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Bali Children’s Project is a registered non-profit in Bali, Indonesia.
We are dedicated to help children in Bali escape poverty through education.
Please help us create better futures.

Child Protection
Trained 1,454 schools and teachers in how to implement child protection education, through formal teacher training in 5 regencies in Bali
Sponsorships for School
Currently sponsoring over 550 students living in poverty to stay in school and achieve their dreams.
Library Renovations
Renovated 57 libraries, turning them into incredible new learning centers and bringing reading and computer literacy to remote areas of Bali
Kindergarten Renovations
Renovated 50 kindergartens to bring quality early stage learning to the poorest areas of Bali.
School Entry Backpacks
Provided over 1,000 elementary school students with 'school entry backpacks' to allow them to go to elementary school fully supplied and confident.
Sex Education
Since 2012, educating over 10,000 students every year in critical sexual education information so that they can make informed decisions in life.
Green Communities
Providing education, infrastructure support and guidance for villages to change their culture surrounding waste management and to protect the environment.
Children Currently Sponsored
School Renovated
Libraries Renovated

2023 Annual Review Video

Bali Children’s Project is proud to present our annual review video

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Champions for Children provides crucial support for children in Bali

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Bali Children’s Project is a 501(c) 3 USA federally tax-exempt non-profit charitable foundation (EIN 26-0014889) and a Yayasan in Indonesia (NIB 230921044171).



As part of our Child Protection and Sex Educqtion Programs, our team is helping girls to learn about menstruation.

Many girls in Bali enter adolescence without understanding what is happening to their bodies. It can be very confusing for girls if they've never been taught about the changes they will experience.

Our female led team has been providing workshops for schools in Bali.

Working within our wider programs of Child Protection and Sex Education, our aim is to engage teachers to be able to deliver workshops to their students through a capacity building approach.

This year, we'll be impacting over 200,000 school students in Child Protection and Sexual Education.

The leaflets and presentation were kindly provided by @careforher2023


Sebagai bagian dari Program Perlindungan Anak dan Pendidikan Seks, tim kami membantu anak perempuan untuk belajar tentang menstruasi.

Banyak remaja putri di Bali yang memasuki usia remaja tanpa memahami apa yang terjadi pada tubuhnya.  Akan sangat membingungkan bagi anak perempuan jika mereka tidak pernah diajari tentang perubahan yang akan mereka alami.

Tim kami yang dipimpin perempuan telah menyediakan lokakarya untuk sekolah-sekolah di Bali.

Bekerja dalam program Perlindungan Anak dan Pendidikan Seks yang lebih luas, tujuan kami adalah untuk melibatkan para guru agar dapat memberikan lokakarya kepada siswa mereka melalui pendekatan peningkatan kapasitas.

Tahun ini, kami akan memberikan dampak kepada lebih dari 200.000 siswa sekolah dalam Perlindungan Anak dan Pendidikan Seksual.

 Selebaran dan presentasi disediakan oleh @careforher2023
Educating future teachers on child abuse awareness and sexual education at @unmas_denpasar


Mendidik calon guru tentang kesadaran pelecehan anak dan pendidikan seksual di @unmas_denpasar
Thank you to pur appeal donors who have helped to give 29 schools and 100s of children access to new books and learning supplies!
🎁 29 supply boxes delivered to needy schools thanks to appeal donors 🎁

Thanks to the kind support of donors for our end-of-year appeal, we have raised a huge 8,151 USD from our appeal to provide supply boxes to schools and libraries.

In our appeal, we emphasized the importance of supporting underserved schools by assembling brand new supply boxes. The aim of the appeal was to breathe life into libraries filled with dull textbooks and to equip kindergartens with essential educational supplies. 

Acknowledging that we do not have the funds available to renovate every school we come across, the idea of the appeal was to give these schools a boost through giving book and supply boxes.

Thanks to the generous response of donors, our team has successfully delivered 29 boxes throughout Bali (to 29 different schools!), making an incredible difference in the lives of students and teachers alike.

You can still fund a supply box by going to the ways to help section of our website. Or to provide consistent essential support, join our monthly giving program Champions for Children.
📚 Eight Students Sponsored in January 📚

Our thanks to our latest sponsors in January of Marinus, Eduardo, Cristina, Dan & Kristle and Olivia who have sponsored eight students in Bali to stay in school.

With the latest news that 19,000 students did not make it through high school in 2022, we are pleased to at least be able to change the lives of these students.

Far from being another drop out statistic, these children’s lives will now drastically change.

Instead of a life of basic day labor and little ability to compete for jobs, they all now have a chance to succeed.

Their school fees are no covered and these students can no move forward with a renewed sense of hope thanks to their sponsors.

