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Sepyani, 13, is the second child out of four. She has an older sister who graduated from senior high school but still hasn’t paid her school fee, so her sister couldn’t get her diploma. This is one of the things schools do, so that even if a student has attended, studied, and passed their courses, they still can’t officially show proof of graduation.

Even now, Sepyani still hasn’t paid her school fees for 4 months, so she couldn’t enroll into a senior high school, as her school won’t give her a diploma until she pays off her debt. She is due to start 10th grade, or Senior High, and the school fees there are the highest, and too much for those stuck in poverty.

In 2017, Sepyani’s father fell ill and and was in a coma for a week in the hospital. After regaining consciousness, her father couldn’t speak or hear normally like he used to. Before his sickness, her father used to earn around $7-8 per day. But now, due to his difficulty in communication, his father could only work as a butcher laborer and gets paid $4 per day.

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Topan, almost 15, is the youngest of 13 children. He hopes to be starting 8th grade in July in Tegallalang and desperately wants to be a High School graduate.

Topan lives with his three older siblings and his elderly mother. His father passed away 3 years ago due to complications. One of his older brothers is married he and his family live under the same roof. Topan shares a room with his older brother who’s unmarried yet, while his mother shares a room with his older sister.

His mother is a rice-field laborer. All of his older siblings dropped out of school and only finished primary school. Topan hopes that he could at least finish senior high school in order to pursue his dream to become a chef.

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Bintang, 13, is an only child. Her parents were divorced before she could advance to the 6th grade when they were in East Java. Bintang’s mother decided to raise her as a single parent and took her to Bali so they could earn better compared to their hometown. Bintang is hoping to start Junior High (7th grade) next month.
Bintang couldn’t finish her primary school due to their move. Fortunately, her mother had a friend who worked for a charity and could help her take a course and a test the equivalence of primary school, so Bintang could get a primary school diploma.
Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, her mother earned only half of what she used to, which is only around $110. Her mother often has to borrow money to afford their food. Bintang’s mother is unable to pay the fees associated with Jr High/secondary school, but she dearly wants her daughter to finish school.

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Kadek Yudi

Kadek Yudi, 14, is going into 9th grade and is the younger of two brothers in Jembrana. His older brother is a laborer who earns only enough to pay for his own living expense. His father is a laborer who earns less than the standard minimum wage, while his mother makes chips for offerings or snacks by demand.

Like other students in Bali, Yudi has to study from home and access his lessons via internet. Unfortunately, his family doesn’t have any smartphones, so Yudi always has to go to his friend’s house who has the internet access and they study together. It’s been a rough year for him with remote learning due to that.

Yudi will have to drop out of school next year, as his family can’t afford the expenses for him to enroll into a senior high school. Even now, they’ve been borrowing money from their relatives and neighbors to afford their living expenses and Yudi’s school needs.

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Kadek Setia

Kadek Setia, (Dek Ayu), age 12, is the younger of two sisters. Her older sister is sponsored. She’s due to start Jr High, grade 7, in July if she can get sponsored. If not, she’ll be a Primary School dropout after grade 6.

Her father is a laborer, who earns less than the standard of minimum wage, approximately $125 per month. He’s struggling even more amidst the recession caused by the pandemic. Her mother is a housewife who makes offerings to be sold in the market. They live in Jembrana, a very poor area in the Northwest of Bali.

Her parents would really want her to continue in school, but they failed to acquire more loans. They already have $1,500 in loans to purchase a bike for the family.

Dek Ayu aspires to become a teacher. That’s why she loves reading and it’s her hobby.

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Putu Meri

Putu Meri, 15, is the older of two with a much younger brother in first grade. Meri is hoping to start High School (grade 10) next month. She lives in the Jembrana Regency, a very poor area in the northwest.

Her parents are laborers. Her father usually works as a rice-field laborer, while her other mostly stays at home and only works as a laborer when there’s a work offer. She makes offerings to be sold in the market. Her father earns barely enough to afford their basic needs such as food and toiletries. Meri’s family has $450 debt in a local village bank to afford their living expenses, as well as Meri’s and her brother school needs.

Due to the recession, they can’t take any more loans, so Meri will have to drop out of school if she doesn’t get sponsored or help this month.

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Kadek Dwi

Kadek Dwi (Dek Dwi) is the younger of two siblings in Jembrana, with an older sister who works as a laborer in a shop and earns $85 per month. His father is a laborer and earns $110 per month, while his mother is a housewife. His sister’s income is used to pay off their $1,400 debt, which they took to fix their house. His father earns only enough to afford their basic needs.

Kadek is scheduled to start grade 7 in July, which is Jr High. It comes with new higher fees and regular added costs. Dek Dwi is now 12.

Dek Dwi has to drop out of school this month if he doesn’t get sponsored, as his family can’t take any more loans. No banks would grant their loan applications since they’re at their limit and they have no collateral.

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Mang Sri

Mang Sri, age 18 in the far north west area ofJembrana, is the third child and only girl out of four sibling. She has two older brothers and one little brother in grade 4. Her older brothers are laborers and they dropped out of school due to their poverty. Mang Sri is the first in her family to ever undergo a senior high school education. She hopes to start grade 12, her last year of High School, in July. She wants to major in Hotel Accommodation and Tourism.

