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Our Sponsorship Waiting List of children needing sponsorship is regularly updated. Please see below to see the children and read their stories. You can help change their lives. To sponsor, click here and remember to name the child you would like to sponsor in ‘I want my donation to be dedicated: NAME OF CHILD’.

Please set your sponsorship to ‘monthly’ and $40 USD.

Nengah Wirawan Agus Sugiarta

12 year old Nengah lives in Subaya, a remote village in the mountains Both of his parents work as laborers with no fixed income.  Nengah and his sister, Ketut, usually work on Sundays when there’s no school or during the school break to help their parents earn some more money.

Nengah’s parents are going to make him drop out of school after completing primary school in June this year, even though Nengah really wants to continue. Nengah’s mother actually wishes for him to finish high school, but their situation would not enable it. The family could barely afford to buy food for the whole family, and they don’t have extra money to buy junior high school uniforms and to afford petrol expenses for Nengah’s school. While his current primary school is located nearby, the nearest junior high school takes 35 minutes from his home.

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Komang Sadia

Komang Sadia (nicknamed “Komang”) is a 9th grader in Tulikup, Gianyar. He has 2 older sisters, both of whom graduated High School thanks to their sponsorships through BCP.

Although his father owns a ricefield, the crop is often failing and they have to depend on the the income of the two sisters. The oldest sister works in a sandals shop and the other works in a good restaurant as a waitress. Entering High School, grade 10, comes with many extra expenses which the family would just not be able to afford. This would doom him to a future of very limited opportunity and a continuation of a low standard of living and lack of education.

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Ni Ketut Apriliani (sister of Komang Wardani)

April is the fourth child out of five. She is 13 years old, with one more year to go in Jr. High in Kintamani. She’s now in grade 8. Her oldest sister is married, and her second oldest works in Denpasar as a laborer. She has another sister, Wardani, who just dropped out after graduating from junior high school because her family couldn’t afford the expenses to enroll her into a senior high school. April also has a younger brother in grade 5, who will also share the same fate as his sister in dropping out of school in the future.

April’s parents asked her to quit school after she graduates from junior high school in 2020, so April can help earn some more money for the family. April’s parents both work as laborers. They work for other people in their field, doing any kind of labor work. They get paid per day and they don’t always get to work.

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Desak Wayan Juniasih

Desak Wayan Juniasih, is the older of two. She’s now a 12 year old sixth grader in Karangasem. Desak was part of our Backpack Program 2018. Desak’s parents work as laborers. They cultivate other people’s fields and raise other people’s livestock for a living.

Her parents didn’t expect Desak to continue in school. However, seeing how well Desak is doing at school and how happy she is to get educated, Desak’s parents will try their best to get a loan. If they cannot get money to enroll Desak in a junior high school this July, Desak will have to drop out of school.

Desak’s parents usually borrow money from their neighbor so they can give Desak an allowance to buy food at school. They would later pay their neighbor back once they have sold their crops or livestock. A sponsorship would also cover these significant problems for Desak.

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Komang Sadia

Komang Sadia (nicknamed “Komang”) is a 9th grader in Tulikup, Gianyar. He has 2 older sisters, both of whom graduated High School thanks to their sponsorships through Bali Children’s Project.

Although his father owns a ricefield, the crop is often failing and they have to depend on the the income of the two sisters. The oldest sister works in a sandals shop and the other works in a good restaurant as a waitress.

His mother works by painting woven mats, but she’s sickly and is often unable to work. The children also all share a genetic tooth anomaly that the mother has, giving them unsightly teeth which they try to cover.

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Putu Dimas Swastika Putra

Putu Dimas Swastika Putra is a 15 year old 8th grader in Bongkasa. In the area where Putu lives, many of the children are able to get jobs in the tourist industry if they finish high school, and Putu would like that.

The family is poor, and will not be able to cover Putu’s school expenses after High School. He will have to drop out after grade 9. Putu Dimas really likes school and does not want to quit. He wants his High School diploma, and is very aware of how important it is that he get it in order to change his life and improve his circumstances.

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I Putu Ardita Pradina Putra

Putu is a 17 year old 10th grader in the Peliatan area, in Ubud. His father left when he was young, and he and his mother and younger sister moved back to his mother’s compound. However, in Bali, this leaves them with little ‘right’ to their home, as families are supposed to stay in the father’s home.

Putu’s mother supports the children by selling porridge, and they have lived by taking out loans. They are now deeply in debt with little hope of catching up.

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Ni Kadek Lionny Regina Putri

Ni Kadek Lionny Regina Putri who will be 12 in May and is in 6th grade, currently lives with her older sister, a 10th grader, and her grandparents in Tabanan.

