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Our Sponsorship Waiting List of children needing sponsorship is regularly updated. Please see below to see the children and read their stories. You can help change their lives. To sponsor, click here and remember to name the child you would like to sponsor in ‘I want my donation to be dedicated: NAME OF CHILD’.

Please set your sponsorship to ‘monthly’ and $40 USD.

Gusti Ayu Maharani

Gusti Ayu Maharani (nicknamed “Ayutu”) is an only child. Her mother left her when she was in 2nd grade. Ever since her mother left her, Ayutu has been raised by her grandfather and grandmother most of the time. She is now 16 and lives in the Bongkasa area. She wants desperately to start High School this July, but without a sponsor there is no choice but to drop out in June.

Her father works as a rice field laborer, same as her grandfather. Her grandmother works as a laborer and take any kind of labor jobs that she can. Each of them makes less than half of the standard minimum wage every month, so it’s impossible for Ayutu’s family to afford her senior high school expenses. Even with their combined income, the family earn only enough to afford their food and basic necessities.

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I Gusti Ayu Made Junita Pradnyani

Junita is the middle child. She has an older sister and a little brother. Her older sister was able to enter a vocational senior high school because her relative took her in and paid for her school expenses.

Meanwhile, Junita will have to resign herself to dropping out of school this month if she doesn’t get sponsored. Junita’s little brother is still in primary school and, as is way too common in a patriarchal society, her parents prioritize her brother’s needs above the sisters.

Junita’s dream is to work in a hotel as its permanent staff. She would like to get a better job than her parents. She doesn’t want to repeat her parents’ footsteps, where they couldn’t afford equal education for all of their kids.

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Nyoman Warini

Nyoman Warini (nicknamed “Wari”) is the 3rd child out of 6. Her two older brothers could only graduate from primary school due to her family’s poverty and their lack of drive to go to school. Both of them ended up working as laborers, as they don’t have any significant skills to get them more decent jobs. She has one little sister and two little brothers.

Nyoman Warini is now 13 and will finish 7th grade in June in Karangasem. She loves school and does well. Even though Wari was supposed to follow her older brothers’ footsteps and drop out, she has more determination to continue school. Therefore, her family will allow her to continue to junior high school by taking more loans. That’s not always a stable way to do things, as the costs of school get higher and higher, and in High School are generally unaffordable for poor families.

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Gede Sukarya

Gede Sukarya (nicknamed “Gede”) is the older of two and is very small for his age. He’s 13 and finishing up grade 6 this June. He lives with his parents and little brother in Buleleng. His little brother is still in 2nd grade.

Even though Gede is the first son (which parents normally try their best to pay for), his parents cannot afford his school fee to enter junior high school in July this year. So Gede will have to drop out after finishing primary school.

Gede’s parents are barely earning enough to buy food for their family (they are both ad hoc laborers), and what they buy lacks proper nutrition, explaining Gede’s growth problems.


Putu Sri Lestari (nicknamed “Wanda”)

Wanda is 13 and the oldest of three. She’s now finishing 7th grade in Buleleng. Both of her parents dropped out of school after completing primary school and so their ability to find good paying work is very limited.

Since Wanda rarely gets any allowance to buy meals at school, she often goes to school hungry. Her parents had to borrow some money from the local bank to afford Wanda’s school supplies, while Wanda also received some second-hand stuff for her school.

Wanda really wants to stay in school, and her parents want her to have an education. It’s just becoming harder and harder for that to be a reality.

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Suyanti and Adnyana (sister and brother)

Ketut Suyanti (nicknamed “Suyanti”) is 17 and finishing up her first year of High School in Karangasem. Her brother Putu Mangku Adnyana is in grade 7.

Both Suyanti and Adnyana are very smart, both ranking second in their classes. But neither will finish school unless they get a sponsorship. You can sponsor both or sponsor individually.

Their father is disabled due to an accident a long time ago, while her mother’s legs are weak and often get painful, so neither one of her parents, particularly her father, can work. When her mother is healthy, she works by gathering banana leaves and fire woods to be sold later. They earn a little over 1 USD a day.

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Nyoman Saptari

Nyoman Saptari (nicknamed “Komang”) lives with her father, stepmother and older half-brother. Her biological mother divorced her father when she was still in Kindergarten. Komang is now 13 and will go into 8th grade in Karangasem.

Komang has to work by making and selling Balinese offerings as well as other ceremonial supplies so she can afford to buy meals at school and purchase some school supplies on her own, so as not to burden her parents.

Komang has a dream of working in a big bank. She finds that job to be cool and it inspires her. That’s why, if she’s allowed to continue to senior high school, she would love to choose an accounting major.

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Made Tisna Ariani

Made Tisna Ariani (nicknamed “Tisna”) is the second child out of three. She’s 16 and will be finishing Jr High this June in Karangasem. She has an older brother who is a senior high school student and a younger brother who is a primary student.

As a daughter, her family doesn’t really prioritize her schooling situation. Since her parents also have to support her older brother in senior high school, they don’t have enough money to cover Tisna’s school expenses.

Tisna’s dream is to become a nurse or a midwife, thanks to her participation in the Red Cross activity. She has also noticed the lack of midwives and nurses in her village. That won’t happen unless she can get sponsored.

