Supporting local charity is a great way for your hotel to show guests that you are helping to make Bali a better place, thanks to their stay with you.

Envelopes of Hope is our invitation to hotels to help raise funds for children to access education in Bali.

Envelopes of Hope

The idea is simple. Guests are given a non-intrusive opportunity to donate through a donation box. Guests use envelopes that are placed in reception or in the room welcome pack.

There’s no need for major staff training and no cost to your hotel. Bali Children’s Project will provide all materials required and can make monthly collections from the locked donation box.


How to Join

1. Provide an Envelope of Hope in your front office, welcome pack or room information pack

2. Keep an Envelopes of Hope donation box in your foyer or entrance

3. Guests choose to contribute and post their Envelope of Hope at their discretion

Our Hotel Supporters…

What is the Impact?

Funds raised will be used to directly support our projects.

$100 USD can purchase a school entry backpack

$250 USD can buy a huge school supply box for a kindergarten

$480 USD can sponsor a child for a year

$1,000 USD can equip a whole library with 250 books

$30,000 USD is required to run our sex education program

If you would like to become part of this program, please get in touch.

Bali Childrens Project relies solely on donations from individuals and businesses to run our programs. With your help, we can provide better educational oppoertunities for Bali’s disadvantaged children.