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Dek Wah

Dek Wah, age 15, is the middle child of three kids, now in grade 9 in Gianyar. She has a 21 year old older sister and a little brother in the 6th grade.

Her older sister graduated from senior high school because she got a full sponsorship. Her sister used to work at the D’Alas Restaurant as a cook after graduating school, and was going to help with Dek Wah’s school fees.

Unfortunately, her sister got furloughed during the pandemic, and she currently sells chips in numerous warung as a job. Her earnings have drastically lowered since the furlough.

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Komang Trisna

Komang Trisna, 13, is the youngest of three sibling in Buleleng. She has just started 7th grade, Junior High, Both her older sister and brother had to drop out of school because of poverty.

Komang lives in a remote area in north Bali. Although the distance is quite far for her to reach her school, Dian is willing to go far in order for her to not end up like her older siblings.

Her first dream is to graduate from senior high school at the very least. Her second dream is to work as a teacher when she’s all grown up. Her third dream is to help her parents building their own bathroom and kitchen. She doesn’t want to end up like her parents who could only find work as laborers since they only graduated from primary schools.

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Putu Alit (brother of Kadek Widi)

Putu Alit, 16, is the oldest of three. He has a younger brother and sister. Alit lives with his parents and maternal grandmother in his mother’s original family house in Gianyar, as his father doesn’t have any rights anymore to live in his original compound in Klungkung.

Alit was late in enrolling into school due to their poverty and because he was too afraid to go to school by himself. So, Alit enrolled at same time as his younger brother, Kadek Widi, and both now are in the 10th grade or first year of senior high school. They were fortunate to be sponsored and pay the entrance fees, but their sponsor has now stopped.

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Kadek Widi (brother of Putu Alit)

Kadek Widi, 15, is the middle child. He has an older brother, although they share the same grade at school, and a little sister in grade 3. His family has always been poor and his brother, I Putu Alit, was too afraid to start to go to school during the first grade That’s why Kadek shares the same grade as his brother. Both Kadek and his brother both enrolled into senior high school when they got sponsored, but their sponsor stopped and now they are struggling to pay the monthly fees. High School costs are much higher than the lower grades. They’re from Klungkung but live in Gianyar.

Kadek lives with his parents and maternal grandmother in his mother’s maiden house in Gianyar, as his father doesn’t have any rights anymore to live in his original compound in Klungkung.

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Putu Fredy

Fredy, 14 just starting 9th grade this July, is the older of two brothers. He has a little brother who who’s still in primary school. They live in Karangasem. Fredy’s sponsor stopped after just a few months.

Fredy is raised by his grandparents. His father passed away 10 years ago, while his mother got remarried and left Fredy and his brother to live with and be raised by their elderly paternal grandparents.

As his grandparents are too old to work, they mostly do some gardening around their house. They’re surrounded by snakeskin fruits farms, so his grandparents usually work as laborers there. Fredy’s relatives also often help to give Fredy’s family some food, but they can’t afford to pay for Fredy’s school expenses.

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Putu Mei

Putu Mei, 13, is an only child living in Denpasar. He has just started 7th grade, Jr High, which comes along with new high fees to enter and pay monthly.

He’s been raised by his grandmother ever since his father’s death five years ago due to liver disease. His mother left him behind to get remarried. This is usually the case, as women are not usually permitted to bring children from a previous marriage into a new one.

Mei’s late father used to work as a car washer in the local station. His 74 years old grandmother works by selling second-hand clothes, earning around $38 per month. His grandmother earns only enough to pay for their room rent and food.

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Komang Dewi

Dewi, 12, lives with her mother and 2 sisters in Karangasem. Dewi’s father passed away 5 years ago, and Dewi has been living with only her mother and her two older sisters ever since. Dewi has just started 7th grade, the first year of Jr High. This comes with additional school fees which are very hard to meet.