If you'd like to become a sponsor, please see our website.
⭐️ Launching our 2024 Child Protection Program ⭐️

In a significant step towards safeguarding the well-being of children in Bali, the Bali Children’s Project has commenced its 2024 Child Protection Program. The initiative, aimed at raising awareness about abuse and empowering children to respond effectively, is already making strides as the first round of training workshops kicks off in Denpasar.

Abuse awareness in Indonesia lacks a formal curriculum, meaning many children are left vulnerable and uninformed. Bali Children’s Project, recognizing this critical gap, has been helping schools and teachers to develop the infrastructure to change this.

The start of the 2024 program marks a milestone in the organization’s efforts to expand its reach and impact. Building on previous years successes, the project aims to extend its comprehensive resources and training to all 951 elementary schools in Bali.

Having previously completed five regencies in previous years (Bangli, Buleleng, Jembrana, Karangasem and Badung), 2024 will see the remaining four regencies of Denpasar, Tabanan, Klungkung and Gianyar supported.

If you'd like to support programs like this, perhaps you'd like to become a monthly 'Champions for Children' donor.

Read the full article on our website!


⭐️ Meluncurkan Program Perlindungan Anak 2024 kami ⭐️

Sebagai langkah signifikan dalam menjaga kesejahteraan anak-anak di Bali, Proyek Anak Bali telah memulai Program Perlindungan Anak tahun 2024.  Inisiatif ini, yang bertujuan untuk meningkatkan kesadaran tentang pelecehan dan memberdayakan anak-anak untuk merespons secara efektif, telah mencapai kemajuan seiring dengan dimulainya lokakarya pelatihan putaran pertama di Denpasar.

Dimulainya program tahun 2024 menandai tonggak sejarah dalam upaya organisasi ini untuk memperluas jangkauan dan dampaknya.  Berdasarkan keberhasilan tahun-tahun sebelumnya, proyek ini bertujuan untuk memperluas sumber daya dan pelatihan komprehensifnya ke seluruh 951 sekolah dasar di Bali.

Jika Anda ingin mendukung program seperti ini, mungkin Anda ingin menjadi donatur bulanan 'Juara untuk Anak'.

 Baca artikel selengkapnya di website kami!
Bali Children’s Project is pleased to introduce our latest business supporter @motelrocks

Bali Children’s Project is delighted to partner with Motel, with the London/Bali based brand to bring better futures for children in Bali. An independent brand, Motel makes unique vintage-style women’s clothing, inspired by flea markets and thrift stores.

Having kindly donated to Bali Children’s Project, Motel’s support is making a direct impact on underprivileged children in Bali.

“This year we are running an appeal to help supply kindergartens and libraries with much needed supplies.” said Bali Children’s Project Founder Linda Venter.

“So thanks to their support, we are now able to purchase several book and supply boxes for schools in need”.

Motel’s donation will be used to support library and kindergarten supply boxes in needy schools of rural Bali.

Business supporters like Motel are crucial to Bali Children’s Project and the children whom we support.

Creating a business partnership means that children in Bali have a better chance of a future.

With donations supporting specific programs, business supporters have helped us to build libraries, renovate kindergartens, sponsor children for school and run life saving sex education programs too.

If you’d like to become a business supporter, please get in touch.
Another cleanup in Nyalian village in our Bali Green Communities Program!

The village has suffered from a lack of resource infrastructure and education, meaning illegal trash dumping and burning are commonplace.

However, our community development program is changing all of that.

More than simple clean ups, our team has built a trash sorting center in the village, which has already processed 2.5 tonnes of waste that would have otherwise been burned or dumped.

It's all part of our 18 month plan to remove barriers faced below rural villages and replace them with real alternatives.

The program focuses on enabling the community to take control of their own environmental future.

Completely owned and managed by the local community, this education plan is making a huge impact in Bali.

@fivelementsretreats @viceroybali @dewisyrowatka @griya_luhu @acacia @ayu_trisna91 @karmagawa @timothysykes
Can you help improve education for children in broken schools in Bali?

We are appealing to raise funds for book boxes and kindergarten boxes for the schools who need it most.

So far we've raised 17 boxes thanks to kind appeal supporters. That's 17 school whose children will have better access to education thanks to your kindness!

Click the link in our bio or see our website to donate to the appeal.
Stopping bullying in Balinese schools through teacher training 💜
Can you help children in Bali access better education this holiday season?

We are appealing for help to raise as many school supply boxes as we can.

Any donation helps us to reach our goal of 250 usd per library box and 300 usd per kindergarten supply box.

The supply boxes will bring joy to children who have very little, helping them to access better quality education.

To donate, head to our website. Thank you!
To donate to our School Supplies Holiday Appeal please see our website.

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