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Made Junita

Made Junita is a middle child in Badung Regency, now in grade 11 and studying Hotel Accommodation. Due to the pandemic, she’s been studying remotely using her parents’ old smartphone. Junita and her parents were very grateful that the internet data expenses for her school needs were fully covered by her sponsorship, since they receive fewer jobs to undertake as laborers. But now that she is not sponsored, they worry about the cost.

Junita’s dream has been to work in a hotel as its permanent staff. She would like to get a better job than her parents because she doesn’t want to repeat her parents’ footsteps, where they couldn’t afford equal education for all of their children.

Her school is only open to accept school fees payment. During the last year’s quarter, Junita went to school once a week to have her practical lessons. Junita really likes the practical lessons since they are hands-on and they’re refreshing to do after all of her online classes throughout the week.

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Putu Diva

Diva, age 12 in grade 6, is the older of two. She has a little brother age 4 years old. They live with her grandmother and parents in Badung Regency.

Diva’s family doesn’t have their own family land. They live on a landlord’s land where they share their crops and produce with the landowner as the payment. They also raise other people’s livestock and share half of the profit from selling the mature livestock with the owner. Her parents also work as laborers, doing odd jobs and earn $4-6 per day, depending on their job.

Her parents are junior high school graduates. They already are in debt to afford their living expenses, so they couldn’t take any more loans. Diva will have to drop out in the next new school year in June 2021 after she finishes primary school if she doesn’t get sponsored.

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Kadek Ariani

Kadek Ariani (“Ariani”), 13, is the younger of two. She has an older brother who currently works as a mechanic in a garage workshop (bengkel). Her brother earns only enough to pay for their family’s debt, a loan that they took buy a bike for the brother and fix their home.

Arani is in grade 7, the first year of Jr. High. They live in Badung Regency.

Currently, Ariani struggles to afford the internet data needed for the mandatory online learning by her school due to the pandemic. She often goes to her neighbor or friends to get some internet or go to school to get her assignments from the teachers right away. All the students now need phones, but the cost of the data to use them is extra and more than they can afford.

Both of her parents are only primary school graduates. They expect and rely on her brother a lot to afford their current living expenses. Her father is a laborer and her mother makes offerings to earn additional side income to support the family.

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Komang Armini

Komang Armini (“Komang”), 13, is from the Badung regency of Bali. Komang is now in grade 6 and hoping to continue school and start Jr High next term.

Komang’s father graduated from junior high school, while her mother only finished primary school. Komang will have to follow her mother’s footsteps if she doesn’t get sponsored. She will have to drop out after completing primary school in June 2021 if there’s no one that could help her afford the junior high school entrance fee and school expenses.

Her father is only a laborer and is often so sickly that he’s unable to work. Her mother is a housewife who makes offerings to earn side income for the family. Her family still has debt from paying her uncle’s cremation and fixing their dilapidated house.

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Indriani (“Indri”), age 11 of Badung, is the older of two. She’s in grade 6 and has a little brother of kindergarten age. Her father is a laborer, while her mother is a small merchant in a local traditional market.

Next year she would be scheduled to start Jr High (grade 7), and that is when school costs really rise. There are high entrance fees, monthly fees, more uniforms, and higher costs. Her parents plan to make her stop her schooling next year and wait for a year or two until they could save up some more money for her junior high school entrance fee.

Due to the pandemic, her parents struggle a lot more to afford their living expenses. They still have to pay the interest of the loan that they took to repair the home and cannot pay both.

While her parents work, Indri usually takes care of her little brother. She also helps with chores and her mother’s work when she’s not studying. The family only has one old smartphone, and Indri has been using it to do her school work.

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Kadek Hendradinata

Kadek Hendradinata (“Dek Ta”), age 13, is the younger of two siblings in Buleleng. He’s currently in grade 8. Dek Ta is quite a smart student. He’s been ranked the top 10 in class.

His older sister graduated from senior high school. His parents took a loan to afford it and when his sister graduated, his sister helped paying off the debt. His parents had expected for his older sister to help Dek Ta with his school expenses but, unfortunately, the pandemic happened and is still going strong in Bali. His sister couldn’t get a decent job and could only do labor work to afford their food for now.

His parents are laborers, doing odd jobs.  As it is, the family often borrow money and staples from the warung near their house, as they don’t always have money. Sadly, Dek Ta will have to drop out of school once he graduates from secondary or junior high school if he doesn’t get sponsored.

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Ketut Asri

Ketut Asri (Asri), age 12, is the youngest of four. She has three older brothers who already graduated from high schools. Asri is in grade 6 and her wish is to start Jr High next year in June. They live in Badung Regency.

