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Our Sponsorship Waiting List of children needing sponsorship is regularly updated. Please see below to see the children and read their stories. You can help change their lives. To sponsor, click here and remember to name the child you would like to sponsor in ‘I want my donation to be dedicated: NAME OF CHILD’.

Please set your sponsorship to ‘monthly’ and $40 USD.

Putu Ade Pratama

Putu Ade Pratama (“Ade”), 15 in August, is supposed to enroll into a senior high school next year. But, even now his parents could barely afford to continue his school until he graduates from grade 9. He starts that this month in Gobleg, Buleleng, an incredibly poor area. They want him to drop out instead, so he could work and help his parents with their work as laborers.

What Ade is really hoping is that he can continue to a vocational senior high school of tourism where he might learn some practical skill that could land him an immediate job after graduating. He definitely does not want to spend the rest of his life as a laborer. Although of course he respects his parents, he can see the strain of the work and what life in poverty is like.

Both of his parents are laborers. They work at the rice-field, or any field, depending on the harvest season.

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Putu Arta Dana

Putu Arta Dana (“Arta”), age 13, is advancing to the 8th grade this month. He’s the older of two sons in his family. Both of Arta’s parents are rice-field laborers. They also do other labor work whenever their force is needed. His family also raises livestock that are owned by another person. They will share the profit with the owner when they sell them as is common in this area.

Arta aspires to become a Physical Education (PE) Teacher when he grows up if he could. Arta would like to continue school, but his parents can’t take any more loans to afford his school expenses.

Arta’s family still owes money to afford his secondary or junior high school entrance fee last year and to afford their daily living expenses. They want Arta to continue in school but don’t know how they can pay for it.

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Kadek Sudarmiasih

Kadek Sudarmiasih (“Dek Jarmi”), 13, is the younger of two with an older brother. She dreams of graduating and making it to med school so she can become a doctor.

As a girl, Dek Jarmi’s parents don’t prioritize her education since they think she will leave the house after getting married when she’s older. This is most likely true, as that’s how the culture works. But, meanwhile, Dek Jarmi really likes school and is quite dedicated with her studies. She’s ranked the 7th out of 26 students in her class. She would very much like to get a High School diploma, which would enrich her life and enable her to get much better work when she finishes. Without it, she will most likely be a low paid laborer.

Her parents are working as laborers. They took a loan for about USD 1,700 to pay for her older brother’s school expenses in high school, to repair their home, and to afford their meals. They also raise livestock, which will get them half of the profit when the owner sells them.

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Gusti Ketut Juliartha

Gusti Ketut Juliartha (Nicknamed “Juliartha”) age 12 and in his first year of Jr High in Karangasem, is the youngest child out of four and the only boy.

His parents were both working until the pandemic – his mother in a restaurant and his father in a hotel. Now his mother is out of work and his father works mainly as a laborer in order to even get food. He works a few days in the hotel when they have guests. They have to work in the rice field to afford basics. When Juliartha has no school, he helps them in their work as laborers.

His determination to continue school is really high. But the collapsing tourism industry in Bali really hit his family hard. He might have to drop out next school term. During the pandemic, he’s been studying from home, as his school was closed since mid-March until further notice.

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Kadek Ayu Sri Lestari

Ni Kadek Ayu Sri Lestari (“Ayu”) is the younger of two siblings in Jembrana. She’s now 12 and hoping to enter grade 8 this month. Her older brother is in college through a scholarship. He also works part-time to afford his other needs and helps his parents afford their living expenses. He lives in Jimbaran, Badung, but during the pandemic he’s been staying home in Jembrana. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, Ayu’s brother lost his job.

Both of Ayu’s parents are rice-field laborers. They barely earn $70 after combining their income.

With the pandemic hitting the tourism industry hard on the island, Ayu might even be forced to drop out before she finishes her secondary (junior high school) in two years, especially since her brother is also struggling to finish his school and earn money for the family.

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Komang Pratinayasa

Komang’s father passed away when he was 2 years old. Since then, life has been a struggle for his family.

His mother works as hard as she can, but is just a day laborer and doesn’t always get work. When Komang has days off, he looks for laboring work too so he can help his mother with costs.

Komang has been on the verge of dropping out before. His mother had told him she was so sorry but couldn’t afford his school costs. After pleading to stay in school, his mother took a loan. She can’t keep taking loans though and without a sponsor, Komang won’t finish school.

He’s a disciplined and astute boy, with dreams of becoming a soldier and supporting his mother so she doesn’t have to spend her days laboring.

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Gusti Ngurah Made Aditya Wiguna

Gusti Ngurah Made Aditya Wiguna (“Adit”), 12, is the middle child. He is the younger brother of Gusti Ayu SIntya Dewi in Tabanan.

Adit is supposed to enter junior high school in July and the registration is open now, but his parents have difficulties in finding a loan to afford his school’s entrance fee. So, Adit will have to wait for another year if he doesn’t get sponsored to enter junior high school, or secondary school 7th grade.

Due to the pandemic, Adit’s father is now unemployed and rarely gets to work. His father is a construction laborer who could usually earn about USD 9 per day. Adit’s mother is working in a small shop for about two or three times a week because of the declining sales during the pandemic. His mother gets paid daily for about USD $3.5 day. Their income is barely enough to buy food for five family members.

