School Renovations

Bali Children’s Project provides schools support to many under-resourced preschools and kindergartens – providing materials, equipment and training.

The Importance of Learning

A child’s early years are the most critical in terms of development.

Vital brain connections are made during this time, which provide the foundations for each child’s future learning, well-being and prosperity.

Early stage learning is key to this ability to access education. Sadly in Bali, not all younger children are able to enjoy the same level of early stage learning.

Schools in Bali

There are many under equipped schools in Bali – especially those for early years. Poor families cannot afford the luxury of private well equipped pre-schools. While there is a growing number of well equipped pre schools, there are also many which lack support.

There are many schools that have been set up to serve young children in the local community, that do not qualify for support. These schools lack the resources, equipment and materials to provide effective early stage education.

Full of old and broken toys and games, poor schools find themselves in a helpless cycle. They can’t provide a good quality education for young learners without facilities and training. However, these elements cost money that villages don’t have.

With limited training and little salary, teachers end up teaching the same style each day. Unable to be creative with toys, games and supplies, schools are often restricted to singing, counting and other basics.

We focus on supplying, renovating and training community preschools and kindergartens. Finding communities who have the basics, but lack the support is what this program was meant for.

Thanks to support from school funders, we can renovate schools so they become unrecognizable.



Once we have found a funder, Bali Children’s Project is able to completely transform schools.

Budgets vary depending on the previous condition of the school. As a minimum we will completely resupply schools and train the teachers to offer a better quality education.

If schools are operating from poor quality buildings, we will employ local builders to help us renovate or in some cases completely rebuild the community school.

What we end up with are high quality schools in proud villages, with happy students and trained teachers. Communities come together, more parents educate their children at younger ages and children truly have access to early stage learning.

All schools we build and renovate are fully owned by the communities that have set them up. We are proud to be able to help poorer communities in Bali provide high quality early stage education.

You can see a list of all our renovation projects here.

School Renovation Videos

None of our schools support work could be done without the generosity of kind donors. You can contribute to a school support project  through the links below.

If you would like to support our child abuse awareness program, you will be helping us to reach over 10,000 students per year, funding our staff to do so and awareness booklets for each student.