Her father used to work as a driver and could afford to pay for her brothers’ school expense with the help from their relative. Unfortunately, her father got diagnosed with diabetes and now he can’t work anymore and is bed ridden most of the time. The relative already passed away a couple of years ago and there’s no one that could help Asri to continue school.

Her bothers got laid off due to the pandemic and could only work as laborers. Her mother has been working as a laborer to afford their living expenses since her father can’t work anymore. As a laborer, her mother only earns $5 and can’t afford to pay for Asri’s junior high school entrance fee and other school expenses (such as uniforms and books). Her mother also needs to pay off the debt that they took to repair their kitchen which was unusable.



Dila, age 14, is the youngest of three sisters. She’s the little sister of another girl sponsored through Bali Children’s Project and lives in Tegallalang. Dila is now in grade 7.
Dila still owes her school for the entrance fee money to her current junior high school. She will have to drop out if she still can’t pay her outstanding fees by next year. Her parents already owe around $750 at the local village bank for their living expenses.
Her oldest sister dropped out of school because of their poverty. She currently works as a laborer, earning less than a third of the minimum wage. Her older sister almost dropped out, but thankfully BCP intervened and she could get sponsored, so her sister is now still in high school.
Her mother is sickly and mostly stays at home. Her father is a woodcarving laborer, earning less than half of the minimum wage.
Dila’s hobby is martial arts and she really loves it. There’s a free martial arts lesson in her village. Many of the kids participated in martial arts competition then won some money. Dila wants to earn money to help her family and she thought she could earn some through martial arts. That’s why she also chose martial arts club as her extra-curricular activity at school, although it has to be postponed until school reopens probably next year.

Rah De

COVID Cancellation

Rah De, a 15 year old 9th grader in Badung Regency, is now hoping that he will be able to continue on to High School next term.

During the last semester, his grades had improved and he scored above the average for all subjects. His sponsor just suddenly stopped though and it’s a concern that the worry of finances and staying in school will badly affect his studies. His older brother had been sponsored, and that was the only reason he was able to stay in school and graduate last year.

Rah De really likes going to school. His favorite subject is English. Thanks to his sponsorship, Rah De could afford an English course so he could understand the English subject better. Of course, these things are now on hold due to the pandemic.


Ayu Dina

Ayu Dina, age 15 from Badung, is an only child and in 9th grade. Next year, she is scheduled to start Senior High School if she can afford the fees. There is great doubt if this will happen because of her parent’s poverty.

Her parents graduated only from primary schools. Ayu Dina will have to follow in their footsteps if she doesn’t get sponsored. She will only be a 9th grade graduate, as her parents are unable to afford the senior high school expenses.

Ayu Dina’s parents work as laborers. They also still owe money to buy a motorbike (they used to not have any motorbikes). Before the pandemic, sometimes Ayu Dina used the motorbike to go to school if her parents didn’t use it.

Her family has one old smartphone that Ayu Dina uses to do her school work. She struggles to afford the internet expenses, so she sometimes goes to school to get or deliver her homework.


Paing Kwaeng Hwi

Paing Kwaeng Hwi (“Paing”), age 15, is the older of two living in Denpasar. He has a little brother age 2 years and 3 months. He lives only with his mother. He’s now in grade 9 and hopes to be able to go to High School next year.

Paing’s father is Burmese, hence his unusual name for a Balinese. However, he left when Paing was 1 year old. Paing was born in Bali.
Paing’s late maternal grandfather insisted that Paing and his mother had to come back home and live with him. Unfortunately, after his grandpa’s death, Paing’s uncles would only allow Paing’s mother to live there and they insisted that Paing must be left at an orphanage. But his mother didn’t consent to their terms, so Paing’s mother left home.

His mother works as a freelance masseuse, laborer, and cleaner. She does any odd jobs that she could do. They even make and sell pots from the leftover sand and cement from their work place.

Paing owes his school $512, since he never paid any of the expenses. His school gives him a leeway as long as he could pay it later.  At this rate, Paing would have to drop out soon.

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Putu Juli

Putu Juli, age 15 and in grade 9 in Badung Regency, is an only child. Her parents decided not to have more kids because they are already poor and can’t afford to feed more mouths.

Both of her parents only graduated from primary schools. Her father is a laborer who does either construction labor work or rice-field labor work.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, there are much fewer offers for labor work. As a laborer, her father earns $5 per day. Her parents already have debts at the local bank for about $740 to afford their living expenses and repair their home.

Because of their debt, for which they could only pay the monthly interest for now, Putu Juli would have to drop out in 6 months after finishing junior high school if she doesn’t get sponsored. Her parents will not be able to afford the entrance fee, monthly fee, and other senior high school expenses (uniforms and other supplies) which start in Grade 10.