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Mirah, 13, is the middle child of three daughters in Tegallalang. Her older sister is married and has a child. We gave Mirah and her little sister school entry backpacks a couple of years ago.

Mirah is now starting 8th grade, the second year of Junior High and an important, yet expensive, year.

Mirah’s parents got divorced three years ago. One year after the divorce, Mirah’s mother took her to live with her in Buleleng and enrolled her into a school there. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, her mother has been out of a job and can’t afford to cover Mirah’s expenses. So, after 6 months, Mirah was brought back to live with her father.

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Rah De

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RahDe, age 16, is the younger of two brothers in Badung. He’s scheduled to go into grade 11 and study Hotel Accommodation, but his sponsor just stopped suddenly and he’s not sure he’ll be able to continue.

He was only able to stay in High School because he was sponsored. He would not have even been able to pay for the data to use his phone for school.

RahDe has a dream to be a tour guide. He would love to be able to speak English more fluently. English is his favorite, and also his best, subject and his best subject is English. His father owes $500 in the village cooperation and works as a woodcarver and earns very little.

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Ayu Ananda

Ayu, 14, is the younger of two daughters living in Gianyar. She’ll be entering grade 9 in July, her last year of Jr. High.

Both of her parents are blind. Her father got blind when he was 23 years old from an accident, while her mother got blind from an illness when she was 26 years old. Now her parents work as a masseur and a masseuse. They earn below the standard minimum wage and this recession due to the pandemic has badly affected their meager income.

Her parents also have around $670 debt from buying her older sister a motorbike and from enrolling her into a junior high school. Her older sister is going to continue to a university through a scholarship for poor students, so she can’t help to pay for Ayu’s school expenses. She herself was sponsored through High School by a BCP sponsor.

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Kadek Bayu

Bayu, 15, is an only child living in Badung and in 9th grade. His parents only graduated from junior high schools and they have been working as laborers all their lives.

Bayu wishes to not share the same fate as his parents by working as a laborer because of a lack of education. Bayu hopes he could get help to continue his education through senior high school, starting in July.

He’s going to graduate in June and will have to drop out if he doesn’t get sponsored, as his parents can’t afford senior high school expenses.

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Made Ceria

Ceria, 11, has an older sister and adopted brother. The brother was adopted because the parents have no son, and this is the custom in Bali. He is actually a cousin. Ceria is in 6th grade in Badung and hopes to go to Grade 7 in Jr High in July.

Both of Ceria’s parents only graduated from primary school and could only work as laborers, earning less than the standard minimum wage even with their incomes combined.

Ceria will have to drop out if she doesn’t get sponsored this year after graduating from primary school in June, sharing the same fate as her parents. That would leave her only a 6th grade graduate.

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Puspa, 15, is an only child living in Bongkasa. She’s now in 9th grade, her last year before Senior High. Senior high comes with much higher expenses too which are unaffordable

Her father had three wives, but the first wife already passed away. Currently, Puspa lives only with her father, his second wife, and her mother. Puspa’s mother is the 3rd wife. All four of them share one room for sleeping.

Puspa’s father is suffering from cancer. His second wife is also very sickly and is unable to work. Her mother is the sole bread winner by working as a laborer and making Balinese offerings. Puspa will drop out without a sponsor

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Ayu, age 12, is a middle child and in 6th grade in Badung. She has an older brother and a little sister. Her older brother has been sponsored through BCP to prevent him from having to drop out, and now Ayu is having the same situation. She is going to drop out this year after graduating Primary School, grade 6, in June if she doesn’t get sponsored.

Ayu’s father has been blind since 2016, so he could only make offerings and sell them to their neighbors or at the market. All 3 children have always been making offerings with their parents, as it’s been their sole income.

Ayu’s family also has debt from her father’s medical bills and purchasing a second-hand motorbike for the whole family to get around for work and schools.

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Eka,15, is the oldest of three siblings in Bongkasa. He’s now in 9th grade, finishing up Jr High, and hopes to start High School next term. He has a little brother and a little sister. Eka also lives with his parents and a sickly grandfather, who is suffering from a stroke.

