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Kadek Arinanda

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Kadek, 14 from Bangli, has had a chaotic and disturbing childhood. The only consistent and loving person in it has been her step mother, who treats her as her own and deeply loves her. She has lived with her since birth, since her biological mother tried to sell her before she was born. Kadek has three biological siblings and one stepsibling. She’s the youngest of the five.

Kadek’s biological mother is the younger sister of her stepmother. She’s had 2 stepfathers. One passed away and one moved, so she lives alone with her stepmother in a rented home.

Kadek is in her last year of junior high school, and she’s supposed to enroll into a senior high school next year. However, without a sponsorship, Kadek will have to drop out of school next semester.

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Mang Jati

After Mang Jati’s father passed away when Mang was in grade 2, his mother has been doing her best to raise Mang and his two siblings.

Mang Jati is the youngest of three. He has an older sister and an older brother who only graduated from junior high school, but never managed to stay on to senior high due to costs.

Both his siblings and his mother work as day laborers and earn way less than the minimum wage. Mang Jati’s siblings barely earn money to buy food and pay off their family debt, which was incurred to fix their house. There is no hope to pay Mang Jati’s school fees too.

He hopes that one day he can get a work in tourism and earn a good income for his family.

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Sonia Wati

Sonia, 18, is the older of two. She was supposed to have two older siblings but they passed away when they were babies. She has a 7 year old little sister named Ketut Novi, in the 2nd grade. They live in Gianyar. Sonia is in 11th grade and studying Hotel Accommodation and Housekeeping.

Sonia and her sister are orphans. Their mother passed away last year from an illness, while their father died four months ago due to respiratory disease. After their father’s death, Sonia’s relative, who lives in the same compound, claimed that they own the land where Sonia’s family built their house. So, Sonia begged them to let her and her sister live there until Sonia could work and earn money.

Sonia plans to rent a room when she’s able to earn money on her own. As a girl, Sonia doesn’t have any rights to continue the family line and stay in her father’s house since it’s the cultural custom of Balinese. Only boys or men could inherit the land.


Ayu Ratih

Ayu Ratih, 18, is an only child. Her parents left her not long after she was born. It turned out that her mother had left to get re-married, while her father lived in Surabaya (east Java), leaving Ayu Ratih to be raised by her grandparents and great-grandmother in Badung.

Ayu Ratih’s grandparents and great-grandma loved her unconditionally. Her grandpa, although already elderly, went to work in Gianyar (a different regency), so he could feed, clothe, and put Ayu Ratih into school.

Due to the pandemic and their loss of income, Ayu Ratih hasn’t been able to pay for her school fees for a year and half. Since she has outstanding fees for more than a year (around $220), her school doesn’t allow Ayu Ratih to take the end of semester test this month. Meaning, Ayu Ratih will have to drop out of school next month.