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Ayu Lestari

Ayu Lestari is the younger of two siblings in Jembrana. She’s in grade 8 in high school. Her older brother is in college through a scholarship. He also works part-time to afford his other needs and helps his parents afford their living expenses. He lives in Jimbaran, Badung, but during the pandemic he’s been staying home in Jembrana. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, Ayu’s brother lost his job.

Both of Ayu’s parents are rice-field laborers. They barely earn $70 after combining their income.

With the pandemic hitting the tourism industry hard on the island and her family not earning, Ayu is unlikely to be able to graduate school. That can change though, if she were to get a sponsor.

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Dika Pujawan

Dika Pujawan (“Dek Dika”), age 14 from Buleleng, is the younger of two brothers. He’s in 9th grade.

His parents are laborers, doing odd jobs. They only graduated from secondary and primary school themselves. His older brother graduated from senior high school. His parents took a loan to afford it and when his brother graduated, his brother helped to pay off the debt.

His parents had expected for his older brother to help Dek Dika with his school expenses but, unfortunately, the pandemic happened and is still going strong in Bali. His brother got furloughed and could only do labor work to afford their food.

Dika is a smart boy and always ranked within the top 10. He aspires to be a hotel owner, as he’s still optimistic about Bali’s tourism that will have a rebound.

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Komang Sri

Komang Sri (“Sri”), age 12, is the middle child of three in Bangli Regency. She’s in grade 7. Sri is a smart girl. She was ranked the 3rd in her class during the last school term. Sri’s hobby is dancing. She also joins the dance club at her school as her extra-curricular activity.

Her mother had to take a loan to afford her and her brother’s school uniforms, supplies, and entrance fees, while her mother still has to pay the debt to buy a motorbike and enroll her older sister to school as well.

Sri’s father passed away 5 years ago from an illness. He was sickly for two years prior to his death. He used to work as a carpenter, and had gotten sick while her mother was pregnant with their third child.

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Putu Agus

Putu Agus (“Agus”), age 14 from Buleleng, is an only child. Both of his parents only graduated from primary school. He’s now in 9th grade, the last year of Jr High, and sponsorship is his only chance to enter High School.

Agus’ parents work as laborers. Sometimes they work on the harvesting of cloves, other times they work on the harvesting of coffee beans, depending on the season. They also accept any odd jobs, such as construction work if available. They receive less work now due to the pandemic.

The family is struggling to even buy food. They had to take loans to afford their living expenses and Agus’ school needs, and their remaining debt is around USD 150.


Kadek Hendradinata

Kadek Hendradinata (“Dek Ta”), age 13, is the younger of two siblings in Buleleng. He’s currently in grade 8. Dek Ta is quite a smart student. He’s been ranked the top 10 in class.

His older sister graduated from senior high school. His parents took a loan to afford it and when his sister graduated, his sister helped paying off the debt. His parents had expected for his older sister to help Dek Ta with his school expenses but, unfortunately, the pandemic happened and is still going strong in Bali. His sister couldn’t get a decent job and could only do labor work to afford their food for now.

His parents are laborers, doing odd jobs.  As it is, the family often borrow money and staples from the warung near their house, as they don’t always have money. Sadly, Dek Ta will have to drop out of school once he graduates from secondary or junior high school if he doesn’t get sponsored.

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Dek Rai

Dek Rai, age 15, is the younger of two brothers living with their parents in Badung Regency. His brother managed to graduate from a vocational senior high school of tourism after their parents took a hefty loan to afford his school expense.

They expected his brother to help pay the loan off once he was working in a hotel. His brother still works for a hotel, but due to the pandemic, he only gets one-third of his previous shift, so his income is badly affected. Dek Rai and his parents had wanted to rely on the older brother to pay for Dek Rai’s school expenses. Unfortunately, this pandemic has left Dek Rai almost dropping out of school after finishing junior high school this year.

Fortunately, his school understood his plight and said Dek Rai can pay his school entrance fee and uniforms later. Currently, Dek Rai still hasn’t paid his school fee at all, although he’s been attending the school’s online lesson since August.

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Ketut Febi

Febi’s father passed away 7 years ago. His mother is still struggling to pay off the huge medical expense debt incurred by working as a laborer, and she will be unable to cover Febi’s school expenses once he enters Jr High, or grade 7, next term. In order to stay in school, Febi, age 12, really needs to get sponsored.

Febi has an older brother and sister. His brother dropped out of school to work as a laborer to help ease their mother’s burden. His sister lives with a relative and is now in secondary school. They live in Jembrana Regency.

Due to the pandemic, schools are closed and students have to go online to access their lessons and classes. Febi uses his mother’s old smartphone (the only phone that his family has) to do his school work.

Due to his family’s hardships, Febi helps his mother as much as he can with chores and her labor work if possible. He feeds the livestock that his family raises. The livestock are owned by another person, so they’ll get half of the profit later.

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Dede Jawo

Dede Jawo, age 13, is the older of two siblings with a sister in kindergarten. They live in the far northwest area of Jembrana. Gede goes to a Madrasah and is in year 1, the equivalent of 7th grade.

His father works as a laborer, doing odd jobs. Sometimes he works in a factory for canned fish as a daily worker, other times he works as a brick laborer. His mother also does various labor work, such as being a masseuse, doing laundry for others, or selling food. His parents also have debt for to afford medicine for his sickly grandmother.

Dede Jawo is tasked with chores while his parents work. His mother usually takes his sister along when she works.

Last year, his house caught on fire and there was nothing that could be salvaged. All of his school supplies and his sister’s were gone. Fortunately, people from other villages took pity on his family and they donated basic supplies for their household and the children’s school needs.

Even now, his parents struggle to pay back the loan that they took to enroll Dede Jawo into a secondary school.

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