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Our Sponsorship Waiting List of children needing sponsorship is regularly updated. Please see below to see the children and read their stories. You can help change their lives. To sponsor, click here and remember to name the child you would like to sponsor in ‘I want my donation to be dedicated: NAME OF CHILD’.

Please set your sponsorship to ‘monthly’ and $40 USD.

Ni Luh Dinda Sri Lestari

Ni Luh Dinda Sri Lestari (nicknamed “Dinda”)is a darling 11 year old 6th grader in Tegallalang, finishing her last year of Primary School. Dinda is the youngest of five, with 3 older sisters and 1 older brother. Dinda’s father works as a farm and rice field laborer. Her mother works by selling porridge every morning.

Since her parents earn only around IDR 1.5 million per month (little over $100), they couldn’t get their kids to school without sponsorship. Dinda hopes she could go to a college just like her third oldest sister, but even her sister could only go to college because of a sponsorship and her parents taking on debt.

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I Putu Buda Aripan

Buda, a 12 year old 7th grader in Gianyar, would love the chance to finish High School and have his own business. His dream is sensible. Buda’s dream is to own a garage shop for motorbikes and cars. He really wants to continue school until senior high school, where he plans to take auto mechanics as his major.

However, Buda will have to quit school after graduating junior high, since his mother can barely afford their daily expenses. His mother even took a debt from the village bank to pay for his uniforms, ceremonial and daily expenses.

Buda works by moving the bricks. He gets paid IDR 15,000 (about $1) for every 1,000 bricks moved.

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Ni Komang Juni Tiara Dewi

Koming, age 15, is now in her last year of Jr High in Tegallalang and needs a sponsor in order to continue into High School next year.

Koming is the youngest of three. Her parents are divorced and her mother remarried and, as is the custom, the children remain with the father. Because of the father’s religious status, he can only work as a farmer or laborer. Ever since her mother left her family, Koming and her older sister take care of themselves and do all the chores. Her brother graduated from an equivalency program but has no job yet. Her sister is working at Sobek in a good job but part of her salary goes towards room and board and she has little left over.


I Wayan Sukrayana

I Wayan Sukrayana is now a 17 year old 11th grader living in Denpasar, the older of two children. Wayan’s parents work as laborers, although since his mother has diabetes and cannot work that much anymore, nowadays it’s only Wayan’s father who really works.

Sukrayana and his father have a slight disability with their eyes, in which their eyes seem partly closed and can only be opened a third way. So he and his father can look forward when they tilt their face up. Although the disability looks severe, they can see and work. Wayan has even taken up drawing as a hobby and is quite good.

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Ni Putu Yulia Astini

Ni Putu Yulia Astini (nicknamed “Putu”) is 15 and in her first year of High School in Tegallalang. She has 2 younger siblings. They live in a very simple house. Sometimes she sleeps with her sister and sometimes outside with her grandparents. Kadek’s father works as a woodcarver and he earns about IDR 50,000 per day ($3/00). Meanwhile, her mother works as a cook in a small warung and she earns about IDR 1.5 million ($100) per month. The family has bank debts of over IDR 7 million, taken out for family expenses and living costs.

Putu still has debt at her current school for her uniform about IDR 1.5 million. She also has debt at her junior high school for the certificate and building (entrance) fee about IDR 750,000. That’s why she doesn’t have her junior high school certificate, as it’s still being held by her junior high school. This is what the schools do – even if a student attends, takes exams, and graduates, the school will withhold the diploma and proof of study. Without it, the students can’t later prove that they graduated and they are treated like drop outs.

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I Wayan Kadi

Kadi is the youngest of three. His mother is sick and unable to walk due to tumors in both of her knees. His family couldn’t take her to a doctor or health facility because they don’t have enough money. Even though most of the medical expenses would probably be free, provided by the BPJS insurance, they don’t have the money for the transportation expense and extra medicinal expense.

