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Luh Mega

Mega, 15, is the older of two in Badung. She has a younger brother who is still in primary school and is currently living separately from her and her parents in their hometown in Buleleng.

Mega is in grade 10 at the Bali Global school studying Hotel Accommodation.

Meanwhile, Mega has been raised in Badung since she was young by her parents who moved there to find a better job. Unfortunately, due to her parents’ limited skills because they are only primary schools graduates, her father can only work as a driver, while her mother is a housewife who sells offerings.


Luh Lita

Lita, age 15, is the oldest of three in Denpasar. She has a little sister and a little brother. Her father used to work as a tour guide, but the pandemic rendered him jobless, so he could only work as a transport laborer in a cargo company. Her father earns $95 per month. Meanwhile, her mother lost her job as a seamstress due to the pandemic. She had to sell her sewing machine to afford their food during the pandemic.

Her family rents two rooms in Denpasar, one for the parents and the other for Lita and her siblings.

Rita was about to drop out of school after completing junior high school. Fortunately, BCP found her and could intervene to pay her senior high school entrance fee using our emergency fund, so Lita could continue her school. She’s studying Social Science.


Gusti Windu

Windu’s mother divorced his father a while ago and she’s remarried already and lives with her new family. His family is so poor, they even got help from the government to build a new, simple house, as their old one was already terribly dilapidated and broken down.

His father works by selling gallons of water that he gets from a nearby water spring. He also works as a laborer in a brick manufacturer. His father earns only enough to buy their daily food.

Windu rarely receives any allowance from his father to buy food at school. He usually eats before going to school, then eats after school, and is often hungry. Windu’s father is considering to make him drop out of school if he doesn’t get sponsored, so he could help his father by working as a laborer.


Putu Satya

Satya, 16, is the oldest of three children in Karnagasem. His father works as a motorbike taxi driver and earns $100 per month, while his mother works as a laborer, earning $40 per month. His younger brother is in grade 8, while his younger sister is in grade 4.
Satya is in grade 11 studying Computers and Network Engineering. Currently, his parents are borrowing money from the local bank to cover all of Satya’s school expenses since he first enrolled into his senior high school last year.
They are running out of money and can’t find more loans, so Satya will have to drop out this semester if he doesn’t get sponsored.

Eka Merta

Eka, 15, is the youngest in his family in Karangasem. He has just started 10th grade, High School. He’s in the Class of Science.

He has two older half-brothers from his father’s first marriage. His father divorced his first and second wife. A while ago, Eka’s father took his own life and committed suicide due to his chronic disease. Eka then lived with his step-mother and half-brothers in Denpasar. His father also divorced Eka’s mother, not only his step-mother.

Eka still has debt from his enrollment into the senior high school as a freshman in the 10th grade in July. Eka will not be allowed to take the exam if he doesn’t pay his school fees. Eventually he will not be allowed to continue or get a diploma.