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Each sponsorship costs $40 USD per month.

Kadek Ida

Current Grade: 9
Months of Sponsorship Required: 13
Sponsor recently cancelled

Kadek Ida, will turn 14 years old next month, is the younger of two sisters in Badung Regency.

She just started grade 7, the first year of Secondary or Junior High School. This means Ida still has about five years and a month at school in order to graduate from a senior high school.

A complicated history – Ida’s mother was one of two wives. After suffering physical abuse from her ex husband and his ‘first wife’, Ida’s mother left while Ida was still in the womb.

Ida’s father has never once reached out to Ida and her mother, much less paid any child support. They now live day by day, to the point where Ida almost dropped out of school last year. Ida was thankfully sponsored, but her sponsor had to stop, so Ida is back to being on the brink of dropping out of school if she does not get sponsored soon. Her mother still cannot afford her school expenses.

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Ayu Dina

Current Grade: 9
Months of Sponsorship Required: 13
Sponsor recently cancelled

Ayu Dina, age 18 from Badung, is an only child and in 11th grade, or the second year of senior high school. Next year in June, she is scheduled to graduate Senior High School if she can afford the fees. There is great doubt if this will happen because of her parent’s poverty and her previous sponsor having to stop.

Her parents graduated only from primary schools. Ayu Dina will have to follow in their footsteps if she doesn’t get sponsored, since they can’t afford her senior high school expenses at all. Ayu Dina’s parents work as laborers.

With a lot of debt, the family cannot afford her school fees. Until recently, Ayu was sponsored, however her sponsor had to cancel and so Ayu needs a new sponsor to push her through her final year.

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Current Grade: 11
Months of Sponsorship Required: 13
Sponsor recently cancelled

Made Muriani (“Muriani”), recently turned 18, is the middle child. She has an older sister and a little brother in primary school in the Bongkasa area. Her older sister is a vocational senior high school of tourism graduate and had been working at a villa. Her sister managed to enter senior high school by taking a loan and then paid it back after she graduated.

Unfortunately, her older sister cannot help with paying for Muriani’s school expenses. Muriani is now in the 1th grade.Next year in June, Muriani is supposed to graduate from her senior high school, following her older sister’s footsteps, to earn her high school diploma.

Unfortunately, she will have to drop out next month if she does not get sponsored. Her sister had wanted to help her in taking a loan for her school expenses later.

Kadek Meta

Current Grade: 9
Months of Sponsorship Required: 33
Sponsor recently cancelled
Meta lives only with her sister and father. She and her sister sleep in a borrowed room in their aunt’s home. Meanwhile, her father sleeps in their original meagre home, still within the same compound, as their home only has one room. Her mother left the family years ago without any prior notice. No one knows her mother’s whereabouts even now. Meta’s father works in a trash bank and he earns around USD 60 per month by sorting out trash into different categories.
She is supposed to enroll into a senior high school this July, but will not be able to do so and she will drop out of school unless she gets sponsored soon.
Her family cannot afford the entrance fee to the senior high school. Meta, fortunately, was sponsored for a while, and that was why she could go this far at school. Unfortunately, her sponsors had to stop.

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Putu Yoga

As a 10th grader, Tu Yoga has two years and six months left until his graduation in Bangli. Tu Yoga is the older of two. He has a little brother age 6, who is not of school age yet. He is studying Public Health.

Tu Yoga needs a sponsorship in order to continue his school. He hasn’t paid school’s entrance fee, which is around $266 – and debt is rising. He will have to drop out in the next semester if he doesn’t pay it.

Tu Yoga decided to attend to a vocational senior high school of public health since the school has a dormitory. He also could have a part-time job nearby while attending the school in order to earn money, so he could help his family afford their living expenses.

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Wahyu, 17, is the older of two in Ubud.. He has a little sister in second grade.

His father only graduated from primary school, while his mother from junior high school. Wahyu is the first member in his family who has ever gone to a senior high school.

Wahyu dreams of working as an executive housekeeper abroad. He wishes to work abroad, so he could earn better money to help support his family. Wahyu’s family originally came from a remote area in north Bali. His parents decided to move to Ubud to find better work opportunities, albeit as laborers. His family rents a small plot of land, where they built a temporary house as their home.

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Gede Wira

As an 11th grader, Gede Wira (De Wira), 17, has one year and six months left until his graduation. De Wira is the older of two. He has a younger sister who is in grade 4 and they live in Bangli. He studies Hotel Accommodation and Tourism.

De Wira’s family shares a room to sleep in together as their house is too small and old. De Wira’s parents only work as laborers. Their combined income is still way below the minimum wage. As a result, De Wira hasn’t paid his school fees yet since he began his senior high school in grade 10. Gede was sponsored until recently, which has enabled him to get this far, but sadly his sponsor had to stop.

De Wira goes to school with an old motorbike. With the rise in petrol price, it’s even harder for him to go to school. De Wira chose Badminton Club as his extra-curricular activity at school.

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Ayu Winda

Ayu Winda, 13 and in grade 8, is the middle child of three sisters. Her older sister is sponsored through BCP living in Tabanan.

Due to the recession caused by the pandemic, her family is struggling even more to afford their basic expenses. Ayu Winda almost had to drop out after finishing the 6th grade in June, as opposed to continuing to a junior high school or 7th grade like other kids. Fortunately, she got sponsored and it kept her at school. Unfortunately, her sponsor had to stop and she is going to drop out of school again if she doesn’t get sponsored.

Her father is a construction laborer, and he could only get paid up to USD 9 per day. The pandemic took a toll on the construction business in their area, and until now her father is mostly unemployed and does odd jobs that pay even less for a day.

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Desak Made

Desal Made,14 years old, is in grade 9 in Karangasem. Desak is the middle child out of three sisters.

Her parents work as laborers, as they dropped out of school and they don’t have any other significant skills. Her parents also have to take care of Desak’s grandparents, so they don’t have enough money to afford their children’s high school expenses.

Her older sister is sponsored through BCP and is in senior high school.

Desak and her sister would have dropped out of school earlier it weren’t for their sponsorships. Unfortunately, Desak’s sponsor recently had to quit, and Desak is about to enroll into a senior high school in July this year. She will have to drop out of school after finishing her current junior high school in June if she doesn’t get sponsored.

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Kade Wahyu

Wahyu, a 14 year old 8th grader in Jembrana, is the younger of two. His older sister, who was sponsored graduated a couple of years ago. His sister had planned to help with his school fees when she graduated. Unfortunately, the pandemic struck and his sister is still struggling to find a stable job. So, Wahyu was going to drop out after finishing his primary school in June this year if he didn’t get sponsored.

Fortunately, Wahyu got sponsored and he could continue his school. Unfortunately, his sponsor had to stop. So, Wahyu is going to drop out of school again if he doesn’t get sponsored since his family can’t afford his school fees.

His father and mother are laborers, but they also struggle to find labor work since the pandemic and recession hit Bali.

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Wahyudi, 16, is the youngest of three in Badung Regency. His older brothers are laborers and they graduated only from Junior High Schools. His brothers live separately from him and his parents; they’ve moved out of their home.

Wahyudi and his parents used to live in a temporary house, or, actually, a shack to be exact. Fortunately, his family received a house renovation from the government because of their extreme poverty. His family doesn’t have a toilet, so they use one from his relative in the same compound.

His father had two strokes, so he cannot work anymore. He mostly stays in bed. His mother earns money by making Balinese offerings. The money is only enough to get them staples. Wahyudi will drop out of school if he doesn’t get sponsored, as his mother really can’t afford his school fees and supplies for his Senior High School.

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