Mang Sri is a reall smart girl. She’s always ranked within the top 10 ever since she was in primary school. Due to her dedication with her education, her parents tried their best to accommodate her school needs by borrowing money and paying them off the debt little by little, while her brothers help to pay the whole family’s living expenses. Her parents have around $1,800 debt in the local bank and to a loan shark, where $750 out of the $1,800 went toward her school expenses.

Mang Sri is going to begin her internship at the Intercontinental Hotel in Jimbaran this month for the next 6 months. She has to pay a monthly rental fee for a small room near the hotel, as it’s impossible to commute from her hometown. Her home is is 3-4 hours away from the hotel.

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Nyoman Pasek

Nyoman Pasek is the younger of two. He’s now 15 and looking forward to starting High School in July in Tabanan. He has an older brother who was supposed to cover for his senior high school expenses. Unfortunately, his brother was furloughed from his job as a technician in a villa due to the pandemic. He’s still unemployed and looking for a job.

For the time being, he does menial labor work. Komang’s father is a laborer, who’s been struggling even more to find work during this recession. His mother mainly sells Balinese offerings for their family’s side income.

Komang will have to drop out now after finishing his secondary or junior high school this month, as his family can’t afford the senior high school entrance fee. Meanwhile, Komang is a bright student. He’s always been ranked within the top 10.

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Nyoman Gunawan

Covid Cancellation

Nyoman Gunawan, a 15 year old 9th grader in Badung Regency, completed his end of semester exam last month. Gunawan plans to enroll into a local vocational senior high school of tourism.

However, since his sponsor stopped, he can’t be sure that his plans will happen and that he’ll be able to attend Senior High. There are significant fees, and the family is in debt, in addition to the toll the pandemic has taken.

Gunawan lives only with his brother, mother, and grandparents. His father just passed away 4 months ago from heart disease. His family had to take a loan to afford his late father’s cremation expenses.

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Dek Adi

Dek Adi, age 13, is the younger of two brothers in Badung Regency. His older brother dropped out of school due to their poverty. But his brother took the GED, the equivalence of senior high school short course for workers, while he was still working as a laborer during the day.

Dek Adi, now in grade 8, will have to drop out as well and start working if he doesn’t get sponsored. Senior high school begins in the 10th grade, so Dek Adi has a year and a half until he graduates from junior high school and can enroll into a senior high school if his family could afford it.

His brother had planned to help with his schooling. Unfortunately, as the pandemic and recession happened, his family is already struggling to afford the bare minimum, so Dek Adi’s brother can’t help him.

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Ketut Supadmi

Covid Cancellation

Ketut, a 13 year old 7th grader, lives in Bangli Regency and is the 4th child of 6. Ketut will have to drop out if she doesn’t get sponsored, just as two of her older sisters had to do. Both of her older sisters work as housekeepers in Denpasar now. If Ketut drops out of school, in her parents’ perspective, she could at least work as a laborer and help bring home small income.

She has been able to remain in school because she was sponsored, but her sponsor stopped. Ketut was grateful to know that she had gotten sponsored because she could safely advance to a junior high school in her area, although it was in the middle of pandemic and recession. She would surely have had to drop out had she not been sponsored. Now she faces that dilemma again.

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Ayu Nanda

Ayu, age 13, is hoping to start grade 8 this July in Gianyar. Her older sister is already sponsored by BCP which is why her sister had been able to stay in school.

She is the younger of two daughters. Both of her parents are blind. Her father lost his sight when he was 23 years old from an accident, while her mother got blind from an illness when she was 26 years old. Now her parents work as a masseur and a masseuse. They earn below the standard minimum wage and this recession due to the pandemic has badly affected their meager income.

Her parents also have around $670 debt from buying her older sister a motorbike and to enroll her into a junior high school. Her older sister is going to continue to a university through a scholarship for poor students, so she can’t help to pay for Ayu’s school expenses. However, it shows the power of a sponsorship in helping a poor child access the opportunity of going to college.


Ngurah Ari

Ngurah, age 12, is the younger of two. He has an older sister who graduated from senior high school, but unfortunately is unemployed due to the pandemic, so she’s only been working as a laborer when there’s an offer.

Ngurah is supposed to start Jr High in July – grade 7 – but will not be able to without a sponsorship. His sister was supposed to work and help Ngurah to afford his school expenses. Due to the unfortunate recession in Bali, Ngurah will have to drop out of school this month if he doesn’t get sponsored. His family already has $1,600 debt to pay for their family’s motorbike and living expenses. Jr High is much more expensive than the costs of Primary School.

Ngurah is a smart boy. He’s ranked the second in his class.


Putu Fredy

Fredy is the older of two. He has a little brother who who’s still in primary school.

Fredy is raised by his grandparents. His father passed away 10 years ago, while his mother got remarried and left Fredy and his brother to live with and be raised by their elderly paternal grandparents.