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Wayan Abdi Putra Guna Arta

Wayan Abdi, age 13, is hoping to go into grade 7 in Kintamani in July. He is one of several siblings who struggle very hard to get by at a basic level. Wayan Abdi has to work as a daily laborer in order to buy food for himself and his school supplies. His father never gave him an allowance.

One time, Wayan Abdi’s shoes were so worn out and not suitable for use anymore that they couldn’t be fixed. His teacher felt sorry for him and got him a pair of new shoes to replace the old ones. Wayan Abdi goes to school by foot, so his shoes get worn out often. His backpack and uniforms are ragged.

Wayan Abdi’s parents are laborers. They earn less than the standard minimum wage. His two oldest siblings dropped out of school after completing their primary school. His two other siblings wouldn’t have been able to continue school at all if it weren’t for their sponsorships through BCP.

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Luh Suci Apriliani

Luh Suci Apriliani (“April”), age 15, is the oldest of four. She has two little sisters and one younger brother.

April is due to enter High School in Buleleng in July, but that comes with a lot of expenses and her family is terribly poor. There’s no way for her to continue school without a sponsor. Her parents only graduated from primary school, so April has the highest education level as a junior high school graduate who has finished 9th grade.

April would like to apply to a local senior high school and major in Linguistics. She hopes by finishing senior high school, she could get a better job than her parents and stop being poor. Sadly, it’s impossible to achieve if she doesn’t get any help.


Kadek Suastika Perdi Pradana

Kadek Suastika Perdi Pradana (Perdi), age 16, is the younger of two. He’s older than the average junior high school graduate because his parents couldn’t afford his junior high school entrance, so, he had to wait a year. He hopes to start High School in Buleleng in July if he can afford it. Perdi really wants to become a chef. His dream is to become a chef who works in a hotel.

Perdi has an older sister who graduated from senior high school. She currently works at Warung Eco, but only half time now because of the pandemic. His parents were able to take a loan when his sister went to senior high school, and his sister worked as a daily worker to pay off the debt over the years. His sister can’t help Perdi or his parents now due to earning only half of her salary. They have barely enough money to buy food.


Dewa Ayu Putu Ika Putri Swandewi (Gek Ika)

Dewa Ayu Putu Ika Putri Swandewi (Gek Ika), 17, is going into her last year of High School in Jembrana. Although she has only one year left, her parents cannot afford to pay the fees and she will have to stop. A student owing money is not allowed to officially graduate and she would not get a diploma.

Her parents had to take loans to afford Gek Ika’s senior high school expenses. Even now, her parents could only pay the interest rate of their loan. Her father got into an accident which forced him to undergo surgery for his legs when Gek Ika was in the 10th grade and,ever since, her father can’t work as much. Therefore they don’t have the income to pay for her school.

Even when they work, both of her parents are laborers, who earn way less than the standard minimum wage. The pandemic has made this lack of income much worse, with less work available, and during the pandemic, her family can’t take any more loans to afford her school expenses.


Komang Purnama Yanti

Yanti, 13, is the youngest of three in Jembrana. Her oldest brother is working and was sponsored through BCP. Her older sister is also sponsored and about to enter senior high school. Both would have dropped out if it weren’t for their sponsorship.

Now, Yanti is about to start Jr High – grade 7. But, she will have to drop out if she doesn’t get sponsored. Junior High has its own entrance fees and increased costs, and they are too much for her parents to afford, as they are only very low paid laborers. Her older brother was working in Gianyar and hoped to help with Yanti’s costs, but he had come back home due to being furloughed because of the pandemic.

Both of Yanti’s parents sometimes work at the brick manufacturer or raise other people’s cows. Yanti always helps with their labor work on her day off of school. Yanti also sells fire wood to her neighbors.


Gusti Komang Sri Nandakisor

Gusti Komang Sri Nandakisor (“Komang”), age 18, lives in Jembrana in the far north and is the second child out of three. He’s starting his last year of High School this month.
He’s an orphan, as his parents both died when he was 2.5 years old. Komang then was raised by his aunt and uncle. His little sister is being raised by his other uncle and is sponsored through BCP.
Komang was late in entering primary school, as his uncle didn’t have enough money to buy him uniforms. Komang had been saving up money as well, but his saving at the time was still not enough to buy his uniform. One of the teachers, who was also Komang’s neighbor, decided to help him in buying the uniform. Komang was feeling grateful to his teacher; he remembered her name and had been helping her until she retired from teaching. By helping his primary school teacher, Komang received small allowance that he used to buy stationery, books, and meals at school.

Ni Eka Lestari

Ni Eka Lestari (nicknamed “Komang”) is a 15-year-old 10th grader in Kintamani, in her first year of Senior High School. She majors in IT & Communication. This is an unusual break from the many children who major in tourism, and would give her real potential for a significant job.

Eka is the oldest of four, with 3 younger sisters. Her father passed away when she was in grade 4 so her widowed mother has to raise all four girls by herself.

Her mother earns money by selling food and small staples in a small warung, a type of Balinese open restaurant. Eka helps her mother with the warung after school and on her day off from school.