her school supplies are the old ones that she used in primary school, as her parents didn’t have the money to get her the new ones.

Meanwhile, a sponsorship now will give her the push she needs and enable her to cover current expense plus access to extra curricular lessons like her friends.

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I Gusti Ngurah Rahka Dipa

With one more year to go in school, 17 year old RahKa is the oldest of two brothers. Because of the family’s poverty, he has a debt at school for about IDR 1.5 million for his SPP or monthly school fee. Currently he’s majoring in hospitality and he would like to work in the housekeeping department at a hotel or a villa once he graduates from his vocational high school. RahKa is a diligent student and never skips a day. He studies hard and enjoys school a lot.

RahKa also helps his father work, sometimes carving wood. The family are in serious debt and need a break to cover the two sons’ school costs.

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I Gusti Made Rai Widana

RahDe to his friends, Made is the younger brother of I Gusti Ngurah Raka Dipa, also awaiting a sponsor. RahDe has a dream to be a tour guide. He would love to be able to speak English more fluently.  His father works as a wood carver, meanwhile her mother stays at home and makes Balinese offerings to be sold in the market. Sometimes his mother also works as laborer for other people.

His father owes IDR 7 millions in the village cooperation, while his older brother also still hasn’t paid 6 months of his SPP/school fees, about IDR 1.5 million.

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Dita Lia Wulandari

Dita, a 14 year old 8th grader in Denpasar, is the youngest of three. Her father is 83 years old, while her mother is 56 years old. Her father has diabetes and he is almost blind from it. He cannot work anymore and just stays at home. Her mother works as a house cleaner and she also sells tipat cantok (Balinese traditional dish).

At school, Dita has extra curricular activities with gamelan club and flag-raising troop. Dita’s dream is to be a soldier and be a part of the army. She feels that she likes the job. Dita is doing well academically, but she also shows talent in sports and physical activity. Dita has a talent in shot put sport. Her teacher sent her to a competition and she won the fifth place. Dita loves sports.

Dita has a large debt at school. She hasn’t paid one year worth of her school fee, which is IDR 2,610,000 (IDR 1,230,000 for the first semester and IDR 1,380,000 for the second semester). Eventually, that can be held against her and her final diploma withheld or the ability to continue school suspended.


Ni Nyoman Tantri

Tantri, age 12 and a 6th grader in Kintamani, would love to be the first child in her family to graduate high school. None of her siblings have gone past Jr High, and right now there are no plans for her to get beyond grade six.

Tantri’s mother passed away six years ago when Tantri had only started the first year of primary school, due to an illness. Meanwhile, her father is already 60 years old, although he still works as a laborer in order to feed his two young daughters. Tantri’s older brother also works as a laborer, since he only graduated from junior high school. Tantri sleeps together with her younger sister, Ni Ketut Parmiasih (6 years old), her father and her older brother in one room

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Ni Made Karmila

Karmila, age 14 and an 8th grader in Denpasar, is the youngest of two children. Karmila’s parents work as laborers, although since her mother has diabetes and cannot work that much anymore, nowadays it’s only Karmila’s father who works the most.

Karmila almost dropped out of school when she graduated from primary school. Her parents asked her to work while going to a special school that opens on weekends. It’s designated for those whom could not afford regular junior high school. However, her mother’s nephew (or Karmila’s maternal cousin) helped her in paying her entrance fee.