As his grandparents are too old to work, they mostly do some gardening around their house. They’re surrounded by snakeskin fruits farm, so his grandparents usually work to do some labor work there. Fredy’s relatives also often help to give Fredy’s family some food, but they can’t afford to pay for Fredy’s school expenses.


Kadek Widi (brother of Putu Alit)

Kadek Widi, 15, is the middle child. He has an older brother, although they share the same grade at school, and a little sister in grade 3.

His family has always been poor and his brother, I Putu Alit, was too afraid to start to go to school during the first grade That’s why Kadek shares the same grade as his brother. Both Kadek and his brother are supposed to enroll into a senior high school next month. They’re from Klungkung but live in Gianyar.

Unfortunately, Kadek and his brother will surely drop out of school if they don’t get sponsored this month in order to afford their school entrance fees. Senior High School is much more expensive than both primary and Jr High, and with two brothers enrolling at the same time, there is no way that the family can afford the entrance and monthly fees.


Putu Alit (brother of Kadek Widi)

Putu Alit, 16, is the oldest of three. He has a younger brother and sister. Alit lives with his parents and maternal grandmother in his mother’s maiden house in Gianyar, as his father doesn’t have any rights anymore to live in his original compound in Klungkung.

Alit was late in enrolling into school due to their poverty and because he was too afraid to go to school by himself. So, Alit enrolled at same time as his younger brother, I Kadek Widi, and both now are hopefully going to the 10th grade or first year of senior high school.

Senior High School is much more expensive than both primary and Jr High, and with two brothers enrolling at the same time, there is no way that the family can afford the entrance and monthly fees. Alit and his brother will have to drop out of school this month if they don’t get sponsored.



Meta is the younger of two. She’s the younger sister of Ni Putu Ayu Apriliani, who’s sponsored by Jan Mahler. Her older sister almost dropped out after finishing secondary school, fortunately BCP intervened and now her sister is going to school until she graduates in two and a half year.

Meta had just entered high school a year ago, but her sponsorship was cancelled. Meta lives only with her sister and father. She sleeps in a borrowed room in her aunt’s home with her sister. Meanwhile, her father sleeps in their original meagre home, still within the same compound, as their home only has one room.

Her mother left the family years ago without any prior notice. No one knows her mother’s whereabouts even now.

Meta’s father works in a trash bank and he earns IDR 800,000 per month by sorting out trashes into different categories. With his meager income, he could only afford buying food for him and his daughters.


Wayan Lestari

Wayan Lestari is a 13 year old 8th grader dreaming of graduating High School one day and then going on to earn a living. Her reality though is that, since her sponsor stopped, her parents will want her to quit school after Jr High (grade 9) and go to work as a laborer. If she gets sponsored, she’ll enroll into a vocational senior high school which will prepare her to enter the workforce.

Lestari lives in Badung Regency and is the middle child. She has an adopted older brother sponsored by BCP and a younger sister. Her parents are heavily in debt from struggling to pay their living expenses and repair their home.

Her father works as a laborer, earning around $6 per day when he gets a job, while her mother works as a tailor, earning less than $50 per month.


Putu Wirayanti

Covid Cancellation
Putu Wiriyanti (Wiri) is a 15 year old 7th grader living in extreme poverty in Karangasem. She is the eldest in a very large family, and the only reason she has been able to remain in school at all is because she was sponsored. However, her sponsor stopped and her family cannot afford any school fees.
Both of her parents are illiterate and have never gone to school.
Ever since the pandemic hit Bali, Wiri has been studying from home and she only needs to go to school once a week to submit her homework and assignments. Wiri shares an old phone with her siblings for their school work. She helps teaching her siblings as well. Her grades are on the average, but she’s eager with her studying and really wants a better life.

Kade Wahyu

Wahyu, a 12 year old 6th grader in Jembrana, is the younger of two. His older sister, who was sponsored, graduated last year. His sister had planned to help with his school fees when she graduated. Unfortunately, the pandemic struck and his sister is still struggling to find a stable job. So, Wahyu is going to drop out after finishing his primary school in June this year if he doesn’t get sponsored.

His father and mother are laborers, but they also struggle to find labor work since the pandemic and recession hit Bali.

His family raises livestock that are owned by another person. Wahyu is being tasked by his parents to forage grass and veggies to feed the livestock every day when he’s not busy studying or doing his school work.


Kadek Hendradinata

Kadek Hendradinata (“Dek Ta”), age 13, is the younger of two siblings in Buleleng. He’s currently in grade 8. Dek Ta is quite a smart student. He’s been ranked the top 10 in class.

His older sister graduated from senior high school. His parents took a loan to afford it and when his sister graduated, his sister helped paying off the debt. His parents had expected for his older sister to help Dek Ta with his school expenses but, unfortunately, the pandemic happened and is still going strong in Bali. His sister couldn’t get a decent job and could only do labor work to afford their food for now.

His parents are laborers, doing odd jobs.  As it is, the family often borrow money and staples from the warung near their house, as they don’t always have money. Sadly, Dek Ta will have to drop out of school once he graduates from secondary or junior high school if he doesn’t get sponsored.