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Wayan Januadi

Wayan Januadi, 15,is the oldest of three siblings in Karangasem. He has two little sisters; one a 5th grader and one a toddler.
Januadi is in 9th grade, which means next term he would start High School. Right now, this is a dream for him because of the high fees and monthly costs.
His father dropped out of school after finishing secondary school, while his mother only finished primary school. Neither could afford to continue school due to their poverty.

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Kadek Sri

Kadek Sri (Dek Sri), age 13 and in grade 7, is the second child in a large family in Jembrana. She has an older sister who’s currently a 12th grader. Her sister could go to school because their uncle covers her sister’s school expenses, although her sister also has to work in a laundry place near their home. Their mother also works as the daily worker. Her father is a laborer and doesn’t always get to work, especially during this pandemic.

Dek Sri likes to do her lessons and write a summary of them. She’s a good student. Since Dek Sri is the second oldest, she always helps her parents with chores and babysitting her younger siblings. She also teaches and assists them with their school work.

Her uncle could only help support her older sister with school, as he also has children in university and the pandemic has been taking a toll on everyone’s finances. Her older sister had planned to get a good job and help pay for Dek Sri’s school fees once she graduates.

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Kade Wahyu

Wahyu, a 12 year old 6th grader in Jembrana, is the younger of two. His older sister, who was sponsored, graduated last year. His sister had planned to help with his school fees when she graduated. Unfortunately, the pandemic struck and his sister is still struggling to find a stable job. So, Wahyu is going to drop out after finishing his primary school in June this year if he doesn’t get sponsored.

His father and mother are laborers, but they also struggle to find labor work since the pandemic and recession hit Bali.

His family raises livestock that are owned by another person. Wahyu is being tasked by his parents to forage grass and veggies to feed the livestock every day when he’s not busy studying or doing his school work.

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Kadek Hendradinata

Kadek Hendradinata (“Dek Ta”), age 13, is the younger of two siblings in Buleleng. He’s currently in grade 8. Dek Ta is quite a smart student. He’s been ranked the top 10 in class.

His older sister graduated from senior high school. His parents took a loan to afford it and when his sister graduated, his sister helped paying off the debt. His parents had expected for his older sister to help Dek Ta with his school expenses but, unfortunately, the pandemic happened and is still going strong in Bali. His sister couldn’t get a decent job and could only do labor work to afford their food for now.

His parents are laborers, doing odd jobs.  As it is, the family often borrow money and staples from the warung near their house, as they don’t always have money. Sadly, Dek Ta will have to drop out of school once he graduates from secondary or junior high school if he doesn’t get sponsored.

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Putu Mardiana

Putu, age 12 in grade 6 in Kintamani, is the youngest of five. The fourth child passed away when he was still a baby.
Putu’s two oldest siblings only graduated from primary schools, while his second older sister is still at school and is a 10th grader, thanks to her sponsorship through Bali Children’s Project.
Putu will have to drop out of school this year in June after graduating from primary school if he doesn’t get sponsored. As a primary school only graduate, that would leave him a future as a laborer with little money or opportunity.
Putu could now access his online school lessons because his older sister got an affordable smartphone for school through her sponsorship fund. Fortunately, his sister is also helpful and often helps with his homework.
Both of his parents are laborers, and Putu often tags along with his parents and sister to work as a laborer during his school break, for example during the weekend.

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Dek Adi

Dek Adi, age 13, is the younger of two brothers in Badung Regency. His older brother dropped out of school due to their poverty. But his brother took the GED, the equivalence of senior high school short course for workers, while he was still working as a laborer during the day.

Dek Adi, now in grade 8, will have to drop out as well and start working if he doesn’t get sponsored. Senior high school begins in the 10th grade, so Dek Adi has a year and a half until he graduates from junior high school and can enroll into a senior high school if his family could afford it.

His brother had planned to help with his schooling. Unfortunately, as the pandemic and recession happened, his family is already struggling to afford the bare minimum, so Dek Adi’s brother can’t help him.

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Wayan Devi

Wayan Devi, age 12, is the older of two and in grade 6, the last year of primary school. She has a 5 years old little brother. Her father is a primary school graduate, while her mother didn’t finish primary school due to their poverty.

They live in Karangasem, a poor regencu in the east. Devi works by making offerings and ceremonial accessories to help her parents earn some money, as her parents only work as laborers and could only earn around $100 per month.

Unlike most girls in her village who don’t really want to go to school due to peer pressure (the community prefer girls to not get a higher education since they will get married and end up as mothers anyway), Devi gives her best in her study.


Luh Ayu

Luh Ayu, 13, is older of two sisters. She is currently in her first year of Jr High (grade 7) in Tabanan. Her sister is still in primary school.

Ayu’s family originally came from Karangasem, but her parents moved out to look up for job, albeit as laborers, since there were no job opportunities in their hometown. Both of her parents are merely primary school graduates.

Her father earns around $110 per month as a laborer, while her mother works as a cleaning attendant in a clinic near their place. Her mother doesn’t get paid by the clinic, but in exchange, they give her family a room to live rent-free.

Ayu really enjoys going to school, and her favorite subjects are mathematics and science. Ayu aspires to work in an office. She hopes she’ll be able to continue school and major in Office Administration in high school.


Kadek Wibawa

Kadek Wibawa (Dek Ary), age 14 in 7th grade, is the younger of two siblings in Jembrana. He has an older sister who dropped out of school due to their poverty. Now his sister works as a laborer.

Dek Ary’s parents are both working as laborers. They have been struggling to find work during this pandemic and recession.

Dek Ary’s parents want him to at least finish secondary or junior high school. They even took a loan to afford his school entrance fee and uniform last year in the village bank. Unfortunately, they could only pay the interest fee every month, so their debt is still as much as when they took it in the beginning.

His family could barely afford their basic living expenses such as food. So, they don’t have any money to buy Dek Ary a phone for online learning.


Wayan Desi

Wayan Desi, 12, is the oldest of three sisters in Karangasem. She’s now in 6th grade and hoping that next year she can start Jr High – grade 7.
Both if Desi’s parents dropped out of school after finishing primary school and currently work as laborers, earning enough from day to day for their food. Desi will surely follow their footsteps and drop out of school this year after finishing her 6th grade or the final year of primary school.
Desi’s area is notorious in not letting girls continue in school for a higher education.
Her thirst for knowledge led her to get the first rank during her primary school period until now. Desi also helps in teaching her little sister with the subjects, as students have online lessons during the pandemic.