Ways to Help

There are lots of ways you can help children in Bali. In this section we give our suggestions for best ways to help.
Take a look at the top ways to help underprivileged children in Bali.

Become a Champion for Children!

Champions for Children is a monthly donation program that anybody can get involved in. With no donation too small, our monthly donors are what gives us the ability to continue to grow and help children in Bali.

From supporting life-saving programs, to giving children help in urgent circumstances, Champions for Children is one of the best ways you can support our work.

Sponsor a Student for School

In Bali, high school costs money. With approximately one in five students dropping out of school, future opportunities become limited. Without a graduation certificate, many students are forced to give up on their futures and work only in basic day labor.

Sponsorship changes their lives by giving them a structured route through school. Sponsorships cost $40 usd per month and literally make the difference between a life of toil or a life of achieving their dreams.

Additional Support Options

Food Relief Package (15 – 40 USD)

It’s a sad reality that many families living in poverty struggle to afford even the most basic staple foods.

Food Relief provides each family with a package full of essential items such as rice, oil, noodles, eggs, and more.

A single food package can provide staples for a family of five for over a month, making a significant impact on their lives.

You can choose to give small (15 usd), medium (20 usd) or large (40 usd) food packs.

Equip a Library (250 USD)

Most libraries we work with start with old and inappropriate books.

Help us to supply these libraries with good quality, brand new books. New books help to inspire children and teachers. One new book costs as little as $2 USD! For example, a 250 USD donation can buy between 50 – 100  books.

For those looking to fund larger library projects, see our list of libraries needing support.

School Entry Backpacks (100 USD)

To enable children who just need the basics to enter school. Many children only have simple barriers in place, easily solved through providing a backpack.

You can donate by going to our donate page, selecting 100 USD and marking your donation ‘TO BUY SCHOOL STARTER BACKPACK’.

We will let you know which child your backpack is going to and you’ll receive updates on their progress. You are also welcome to ask who is in most need of a backpack before committing.

Study Desk (105 USD)

Most children do not have many place to study at home. With families struggling to afford the cost of living, affording a study desks do not even enter the mind.

A new study desk, complete with a chair, lamp and extension cable is a great way to inspire children to focus on their education and complete their homework/extra curricular education in peace.

The study desk costs 105 USD and is suited more for children in their final three years of high school.

You will receive information and photographs of the desk being delivered, with a thank you sign from the child you have helped.

Bikes to go to School (136 – 181 USD)

Many children have to walk long distances to school and can never afford the luxury of a bicycle.

Bring some joy to a child by donating a good quality bike. You can donate by going to our donate page, giving $136 USD (elementary age children) or $181 USD (high school age children) and marking your donation ‘TO BUY BICYCLE FOR A BOY/GIRL’

You will receive information and photographs of the bicycle you have purchased and the child who has received it, with a thank you sign (with your name).

Supply a School (300 USD)

Preschools and Kindergartens we support have little resources. A Schools Supply Box provides a huge variety of books, toys and games.

All items can be purchased in Bali. You are welcome to purchase items individually using our list or you can donate the funds for our staff to purchase.

After purchasing, we will deliver the Supply Box to a Bali Children’s Project supported school along with updates and photos. The boxes make a huge difference.

Donate a Mattress (125 USD)

Many children from poor families sleep on floors or uncomfortable mattresses.

You can donate this by going to our donate page, selecting your donation amount and marking your donation ‘TO BUY MATTRESS’.

A mattress donation also includes bed sheets, pillows and a blanket. Options are:

  • Single mattress – 125 USD (for children who sleep in their own room)
  • Double mattress – 160 USD (for children who sleep with their family)

You will receive information and photographs of the mattress you have purchased and the family who have received it, with a thank you sign (with your name).

Other Support Options

Partner your School

Become a school supporter with your local school.

Undertake your own fundraising with school (e.g. non-uniform days) and help to fund underprivileged schools in Bali.

Your school will get photos of exactly how you have helped, with purchases of supplies, toys and games.

Partner your Business

Help to show your customers that your are a conscious business.

In Bali or abroad, you can help by partnering you business and creating your own fundraising or donations program.

Your support will help to grow our programs, with regular updates showing how your donations have helped.

Involve your Hotel

We have a great way for your hotel to give back to help educate children in Bali.

If you are involved in a hotel or simply staying there, let them know about Envelopes of Hope. We encourage hotels to get in touch too.

The program helps hotels and guests to each contribute a little, while making a big difference to our programs.