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Putu Dian

Dian, 12, is the older of two siblings in Tabanan. She has a little brother in grade 1. Currently, she has outstanding school fees to pay for her uniforms for about $95. She will have to drop out of school in the next semester if she doesn’t pay this fee.

Dian is now in grade 7, the first year of Jr. High. She enjoys school and hopes for the chance to continue at least through High School.

Dian’s mother is the sole breadwinner for her family. She works as a shopkeeper in the local market. Her father is disabled after his left leg got amputated in December 2017 from a freak accident involving a grass cutting machine. He mainly does the chores around the house together with Dian and make Balinese offerings to be sold in the market.

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De Putra (Brother of Kadek Dwi)

As a 10th grader, De Putra, 16, has two years and six months left until his graduation in Bangli. De Putra is the oldest of four. He has two brothers and a sister who is in the 6th grade. One brother is in the 8th grade and he other is only 2 years old.

De Putra and his brother need sponsorships in order to continue their schools. De Putra hasn’t paid school’s entrance fee, which is around $266. He will have to drop out in the next semester if he doesn’t pay it.

De Putra and his brother live only with their paternal grandparents. Their father remarried and lives with their stepmother in Denpasar. Both of his grandparents are working only as laborers. Their combined income is still less than the minimum wage.

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Kadek Dwi (Brother of De Putra)

As an 8th grader, Kadek Dwi has 3 years and 6 months left until his graduation. Kadek Dwi is the second oldest of four in Bangli. He has two brothers and a sister who is in the 6th grade. His older brother is in the 10th grade, while the other is only 2 years old.

Kadek Dwi, almost 15, and his brother need sponsorships in order to continue their schooling. He struggles to afford his school supplies so much that he considers dropping out of school to ease his family’s burden. However, Kadek Dwi actually really wants to continue school and graduate from a senior high school at the very least, so he could get better job than being a laborer.

Kadek Dwi and his brother live only with their paternal grandparents. Their father remarried and lives with their stepmother and younger siblings in Denpasar

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Wahyudi, 16, is the youngest of three in Badung Regency. His older brothers are laborers and they graduated only from Junior High Schools. His brothers live separately from him and his parents; they’ve moved out of their home.

Wahyudi and his parents used to live in a temporary house, or, actually, a shack to be exact. Fortunately, his family received a house renovation from the government because of their extreme poverty. His family doesn’t have a toilet, so they use one from his relative in the same compound.

His father had two strokes, so he cannot work anymore. He mostly stays in bed. His mother earns money by making Balinese offerings. The money is only enough to get them staples. Wahyudi will drop out of school if he doesn’t get sponsored, as his mother really can’t afford his school fees and supplies for his Senior High School.

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Luh Wati (Sister of Made Sukri)

Luh Wati is now 18 and in grade 12 in the Class of Accounting in Karangasem. Her parents have 7 children and she’s the fifth.Her younger sister Made Sukri is also hoping for a sponsor to complete school.

Luh Wati’s family is so poor that the qualified for help in rebuilding their house from the government.

Despite her family’s poor circumstances and the fact that only one of her elder siblings graduated from senior high school, Luh Wati is incredibly determined to go to school and finish her education.

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Made Sukri (Sister of Ni Luh Wati)

Sukri, 17, is the younger sister of Ni Luh Wati. Just like her sister, Wati, Sukri is a girl determined to go to school. She would like to graduate from her current senior high school, the same school as her sister.

She’s the sixth child out of seven. All but one of her older siblings didn’t even continue to Junior High School or Senior High School. Born into a large family within the cycle of poverty, Sukri doesn’t want to have to drop out.

Her father works as a coconut tree climber and laborer to carry bamboo or work in others’ ricefield. Her mother also works as laborer.

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Ketut Sinta

Ketut Sinta, 16, is a 10 th grader in Petang. Only one of her 3 older sisters managed to graduate high school, and that was because she got a scholarship.

Her parents got divorced when she was a 5th grader. Ketut Sintia has been raised by her grandparents and father ever since.

Ketut Sinta was sponsored for a while, and that’s why she could continue to a vocational senior high school of her choice this year in July. However, unfortunately her sponsor had to stop and she will have to drop out of school if she doesn’t get sponsored, as Ketut Sinta and her family can’t afford her high school expenses.