Her family can’t even afford to pay for her junior high school uniform fee yet. She might need to drop out of school next semester and wait until her second older sister graduates and works, so her sister could help in paying for Dewi’s school needs.

While her oldest sister currently works as a clerk, her sister’s income is only enough to afford their basic needs, as her mother couldn’t get that much work anymore during the pandemic as a laborer. Both of her sister and mother’s income is only around $75-80 per month in total.

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Komang Agus

Komang, 15, is the youngest of three in his family which lives in Denpasar. He has two older sisters. The oldest is married and the second one is working while also attending a college.

Komang lives with his mother, sister, uncle and aunt. His father passed away 14 years ago when Komang was only one year old. His father had a chronic lung disease prior to his death.

Komang has just started High School (grade 10) with its high entrance fees and monthly costs. He can’t cover any of this without a sponsorship and will have to drop out without help.

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Wira, 14, is the oldest of three siblings in Bangli. Although Wira is already in his second year of secondary or junior high school (8th grade), Wira still owes his school money for the uniform fees. Wira will have to drop out of school next semester if he doesn’t get sponsored or pay for his school debt. Wira is studying linguistics.

His father works as a laborer who makes wooden boxes. He could usually earn around $100–150 per month prior to the pandemic and recession. But after the pandemic, he had even gone without a job for a month, so he had to borrow money from their neighbor to afford their food.

His mother still has to babysit and nurse his one-year-old sister. His other sister is in second grade. Right after his baby sister was born last year, his elderly grandfather passed away. His family had to take another loan to afford his grandfather’s burial ceremony. This is usually an extraordinary expense for Balinese families.

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Susi, 15, is the oldest of three siblings living in Bangli. She just started her first year of High School.

Susi’s father passed away 6 years ago from an illness. He was sickly for two years prior to his death. He used to work as a carpenter, and had gotten sick while her mother was pregnant with their third child.

Her mother, with the help from Susi and her sister, makes satay skewers from bamboo. They buy the bamboo for around USD 15, and would sell the ready-to-use skewers for about USD 30. This much bamboo needs to be worked on for around 3 weeks. Her mother also makes offerings, and would only get profit for around USD 0.70 per day.

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Dimas, 17, is the younger of two siblings in Bangli. He’s in 11th grade studying Linguistics. His older sister was sponsored through BCP until she graduated senior high school.
Currently, his sister is still undergoing a training and internship with an organization that works for Japanese companies. This organization trains young people who at least graduated from senior high school to go to Japan and be employed as their workers.
His family took a big loan to enroll his sister into this foundation, hoping that is sister could pay off the debt when she works in Japan later. Due to this intensive training, his sister can’t work and help pay Dimas’ school fee.

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Dian, 21, is the middle child. Dian dropped out of school like her brother older brother did, due to their family’s poverty. They’ve had to work to help pay off their family’s debt.

Dian is now going for her GED Equivalence of Senior High School at PKBM Werdhi Aksara. They live in Buleleng.

Since her family was and is still is deep in debt, Dian and her brother had to drop out and work to help their parents in paying for their family’s debt.

Currently, Dian works in a salon/shop and gets paid $72 per month. But since Dian also borrowed money from her boss (a woman) and the installments are deducted directly from Dian’s wage, Dian could only take home $43 per month.



Topan, almost 15, is the youngest of 13 children. He just started 8th grade in July in Tegallalang and desperately wants to be a High School graduate. His sponsor stopped however, and there’s no way that Topan can stay in school without help.
Topan lives with his three older siblings and his elderly mother. His father passed away 3 years ago due to complications. One of his older brothers is married and he and his family live under the same roof. Topan shares a room with his older brother who’s unmarried, while his mother shares a room with his older sister.
His mother is a rice-field laborer. All of his older siblings dropped out of school and only finished primary school. Topan hopes that he could at least finish senior high school in order to pursue his dream to become a chef. He would like to enrol into a culinary art school if he could get sponsored or afford it. It would really be wonderful if he could get a diploma.


