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7 09, 2023

19 Students Sponsored in August

2023-09-07T00:32:34-04:00September 7th, 2023|News|

19 Students Sponsored for School in August After the joy of seeing so many of our students graduate, we're pleased to say that 19 more students are now on track to complete school, thanks to new sponsorships. Mostly made up of kind sponsors who's previous students graduated, August's new sponsors have continued their support to give other children [...]

14 08, 2023

102 Students Graduate in Bali Thanks to Sponsors

2023-08-14T20:57:24-04:00August 14th, 2023|News|

102 Students Graduate in 2023 Thanks to Sponsors With thanks to our sponsors, we are delighted to present our graduates from 2023. Beating the odds, these children all faced the grim prospect of dropping out of school, but have now graduated thanks to their sponsors. These 102 students would have only had limited opportunities in life, with prospects [...]

7 08, 2023

19 Students Sponsored in July 2023

2023-08-07T01:50:23-04:00August 7th, 2023|News|

19 Students Sponsored in July Wonderful news for 19 students in Bali, as new life-changing sponsorships secure their school futures. Thanks to July's sponsors, 19 students will never have to worry about dropping out again. As the school year ended and a new year starts, it is one of the most important times for children - school fees [...]

10 07, 2023

13 Students Sponsored for School in June

2023-07-10T01:21:43-04:00July 10th, 2023|News|

13 Students Sponsored for School in June We are thankful to our latest sponsors in June who have enabled 13 more students to stay in school. As the end of the academic year and the start of a new one, it's a very important time as students are expected to pay entrance fees, uniform costs and more. We [...]

3 07, 2023

Child Protection Reaches 829 Schools in 2023

2023-07-03T04:52:48-04:00July 3rd, 2023|News|

Child Protection Reaches 829 Schools in 2023 Bali Children's Project is delighted to announce the completion of a huge teacher training effort in Bali. It is all thanks to funders the Mel Wolf Foundation and the education boards of Badung, Jembrana and Karengasem - and of course the teachers who joined. Watch the video and see below for [...]

30 06, 2023

Stocks to Trade Kindergarten in Bali

2023-06-30T22:57:05-04:00June 30th, 2023|News|

Stocks to Trade Kindergarten Opens in Bali Welcome to the Stocks to Trade Kindergarten - one of our largest ever renovations in Bali. The previous kindergarten lacked supplies and was crumbling apart. To make things worse, asbestos in the roof presented a serious health threat to children. That has all changed thanks to Karmagawa's support. This is the [...]

22 06, 2023

Bali Children’s Project Launch ‘Champions for Children’ monthly giving program

2023-06-25T22:13:15-04:00June 22nd, 2023|To publish|

Bali Children’s Project Launch ‘Champions for Children’ monthly giving program Bali Children’s Project is inviting supporters to join a new monthly giving program in Bali. Champions for Children is designed to provide crucial support at a difficult time. “It has been quite a troubling time for non-profits lately” said Linda Venter, USA Executive Director and founder of Bali [...]

12 06, 2023

101 Heroes supports our 101st School

2023-06-12T14:12:15-04:00June 12th, 2023|Library Renovations, News|

101 Heroes Supports our 101st Project Aptly funded by supporters 101 Heroes, the James Goldstein Learning Center is our 101st building project in Bali. It is also the sixth building that 101 Heroes have kindly funded, providing children all over Bali with better access to books and computers in a comfortable environment. We are proud to present this [...]

9 06, 2023

Kindergarten Graduations Begin in Bali

2023-07-16T22:50:12-04:00June 9th, 2023|News, Schools Support|

Kindergarten Graduations in Bali As the academic year comes to a close, the island of Bali is abuzz with pride and excitement as kindergarteners across the region prepare to graduate. These young learners, equipped with newfound knowledge and skills, are ready to take their next step towards elementary school. The graduation ceremonies not only mark a significant milestone [...]