Kadi’s family used to receive help to rebuild their home from a private company. However, it’s all very run down. During the biggest earthquake in August 2018, one of the sidewalls of his kitchen collapsed. Obviously Kadi’s family has no money to fix their home, since they could barely afford to buy staples.

Kadek has a dream to become a pharmacist or a chemist mainly because he wants to help is mother. Hence he would like to continue to a vocational senior high school of pharmacy. His older sister is married, and his older brother only works as a laborer.


Ni Luh Ani Ayu

Ni Luh Ani Ayu, age 13 and in grade 7, lives in Karangasem, the area threatened by the Volcano. She is the youngest of 6 chidren, and her older sisters either dropped out of primary school or didn’t go at all. But Ani Ayu really wants to break that chain and graduate High School.

Now in her first year of Jr High, she almost didn’t make it. The entrance fee was too high for her parents, but the BCP coordinator pushed them to borrow money from Ani’s aunt, a market vendor, and they did borrow half. They will have to pay it back of course, and also the balance.

Ani Ayu is so happy to be in school, and really likes science. She would like to find a way one day to use it in her work. Her grades are above average, and she is a member of the KSPAN club, an after school program that studies and teaches about health and AIDS.

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Komang Gede Susila

Komang Gede Susila is a 16 year old 10th grader, determined to finish High School. This is a really hard battle, because his parents now owe money to a loan shark for his schooling and they’re having a very hard time paying it off. They weren’t that supportive of his finishing school because of their finances, but his desire for an education is so great that they agreed.

His mother had major surgery, and so his father must be the sole bread winner as a laborer, supporting the family and paying off debts.

After school, Komang helps his parents by feeding the goats that his parents take care. The goats are owned by other people, and his parents will get half of the profit from selling the goats later on.

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Ni Putu Martini Asih

Martini, a 14 year old 9th grader, lives with her mother and grandmother in Karangasem. Her mother came back to live with her own parents after divorcing Martini’s father, who lives in Denpasar. In order to afford staples and their daily necessities, Martini’s mother works by selling snacks by the road in front of their house. Martini always helps her mother with their small warung after school.

Martini will have to drop out of school next year after completing junior high school. Her mother can’t take any loan because she has no mortgage to exchange. Her grandparents are old and only work as laborers. Meanwhile, her uncle and aunt have to take care their own family and can’t help her much.

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Ni Nyoman Juni Arianti

Juni is a 9th grader in Karangasem, age 15. She lives alone with her grandparents as her mother and father have gone to Tabanan Regency where they work as laborers. Even that work is better than what they could do in Karangasem.

However, there is no money to keep Juni Arianti in school, and when High School starts next year she knows she will have to drop out. Her older brother only went to primary school, and her sister first grade.

Juni would like to study marketing and get a good job when she graduates. She’s an energetic and bright girl and ranks in the top 10 of her class


Ni Wayan Eka Raspitayanti

Age 13 from Karangasem, Wayan just started Jr High (7th grade), in July. She had to beg to continue school after Primary school, as her father can’t really afford it. But he took out a loan to pay for her uniforms and she was able to start. Her younger sister, now in grade 6, will face the same challenge. The loan is still not paid because of financial stresses.

Wayan loves to read and to study. She dreams of one day becoming a doctor, and her favorite subject is science. She fears not being able to continue, though it’s her great desire to finish school.

Wayan’s mother left her and her sister when they were much younger and the parents got divorced. That is almost always the case in Bali, with children staying with their father or his family. So, the girls live with their father.

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 I Gusti Ngurah Made Rai Widana

Made Rai Widana (RahDe), age 12, is the younger of two brothers who go to school in Bongkasa. He has just started Jr High – grade 7. RahDe dreams of becoming a tour guide, and for that needs to study English His extra curricular activity in sepak takraw, a type of local ball sport.

His hobby is playing in the gamelan orchestra, which he often plays with his friends from the same banjar, or village. He is a bright and active boy, determined to finish school and have a better life and future.
while his mother stays at home and makes Balinese offerings to be sold in the market. Sometimes his mother also works as laborer for other people.

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