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Kadek Yuni

Kadek Yuni (nicknamed “Yuni”) is the older of two. She’s 15 and finishing Jr High School in Karangasem. Her father is a handicraft laborer, while her mother is a housewife making Balinese offerings to earn some extra money.

Most girls in her village drop out after finishing primary or secondary school, then go to southern Bali to work as a housemaid or a shop keeper. It’s traditional to not expect a girl to get much of an education, and this dooms them to life as a laborer or with a low level job, with little independence or future.

Yuni wants to acquire more skills so she can get a better job in the future. She doesn’t want to end up like her parents.

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Ni Made Yulia Preliyanti

Ni Made Yulia Preliyanti (nicknamed “Yulia”) is the younger of two. She’s a 17 year old 11th grader in Tabanan and she has an older brother. Her father works as a laborer and he earns way less than the standard minimum wage, as he doesn’t get to work every day, only when there’s a demand for his work. Yulia’s mother is a housewife. She earns extra money by making Balinese offerings, which Yulia also helps with.

Yulia has an unusual dream. She wishes to be a yoga instructor. She often attends yoga competitions at the school level and most of the time she wins them. Yulia is also an active dancer, both at school and at her village. She’s a very smart girl, as she is ranked the third in her class.


Made Latra

Made Latra (nicknamed “Dek Latra”) is 16 years old and in his final year of junior high school. He is supposed to continue to a senior high school this year. However, due to his family’s financial difficulty, Dek Latra’s parents want him to drop out of school after graduating this June, even though Dek Latra is an exceptionally smart boy.

Dek Latra has always been ranked within the top two since he was in primary school. He belongs to the science club, journalistic club, and badminton club at his school for his extra curricular activities. Dek Latra’s hobby is playing soccer with his friends from the same village.

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Komang Karsana

Komang Karsana (nicknamed “Komang”) is the second son out of four children in his family in Abiansemal. His older brother and sister had to drop out after finishing junior high school due to their poverty. Both of them now work as laborers, earning less than the standard minimum wage. Komang is going to follow his older siblings’ footsteps if he doesn’t get sponsored.

Now Komang only lives with his brothers and father, as his mother passed away due to cervical cancer when he was a 1st grader. Since then, Komang’s father has been raising all four children on his own without ever getting re-married. As a single parent who only works as a laborer, Komang’s father could only afford to buy food for the family

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Ni Kadek Muliartini

Ni Kadek Muliartini is the oldest of three. She’ll be 15 on July 14 and is now in 9th grade in Buleleng. Muliartini has two younger brothers. And as a girl, her education isn’t at the top of her parents’ priority list.

Muliartini works by helping her parents harvesting flowers to be sold by her parents. She also forages for food to feed the livestock that her family raises. They will receive half of the profit from selling the livestock with the livestock owner.

Muliartini is so smart that she’s ranked the 3rd in her class. Although her dream is to become a nurse, she’s willing to work any decent job that will grant her a stable income, unlike her parents’ job as laborers/farmers.


Gede Adi Jaya Putra

Gede Adi Jaya Putra (nicknamed “De Adi”) lives only with his grandmother. His grandma has raised him since his father passed away when he was only 5 years old, and his mother got re-married not long after his father’s death. As in Bali tradition, the child stays with the father’s family. De Adi is a 12 year old 6th grader living in Karangasem.

De Adi really wants to continue school, because he wants to work as a mechanic in the future so he can repay his grandma’s kindness for raising him all these years. He wants to be independent and not rely on his elderly grandma so much. If given the chance, De Adi would like to continue to a vocational senior high school of engineering.

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Gusti Ngurah Suka Merta

Gusti Ngurah Suka Merta (Suka Merta) is a 14 year old 8th grader in the Bongkasa area. He’s the older of two.

Suka Merta’s father only graduated from junior high school, while his mother was a primary school graduate. His father works as a laborer and only works when there’s a project that can use his labor. His mother is a housewife and only makes Balinese offerings at home to be sold in nearby market.

Suka Merta has been sponsored but his sponsor stopped without warning, so although he could possibly advance into grade 9h, it’s doubtful that he could continue afterwards. He has also been able to take after school English and tutoring which he needs.

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Putu Sinarianti

Sinar lives only with her mother and little brother, as her father had passed away when she was 5 years old due to rabies. Her mother didn’t get remarried after the death of Sinar’s father and chose to raise her two children as a single parent.

Sinar’s mother can only work as a laborer. Sometimes she gets work, other times she doesn’t. Her mother can barely afford buying meals for her two children. When Sinar needs money to buy her school supplies, they usually receive them second hand or borrow money from their neighbor. Then, they pay it back little by little.

Sinar is a brilliant girl at school. Throughout her whole school career, she has always ranked in the top three.


Komang Sadia

Komang Sadia (nicknamed “Komang”) is a 9th grader in Tulikup, Gianyar. He has 2 older sisters, both of whom graduated High School thanks to their sponsorships through BCP.

Although his father owns a ricefield, the crop is often failing and they have to depend on the the income of the two sisters. The oldest sister works in a sandals shop and the other works in a good restaurant as a waitress. Entering High School, grade 10, comes with many extra expenses which the family would just not be able to afford. This would doom him to a future of very limited opportunity and a continuation of a low standard of living and lack of education.

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