6 06, 2023

8 Students Sponsored in May

2023-06-06T17:01:38-04:00June 6th, 2023|News, Sponsored children|

8 Students Sponsored for School in May Bali Children's Project is proud to say that we have been able to sponsor a further eight new students to stay in school. All in dire situations, these children would have little to no chance of completing school without a sponsorship. In Bali, school costs money. As high school progresses, fees [...]

10 05, 2023

12 Students Sponsored in April

2023-05-10T20:40:08-04:00May 10th, 2023|News, Sponsored children|

12 Students Sponsored for School in April With thanks to our latest new sponsors, Bali Children's Project has been able to sponsor a further 12 students to stay in school. It is the largest number of new sponsors in a month so far in 2023, and we hope that we can continue to attract new sponsors to support [...]

8 05, 2023

Backpacks Deliveries Bring Joy in Bali

2023-05-08T15:53:53-04:00May 8th, 2023|News|

Backpack Deliveries Bring Joy in Bali Thanks to supporters from our latest appeal, we were able to raise funds to purchase 130 $100 USD school supply backpacks in Bali. Plus, after buying in bulk, we were able to source a further seven backpacks! The backpacks were delivered to some of the neediest children in rural communities, helping them [...]

22 04, 2023

Earth Day 2023: Bali Green Communities

2023-04-22T09:55:09-04:00April 22nd, 2023|Environment, News|

Earth Day 2023 Coinciding with Earth Day, 2023, Bali Children's Project is pleased to announce a brand new environmental program. Bali Green Communities is aimed at providing villages with the support they need to overhaul their environmental practices. Involving clean-ups, community education, community action and infrastructure support, we have launched the program in Nyalian Village. A pilot project, [...]

5 04, 2023

48th Project Funded by Karmagawa in Bali

2023-04-05T15:29:42-04:00April 5th, 2023|News|

Adam Waheed Learning Center 2 Bali Children's Project is pleased to present a short summary video to introduce the Adam Waheed Learning Center 2. This is the second Adam Waheed Learning Center renovated in Bali together with Karmagawa support. This is a special project as it's the first learning center we have renovated in a junior high school. [...]

3 04, 2023

Four Students Sponsored in March

2023-04-03T13:59:20-04:00April 3rd, 2023|News|

Four Students Sponsored for School in March Bali Children's Project are grateful to our latest sponsors in March who have helped to give four children new school futures. With times being difficult economically, these sponsorships mean the world to children with less. It has been a difficult time in the charity world as economic issues have a direct [...]

29 03, 2023

Karmagawa Funded Project #47 in Bali

2023-04-03T13:00:57-04:00March 29th, 2023|Library Renovations, News|

Karmagawa Funded Project #47 We're excited to share our latest project, made possible thanks to the generous support of our friends at Karmagawa. Join us as we showcase the amazing Bondalem Learning Center - a brand new facility that offers children unlimited access to books to computer-based learning. This stunning space is a true gift to the community [...]

7 03, 2023

Badung Schools Formalize Abuse Awareness in Bali

2023-04-03T12:58:23-04:00March 7th, 2023|Child Protection, News|

Huge Teacher Training Workshops for Child Protection Bali Children’s Project is excited to share the latest big news in our Child Protection effort in Bali. After careful negotiation, Bali’s regency of Badung has signed up to our Child Protection program. It means that every single elementary school in the Badung regency must now deliver child protection workshops, based [...]

6 03, 2023

Twelve Students Sponsored in January and February

2023-03-06T14:31:13-05:00March 6th, 2023|News|

Twelve Students Newly Sponsored for January and February In January and February, we were able to bring the good news to twelve children, that their schooling has been sponsored! It means they no longer have to worry about dropping out. In Bali, high school costs money. Families who can't afford the costs either get in debt, take loans [...]

5 03, 2023

Backpack Appeal Success in Bali

2023-03-06T10:46:30-05:00March 5th, 2023|News|

Backpack Appeal Success in Bali After a successful appeal, 137 fully supplied school entry backpacks are on their way to children in need throughout Bali. For our Holiday appeal in December, we asked supporters to help us to raise funds to purchase school supply backpacks for children. Elementary school in Indonesia is free, however families are expected to [...]

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