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Our Sponsorship Waiting List of children needing sponsorship is regularly updated. Please see below to see the children and read their stories. You can help change their lives. To sponsor, click here and remember to name the child you would like to sponsor in ‘I want my donation to be dedicated: NAME OF CHILD’.

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Luh Wati & Made Sukri

Corona Cancellation

Luh Wati and Made Sukri are two of the oldest sisters of a family of three girls. In May 2018 they were both sponsored together, but now their sponsor has dropped out, leaving them in urgent need of a new sponsor.

The girls father works as a coconut trees climber and a laborer to carry bamboo or work in others’ ricefields. Her mother also works as laborer. Their income is so low that Luh Wati and Made Sukri will definitely drop out of school without a sponsor. The family rely on rain for clean water and do not own any transport at all.

Luh Wati and Made Sukri both know the importance of education and are working hard in school. They want to get good jobs and not to end up like their parents, but they can achieve this if they graduate.

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Nyoman Saptari

Corona Cancellation

Saptari was only just sponsored in October, but her sponsor has had to stop.

She is 14 years old and is mid way through junior high school. An avid reader, Saptari is intelligent and scores very highly in ‘bahasa’ studies (language). She has a dream to work in a bank. It’s a rare dream, but a great area to get into as it’s less competitive than the tourism industry.

Saptari’s parents are divorced and she lives with her father. He has a basic job cutting grass, feeding livestock and doing odd jobs on somebody else’s farm. He hardly earns anything. To help her father out, Saptari makes Balinese offerings to be sold at a local market.


Made Rai Widana

Made Rai Widana (RahDe), age 14, is an 8th grader in Bongkasa who has a dream to be a tour guide. He would love to be able to speak English more fluently.

His father works as a wood carver, and meanwhile his mother makes Balinese offerings to be sold in the market. Sometimes his mother also works as laborer for other people.

Rah De’s family is helped by his older brother being able to work, after graduating high school with the help of a sponsorship by BCP. He now works in a villa. The family income is still low and we’re hoping Rah De can have the same opportunity as his big brother.

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Wayan Sariani

Wayan, age 16 from Kintamani, is an 11th grader in a High School in Ubud which is 3 hours round trip from her home.  Wayan is most determined to graduate from senior high school.

Wayan had been forced to drop out of school for a year from July 2018 until June 2019. Her parents didn’t allow her o continue school since they didn’t have any money. Because Wayan is a girl and would likely end up as a housewife who is going to marry into another family, her family gave no priority toward her schooling.

However, Wayan was unstoppable. She really wanted to continue school, so she applied to a vocational senior high school by herself. Wayan is afraid that she will have to drop out of school next term since her parents wont’ be able to take any more loans to cover her school needs.

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Kadek Meta Aulia Loviana

Meta is the younger of two sisters. Her older sister almost dropped out after finishing Jr High but, fortunately, Bali Children’s Project intervened and now her sister is sponsored and will be going to school until she graduates in two and a half years. Meta is almost 12 and in grade 6 in Jembrana.

Meta currently faces the same crisis as her older sister last year. She’s in the last grade of primary school, but her father can’t afford the entrance fee to the secondary or junior high school.

Meta lives only with her sister and father. Her mother left the family years ago without any prior notice. No one knows her mother’s whereabouts even now. Meta’s father works in a trash bank and he earns IDR 800,000 (about $60) per month by sorting out trash into different categories.

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Made Sancaya Adi Wiratama

Made San – even though he’s a boy – is on the brink of dropping out of school. His father rarely has gotten any job and is a laborer making well below minimum wage. Made San’s father has already accumulated quite a hefty sum of debt to afford their living expenses and the kids’ school supplies.

Made San, age 13, is in his first year of Jr High, grade 7, in Kintamani. He has 2 younger brothers and an older sister who is sponsored. They live only with their father, as their mother left some time ago because she could not bear the poverty.

Made San doesn’t know yet on what he would like to become in the future. For sure he doesn’t want to follow his parents’ footsteps. That’s why Made San diligently attends school, even though he fears he might have to drop out later.

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Putu Wahyu Artawan

Putu Wahyu Artawan (nicknamed “Anda”), age 17 from Mengwi, is an only child and in 9th grade. He lives with his mother and grandparents ever since his father passed away in July 2018 due to kidney failure.

When young, he had to repeat 2nd grade because his parents didn’t have the time to care for him or make sure his school work was done. He’s now older than other kids in his class.

Since Wahyu’s father’s death, Wahyu’s mother has been struggling to give Wahyu money to buy meals at school or to buy school supplies. Wahyu’s mother has to borrow money from their neighbor or relative most of the time. Wahyu also still mourns his father’s death.

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Nengah Mudita (brother of Nyoman Sudana)

Nengah is the middle child of three children. He has an older sister who dropped out of school after completing primary school due to their poverty. Nengah is 17 and in his first year of High School in Bangli, grade 10.

Nengah has a younger brother, Nyoman Sudana who is also on our waiting list for a sponsorship. Just like his younger brother, Nengah will have to drop out soon. His family works hard laboring, but with their father passed away and their big sister already dropped out of school, they can barely afford food, let alone school fees.

Nengah is already in 3,000,000 IDR of school debt. He and his brother go to school on their fathers old motorbike. Both boys are desperate to stay in school.

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Nyoman Sudana (brother of Nengah Mudita)

Nyoman Sudana, age 16 is the youngest of three children. He has an older sister who dropped out of school after completing primary school due to their poverty and an older brother in the 10th grade at the local vocational senior high school.

After his father passed away, Nyoman’s mother and sister are working hard in order to bring food to their table and afford Nyoman’s school expenses. Unfortunately, as expected, they couldn’t shoulder the growing debt, even though Nyoman and his brother also work on their days off from school and after school.

Both his mother and sister work as laborers in the field. They tend to the plants and are paid daily. They don’t always get to work unless there’s a demand for their labor. It seems as though Nyoman’s future is already written, but we’re hoping to change that.

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Kadek Adi Sedana Yoga

Kadek Adi, age 12, is in his first year of Jr. High in Wanagiri, lives with his parents, older and younger brothers, an uncle and aunt, and grandparents. His father is the head of the family and the main bread winner for nine family members. The only school nearby is quite a costly one in Bali terms, but it’s the only option.

Adi’s family has many problems. The grandparents are old and don’t work anymore. His uncle has a hearing disability and can only help with menial labor work. His aunt is a widow and can only help with some labor. Kadek Adi’s mother suffers from kidney failure and has to get hemodialysis twice a week.

Even now, Kadek Adi’s family owes money in the village bank after taking loans.

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Kadek Arianta

Kadek Arianta is in the 9th grade in Bongkasa, and is 15 years old. His older brother had to drop out after 9th grade and did not go to High School. He is now a low paid laborer like his father, and Kadek dreads that future for himself. His mother makes offerings and takes care of Kadek’s elderly grandfather.

Kadek really wants a better life, and knows the path is through education. His goal is to go into Tourism and then specialize in Food and Beverage. The chances of getting a job are strong with that specialty. It’s a solid job in a solid Balinese industry, and that’s what Kadek yearns for right now.

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