Ever since Eka and his little brother came of school age, it’s only been his mother who has been paying all of their school needs. His father graduated only from primary school and currently works as a rice-field laborer, but barely earns enough to buy food for the family. He doesn’t care about his kids’ education at all.

Eka is going to graduate from his current junior high school this June. He’s supposed to continue to a senior high school afterward. Unfortunately, his mother can’t afford it with her meager income.

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Oktia 16, is the younger of two. She’s in grade 10 and in the class of Linguistics. Her parents are laborers who struggle even more to find jobs in these difficult times. They live in Bangli.

Oktia lives with her parents, brother, and grandmother. Her brother takes her to and picks her up from school, while her parents work as laborers. Her brother hasn’t been able to find a job.

Oktia hopes that she could graduate from senior high school, although the possibility is bleak without the support from a sponsorship. Her family already owes about $357 to different people to get by.

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Putu Vikram

Vikram, 15, is the older of two brothers in Bangli. He’s now in his first year of High School. His little brother is in 2nd grade, and he lives with just him and their father.
His mother passed away from an illness when he was in the 4th grade, not long after giving birth to his little brother. Since his father has to work as a laborer, Vikram has been taking care of his little brother. They also often join his father by working as laborers during their day off from school.
Vikram aspires to become a famous painter. That’s why he chose to go to a faraway school from his hometown in a different regency. His major is Modern Art Painting in Sukawati – an area famous for art.

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Seni Ulan

Ulan, 15, is the oldest of three sisters living in Jembrana.

As a 9th grader, Ulan is in her last year of junior high school. She’s going to have her final exam next month so she can graduate from junior high school in June.

Ulan’s family is poor. Her parents can’t afford the senior high school entrance fee. So, they’ve ask Ulan to consider dropping out of school after completing her junior high school this June. Her parents have a lot of debt to the bank for their living expenses, particularly during this recession caused by the pandemic. Her parents could barely afford to pay for the monthly interest fee from the loan to the bank.

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Mang Hendra

Mang Hendra is the youngest of 3. His sister dropped out and is now married and his other sister is sponsored through BCP. They live in Jembrana in the far northwest of Bali. Mang Hendra is now 11 and in grade six. Next year is Jr High, and school expenses start to really increase.

Mang Hendra’s parents are poor. They only graduated from primary schools themselves. They work as laborers and earn only enough to cover their basic needs. During this pandemic, they struggle even more to find work.

Currently, his parents have around $130 debt to the local bank to afford his school supplies and expenses. They can not afford to borrow more. Hendra will have to drop out of school next year after graduating from primary school if he doesn’t get sponsored.

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She’s the oldest of four. Maysia has two younger sisters and one baby brother. Maysia’s sisters are in the 8th and 2nd grades next month. Maysia’s mother works as a municipal primary school teacher as well. Her mother mostly earns $100 per month as a teacher and another $120 per month as a coordinator.

Meanwhile, Maysia’s father works only as a rice-field laborer who earns mostly $50 per monthMaysia’s mother just gave birth to a baby boy a couple of months ago. It was unplanned, but the birth of a boy is a blessing for the family in Balinese culture, so their family line could be continued.

Maysia is a smart girl. She’s ranked the 2nd and 3rd last year, and she’s ranked the 4th in her class this time around. She just graduated from junior high school this month, and is going to continue to a senior high school next month.



Sika, 12, is the younger of two sisters in Badung. Sika is now in 6th grade, and hopes to go to Jr High next term. The only way this can possibly happen is if she gets sponsored. Unfortunately, without a sponsorship, Sika will have to drop out of school this year in June after she graduates from her primary school.

Sika’s parents are laborers, earning way less than the standard minimum wage. Her father didn’t even graduate from a primary school.

Since she likes to cook, she thinks it would be great if she could become a chef in the future. She hopes she could continue school so she could get into a culinary school.