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Odik, 17, is the older of two. His younger sister is sponsored through BCP. Odik is in grade 12, his last year of High School in Gianyar. He studies Hotel Accommodation.

His family, in the beginning, wanted to try find their way to afford Odik’s monthly school expenses, which they haven’t paid since Odik was in grade 10 or the first year of senior high school. Now, Odik is in grade 12 and he only has 8 months left until his graduation. However, his family still hasn’t been able to pay his school debt, which has accumulated into $520 until now (October 2022).

Because of this, Odik may not be able to take the exam because he hasn’t paid his school fees yet, meaning he won’t be able to graduate or will even have to drop out soon. His family took a loan, which was used to pay for Odik’s uniforms and entrance fee, so Odik would at least get accepted into the school, and a second-hand motorbike so Odik could go to school and do his internship. They really want their children to get an education.

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Windhu, 14 is an only child living in Tabanan.. He lives only with his mother, who has a nerve disorder after falling in their yard a couple of years ago. His father passed away from a heart attack when he was in grade 5.

He’s now in grade 9, the final year of Jr. High, hoping to start High School next year. Windhu works by moving rice grains and coconuts around for the suppliers with his friends in the village.

Windhu’s mother still has debt for his father’s medical bills. They borrowed money from his mother’s relative. Windu’s mother works as a laborer, earning 50 cents to USD 1 per day by fixing torn clothes and making offerings.

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Sugiharta (Sogik)

Sogik, age 15 from Tabanan, is an only child. He’s now in grade 8, second year of Jr High. His parents got divorced when Sogik was 4 years old. His father stayed unmarried but he passed away three years ago from an illness when Sogik was 12 years old. He has been raised by his paternal grandparents ever since.

Prior to his death, Sogik’s father saved up some money, about $350, which Sogik’s grandparents used to afford Sogik’s school fees and supplies, especially for when Sogik advanced to junior high school this year. Now, they’ve run out of Sogik’s father’s savings.

His grandparents are afraid that their meager income won’t be enough for Sogik’s school needs, so Sogik will have to drop out of school then.

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Made Odi

Odi, 15, is the younger of two. His older sister, sponsored through BCP, graduated this year. They live in Tegallalang.

Odi is now in his first year of High School, grade 10, and studying Hotel Accommodation.

Odi’s mother passed away when he was in the fourth grade from an accident. His father, prior to his mother’s death, had a mistress. His parents often fought due to his father’s infidelity. After his mother’s death, his father immediately re-married his mistress and left Dion and his sister behind.

His sister has been raised by their paternal grandparents ever since. Meanwhile, Odi was adopted by his father’s aunt (Odi called her his grandma), who shares the same compound with his grandparents. She needed a boy to continue their family line and his paternal grandparents couldn’t afford to raise two children.

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Luh Setia

Luh Setia, 17, is the older of two in Tegallalang. She has a sister age 6 years old. Her hobby is gardening and she dreams of becoming a tour guide.

Luh Setia usually helps her parents by carving wood and helping her mother sell daily things in a small warung that her mother had set up.

Her family’s story is complicated. Luh Setia’s father married her mother and went to live in her mother’s village in the beginning. In Balinese terms, Luh Setia’s father had nyentana, which means he had left his village to live with his wife and continue his wife’s family line. This turned into a confusing and bitter situation, and Luh Setia’s parents became burdened with many unaffordable costs.



Eka, 17, only lives with her father and her younger sister, who is also sponsored through BCP. Eka’s mother left her and her family when she was little since her parents got divorced. They live in Karangasem. Eka is now in 11th grade and studying Online Marketing Business.

Eka chose online marketing business school because she saw how the pandemic destroyed the tourism industry for two years in Bali. She would like to be able to work in a more stable field.

Eka is a highly independent girl. She always cooks, washes the dishes and her clothes and does home chores since her mother left. She cooks in the morning before going to school for her and her sister. She also cooks for her father in the evening for their dinner.



Sepyani, 16, is the second child out of four. She has an older sister who graduated after being sponsored by Bali Children’s Project. She also has a younger brother who’s in high school, and another little brother who’s 6 years old.

