Sponsor A Child

Sponsoring a child is easy. A donation of $40 USD a month is enough to ensure a child stays in school.

Step 1: Choose a Child to Sponsor

Our waiting list is full of children who are in urgent need of sponsorship. It has been compiled by our team and area co-ordinators based on a needs assessment.

Please see our Sponsorship Waiting List, which is updated in real time, for children in need of sponsorship.

Step 2: Set up your monthly donation

To set up a sponsorship, visit our donation page here. In the form, select monthly sponsorship

and ensure you name the child in the ‘I want my donation to be dedicated: NAME OF CHILD’ section.

Step 3: Confirmation of Sponsorship

We will write to you to confirm your sponsorship and provide further details. Your sponsored child will also be informed of their sponsorship from our Area Coordinators.

Step 4: Receive Updates

Directly after sponsroship, we share the good news with the student you’ve sponsored, and send thank you photos, along with a Sponsorship Welcome Pack.

Updates thereafter on how your sponsorship is helping are sent annually, although sponsors are welcome to ask for an update at any time.

How Sponsorships Work

This form is for donors wishing to give on an annual basis. You can also choose to give quarterly or annually