Ayutut, 13, is the youngest of four sisters in Tegallalang and in 7th grade, the first grade of Junior High.

Ayutut came from a family who’s doing well academically. All of her older sisters are always ranked within the top 10. They are all diligent girls, as their father emphasizes the importance of doing well in school.

Her father used to work by cutting wood, while her mother carved wood. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and health issues (the father has heart disease), they can’t keep their old jobs and could only work as laborers in the rice field, which is seasonal. The rice grains are harvested every 3-4 months. They practically can’t earn any money.


Dewa Ayu

Dewa Ayu, 17, is the third child out of four and lives in Denpasar. She has two older sisters who dropped out of school and are married. She also has a little brother, whose school fees and living expenses are being covered by one of her sisters back in their hometown. Ayu is in 11th grade.

Dewa Ayu is an orphan. Her father passed away two years ago from being pulled by the ocean tides, ironically, during the cremation process of their relative. Her mother, on the other hand, passed away four years ago from a sudden disease before her family could take her mother to the hospital.

Since her sisters can’t afford to pay for Dewa Ayu’s living and school expenses both, her teacher (a woman) kindly took her to go to school and live with her in Denpasar. They’re also able to rent a room in Denpasar, fortunately for free, since the owner is Dewa Ayu’s relative.


Cok Sri

Cok Sri, 17, is the middle child out of three siblings in Bangli. She’s in 11th grade now. Her older sister works in Denpasar as a babysitter. Her younger sibling is still in the 2nd grade and her older sister sends money occasionally to pay for the youngest’s school supplies.

Cok Sri’s father suffered from a stroke and is already too old now to work. Her mother is the sole breadwinner currently by selling ketupat/tipat (diamond shaped rice accompanied by veggies dressed in peanut sauce), a Balinese traditional food. Her mother earns around $100–120 per month by selling tipat.

Cok Sri helps her mother earn more money by making offerings, but she barely earns $30–50 per month.


Dek Adi

Dek Adi, 12 in October, is the younger of two siblings in Tabanan. His older sister was sponsored and graduated from tourism senior high school. She was supposed to work in a hotel, Unfortunately, the pandemic happened right when his sister graduated from high school and hotels were already closed. So now, his sister could only sell things online and food, as well as being a daily worker in the flower field. His sister usually earns $35-40 per month.

His older sister couldn’t get any decent work, as the motorbike that is owned by their grandpa is already totally broken. His sister was supposed to help with Dek Adi’s school fees.

Dek Adi also lives with his mother who earns $35 per month. His grandpa is a laborer and earns between $35-42 per month. Currently, his family earns enough only to afford their basic needs.



Indah, age 13, is an only child who lives in Ubud. Her mother divorced her father when her mother was pregnant with her. Her mother then went back to her original house, so Indah has been living with her mother and maternal grandparents ever since. She’s now in 8th grade.

Her mother used to work in an art shop and earned $150 month prior to the pandemic. Now, she earns even less than what she used to, as she’s paid daily now.

By custom, as her mother has a brother, or Indah’s uncle, the house where they live is actually owned by her uncle and they actually don’t have any rights to live there.

But her uncle allows Indah and her mother to live in one of the rooms. He’s also been helping Indah’s mother to pay for Indah’s needs. Indah’s uncle and her grandpa are the ones who mainly pay for her school needs. They are the father figures for Indah.



Mirah, 13, is the middle child of three daughters in Tegallalang. Her older sister is married and already has a child. Mirah is now starting 7th grade, the first year of Junior High and an important, yet expensive, milestone.

Mirah’s parents got divorced three years ago. One year after the divorce, Mirah’s mother took her to live with her in Buleleng and enrolled her into a school there. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, her mother has been out of job and can’t afford to cover Mirah’s expenses. So, after 6 months, Mirah was brought back to live with her father.

Unfortunately, her father has been having mental issues since the divorce. Her father has been neglecting Mirah and her little sister. They often have to ask for food from their relatives or neighbors.