She is the youngest of two. Her father committed suicide when she was 3 years old. He took a chemical poison named potas. According to the grandparents, he committed suicide because he couldn’t pay his debt to the bank, while the debts was and still remains about IDR 4.9 millions (about $400). Then her mother left her and her sister to be raised by their grandparents.


Dewa Ayu Dwipta Arilla

Dewa Ayu Dwipta Arilla, 12 and in 6th grade, is the second child out of three children. She has an older sister in grade 7, who is also being sponsored through Bali Children’s Project, and a younger brother that is still in Kindergarten.

While receiving other external help for her skin condition, Dewa Ayu also needs a school sponsor. Her confidence is pretty low. She’s feeling embarrassed with how her skin looks. Nonetheless, her low self-esteem does not deter her drive to study hard and finish school.

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I Komang Desi Warmawan

I Komang Desi Warmawan (nicknamed “Komang”) is the youngest of three. He’s a 16 year old 10th grader, in his first year of High School in Kintamani. He has two older sisters. The oldest is married, while the second one is still in the university, as she got a scholarship throughout her junior high school, senior high school and the university. Komang had wanted to get the same scholarship, since Komang is also a bright student, but the scholarship was not available anymore when Komang applied for it in junior high school.


Ni Nyoman Sariasih

Sari is a 15 year old 9th grader in Denpasar. She’s the youngest child of three. She lives with her disabled father (who had a brain aneurism when Sari was very young), mother, older brother and a disabled older sister (due to cerebral palsy since birth). Both her father and her sister are being supported by an agency for their medical and health needs.

Her older brother works as a gardener and he is the sole breadwinner in the family, as Sari’s mother has to take care of the father and the sister. Sari used to be sponsored, but her sponsor stopped recently.

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Ketut Anda Riadi

Ketut Anda Riadi (Anda) is 15 and the youngest of four. He is in grade 9, the last year of Jr High, and his dream is to go to High School. His parents work as farmers / laborers for other people’s fields. They also raise livestock for other people, so they will receive half of the profit from selling the livestock once every one or two years.

Anda’s father also works as a motorbike taxi driver, although there are not many demands for this service anymore in his village. As laborers, their income is not fixed and is seasonal. As a result, Anda is working as well after or before his school by painting wood so he will have money to buy food at school and to buy his school materials. Anda gets paid around IDR 5,000 (about $3.50) for working 2 hours in painting temple’s materials.

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Ni Wayan Rusminiari

Ni Wayan Rusminiari, age 12 from Bongkasa, is the older of 2 sisters. She’s now in 6th grade and hoping that she gets a sponsor and is able to continue into Jr High next term. Without this help, she will be unable to continue. Indeed, the start of Jr High is when so many girls are forced to stop. There is just no money at all for school costs.

Her father is a laborer and her mother makes offerings for a living. The four family members live in an incredibly small house, all sleeping in one room. There is also a tiny kitchen.

A couple of years ago Wayan received a bike from Bali Children’s Project which she still uses to go to school. Wayan’s younger sister was part of Backpack program.

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Ni Nyoman Anggik Trisya Dewi

Ni Nyoman Anggik Trisya Dewi’s father passed away in 2015. She has an older sister who suffers from mental retardation since birth. Anggik is now 16 and in her first year of High School in Tabanan, majoring in science.

As the sole bread winner, Anggik’s mother works as a laborer or daily worker at the glass craft company and she earns about IDR 40,000 (less than $3) per day. She usually works about 25 days in a month, so she earns about IDR 1 million per month. Anggik’s family is so poor, they even don’t have a motorbike. So, her mother walks to her work place for about 30 minutes each way.


Gusti Ngurah Ari Manik Pramana

Gusti is a 14 year old 8th grader in the Tulikup area, the oldest of three with two younger brothers. Gusti will be forced to drop out after this year if he does not get a sponsor. He’s a good student with above average grades, and he especially likes science. His goal is to go to a vocational high school and study Food Production, which will lead to a job in the tourist/hotel industry. This can’t happen without a diploma.

Even with his parents both working, their combined income is still lower than the standard regional minimum wage, which is about IDR 2 million (about $150). Although they work really hard, their poverty is severe.

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Gusti Made Prastayana

Gusti Made Prastayana, now 17, was sick as a child after being a preemie in the NICU. Now in his first year of High School, he’s an impressive young man living under extremely hard conditions.

His older brother, age 34, dropped out and is now a laborer still living with the family. Neither brother has a room and must sleep in friend’s houses. There is no actual kitchen and the family cooks over a pot on the porch. Their mother was in tears when she admitted that her sons don’t have a room to sleep in and must sleep in other homes.

The school is continually after him for his unpaid debt and he’ll have to drop out without a sponsor.

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