When we first found Sepyani, she had not paid her school fees for 4 months, so she almost couldn’t enroll into a senior high school, as her previous school wouldn’t give her a diploma until she paid off her debt. Fortunately, Sepyani was sponsored for a while and she could pay off her debt, as well as enrolling into a senior high school.

In 2017, Sepyani’s father fell ill and was in a coma for a week in the hospital and since has not been able to find reliable income due to the after effects. Sadly, Sepyani’s sponsor had to stop their sponsorship and now she finds herself unsponsored again.


Kadek Oka

Oka, 18, is now in grade 12 studying Culinary Arts. His parents divorced when Oka was two years old. Oka has been raised by his father and grandparents ever since.

Oka’s father passed away in in early November last month. His father left a debt of $2,700 in the bank. Oka hasn’t paid his school fees at all since he began his senior high school year in grade 10. Now that Oka is in grade 12 and only has seven months left until his graduation, Oka has USD 590 school debt.

Worse, Oka will not be able to take the upcoming exam if he doesn’t pay off his school debt by then. So, Oka will have to drop out of school this month if he doesn’t get any support.



Kadi, 17, is the youngest of three. He has two older siblings who live separately, leaving Kadi to live with only his parents in Karangasem, one of the poorest regencies. His older sister is married, and his older brother only works as a laborer.

Kadi is studying Computer Network Engineering now, and hopes that it will lead to a good career. His siblings and parents only graduated from primary school. Kadi would have dropped out of school if it weren’t for his previous sponsor through BCP, who unfortunately had to stop sponsoring.

Now, Kadi is on the brink of dropping out of school again, as his family can’t afford his senior high school expenses. These include monthly fees and costs for exams and even his diploma.

Kadi only has one year and a half left until his graduation. He hopes he could go to work right away after graduating, so he could support his elderly parents.


Ketut Adi (Brother of Komang Ari)

Ketut, 15, is the second youngest of five. He’s a 9th grader in Tegallalang.

He has an older sister, the oldest, and she’s married. His oldest brother is a laborer, forced to drop out after 5th grade because of poverty. His other older brother, Komang Ari, is in grade 10 and also needs a sponsorship in order to continue school and not drop out of school next year. His youngest brother is in 5th grade.

Ketut’s father passed away two years ago. His mother is sickly and often suffers from severe pain in her legs and major headache from time to time.

Ketut hasn’t paid his school fee for $135 and his debt is only going to get worse. Without paying off his debt and any new fees, he won’t be able to graduate. That’s why a sponsorship is so important.



Mirah age 15, is the middle child of three sisters in Badung Regency. She just started 9th grade and would enroll into the senior high school next year after graduating from her current secondary school. Both of her parents only graduated from secondary schools and they work as laborers.
They get even fewer job offers due to the pandemic and recession.
Mirah has an older sister who just graduated from senior high school. Her parents took loans for her older sister’s school fees in the hope of the sister supporting the younger sisters’ school fees. Unfortunately, the pandemic is still happening and Mirah’s older sister struggles to find work on top of paying their loans. They could only pay the monthly interest rate.

Dek Mar

Dek Mar, 13, is the younger of two. He has an older sister who just graduated from high school in Buleleng but is still unemployed, so she can’t help paying Dek Mar’s school expenses.

His parents only graduated from primary schools and they could only work as laborers. Even with their combined income as laborers, they still earn less than the minimum wage.

Dek Mar is now in 8th grade, but is going to drop out of school if he doesn’t get sponsored, so he could help his family working as a laborer and bring home some more income.


Komang Ari (Brother of Komang Adi)

Komir, 17, is the middle child out of five and in the first year of High School – grade 10 – where he studies Culinary Arts. The family lives in Tegallalang.

Komir’s father passed away two years ago. His mother is sickly and often suffers from severe pain in her legs and major headache from time to time. Komir hasn’t paid his monthly school fees ever since he began his first year as a freshman in his current school and his debt is only going to mount.

His family has debt from not paying their rent for about $360 and around $714 to afford their late father’s medical bills. Komir dreams of becoming a chef or an entrepreneur. His hobbies are cooking and playing soccer. That’s why he chose Culinary Arts as his major.