Ayuk, age 12, is the younger of two siblings in Buleleng. She’ll be going into grade 7, the first year of Jr High, with its own set of extra expenses.

She has an older brother who just graduated from senior high school thanks to his sponsorship through BCP. Her brother plans to enroll into a university through a scholarship, so he couldn’t help paying for her school fees yet.

Meanwhile, her parents are working as laborers and can only earn enough money to buy their basic needs and food. Ayuk has rheumatic heart diseases and is required to have a check-up at the hospital once a month. Her parents currently have accumulated $715 in debt to afford Ayuk’s medical bills and their living expenses.



Cecep, 16, is the oldest of 3 brothers in Jembrana. He’s in 11th grade with one more year to go after this. He’s in the Class of Agriculture. One brother is in grade 10 and the other in primary school. His 10th grader brother is taken care by his foster father.

Cecep is an orphan and he has been raised by his grandparents in the last 5 years. In the family card, Cecep is acknowledged as his grandpa’s son, but he’s actually his grandson. His father passed away 5 years ago. Nana was bullied by his classmates for being fatherless, so his grandpa put him up as his son.

Currently, his grandpa often gets admitted into the hospital due to his heart disease. His grandpa can’t always work as a laborer due to his age and health. His grandma is currently the sole bread winner in the family.


Luh Widya

Luh Widya, 13, is the oldest of three. She has a little sister in primary school and a little brother who’s not of school age yet. Both of Luh Widya’s parents only graduated from primary school. They have been working as laborers in Buleleng.

Luh Widya almost dropped out of school after finishing primary school back in June, as her parents don’t have any money to afford her school fees. However, Widya insisted and pleaded so much that her parents relented and took a loan to afford it.

Her parents are concerned that Luh Widya will have to drop out soon anyway, as they can’t keep taking loans to afford her school expenses.

This pandemic also doesn’t help, as her parents nowadays seldom get to work due to the following recession.


Gede Angga

Gede Angga, 13, is an only child. He lives alone with his grandparents in Buleleng. His grandparents only graduated from primary schools.

His parents got divorced, leaving him to be raised by his grandparents.

Gede Angga starts Jr High, 7th grade, this term. It comes with many new expenses.

Gede Angga almost dropped out of school after graduating from primary school in June. However, he insisted and pleaded to his grandparents, so they took a loan to afford his entrance fee or uniform fee and school supplies. He’s desperate for an education.



Melati, age 14, is the middle child of three sisters in Badung Regency. She’s just starting 9th grade.

Melati’s wish is to open her own business, preferably a restaurant or a bakery. She really wants to go to a vocational senior high school of culinary arts if she could.

At home, Melati mainly helps her family by making offerings so they could sell them to their neighbors. Her parents, as laborers, struggle to find work.

She has an older sister who had graduated from senior high school, but had gotten furloughed due to the pandemic. Her parents borrowed money in order to put her into senior high school, hoping that her sister could take over the debt and pay it on her own after graduating and getting a good job. Unfortunately, the pandemic and recession are still happening, and she could only work as a laborer who doesn’t always get to work. She could only help her parents paying off the monthly interest. Melati’s little sister is still in kindergarten.


Dwi Jayanti

Dwi Jayanti, age 15, is the younger of two in Badung Regency. She is just starting grade 9.

She has an older brother who graduated from senior high school, but is currently unemployed due to the pandemic. He only works as a laborer to help their parents, who have been laborers all their lives.

Both of Dwi Jayanti’s parents only graduated from primary school. Her parents took loans to afford her brother’s senior high school fees. They also took loans to fix their house and buy a second-hand motorbike.

Dwi Jayanti’s brother was supposed to help with paying off their debt and Dwi Jayanti’s high school fees. Unfortunately, with their current situation and no sign of the pandemic coming to an end soon, Dwijayanti would have to drop out after finishing her junior high school or her 9th grade next year.