Become a Champion for Children!

Champions for Children is a monthly donation program that anybody can get involved in. With no donation too small, our monthly donors are what gives us the ability to continue to grow and help children in Bali.

From supporting life-saving programs, to giving children help in urgent circumstances, Champions for Children is one of the best ways you can support our work.

Just fill in the form below to add your monthly donation and keep your eyes peeled for updates on how your support is driving new programs, supporting existing ones and giving children better futures.

How Monthly Donations Help

  • $5 USD can help restock libraries with new books

  • $10 USD can give access to new resources for teachers

  • $15 USD can provide new supplies to broken kindergartens

  • $20 USD can give a family food staples for a month

  • $50 USD can support our emergency fund for urgent children’s needs

  • $100 USD can help to fund the launch of new programs

Why are monthly donations so important?
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Core Funding
Monthly donations give the ability to use funds where they are most needed, helping us to grow and develop new programs.
Monthly support enables us to plan for the future and use funds to impact children in the most effective ways.
Urgent Needs
Monthly support provides critical fund availability, for example, helping a child to stay in school when there is no sponsor.
Amplifying Donations
Monthly donations have a cumulative effect, enabling donations to combine for greater impact.
Program Support
Giving unrestricted donations means the funds to help launch new programs for children.
Emergency Appeals
Can help us respond instantly to emergencies - such as food relief and more.

Is this different to the Sponsorship Program?

Yes. Champions for Children is a great way to donate without the commitments required from school sponsorships. You can donate an amount of your choice for as long as you like. Your donation is then used to support our work where it is needed most.

How is my monthly donation used?

Funds raised are used where they are most needed. This could be helping us to top up funds in a budget that hasn’t hit the target, helping a student who has not yet been sponsored or supporting our team to deliver our daily work.

What Happens when I sign up?

All Champions for Children will receive a personal thank you from our team, a specific newsletter three times a year and other updates on how your support has helped.