Eric Criswell Learning Center Opens in Bali

Our 104th renovation project in Bali comes thanks to our friends 101 Heroes.

It is the seventh project which has been supported in Bali by 101 Heroes specifically and is the 104th project renovation by Bali Children’s Project.

This library was rarely used previously, but has now become the most exciting place in the village for children here.

Previously a clean but barren library, children here were not particularly interested in learning, despite the best efforts of the incredible teachers.

In Bali, Library buildings are mandatory, however, many of those buildings do not have quality books to inspire interest in reading.

Our renovations provide schools with improved libraries, full of books, computers and inspirational paintwork.

We are proud to have opened this 104th project and thankful to our supporters 101 Heroes for enabling this.

If you are interested in funding either a book box or a full renovation, you can see our Fund a Library page.

Bali Children’s Project can only help children to access better facilities with your support.