Options below link through to our donation payment provider, Network for Good, which processes Credit, Debit and PayPal donations. Alternatively, donors can give via Paypal Giving Fund or through direct bank transfer.

If you are planning a large donation, please get in touch first to help avoid processing fees and maximise your donation impact.

Sponsor a Child

Click the below button to set up a $40 USD per month sponsorship for a child in Bali through Network for Good.

Your monthly donation will secure the future of a child’s education, with updates sent directly to you on their progress.

Set up a Sponsorship


Set up a single, monthly, quarterly or annual donation through Network for Good.

You are welcome to choose an area to donate to, or to allow Bali Children’s Project to use the donation where it is needed most.


Paypal Giving Fund

One time donations only. PayPal offers a 0% processing fee so helps to get more from your donation.

A USA IP address may be required to access this page. PayPal Giving Fund can only process single one time donations.

PayPal Giving Fund

Indonesia Bank Transfer

Bank Name: BNI

Account Name: Yayasan Bali Children Project

Account Number: 0303322334

USA Bank Transfer

Please contact us if you would like to transfer to the USA

Thank you for helping children escape poverty through education

Bali Children’s Project relies solely on donations to fund our programs. Without donors, our work would not exist.