Library Renovations

28 02, 2022

Another new Learning Center thanks to Barry!

2022-02-28T16:43:24+08:00February 28th, 2022|Library Renovations, News|

Another new Learning Center thanks to Barry! In one of our largest ever projects, we opened the third Dr Russell A Peterson Learning Center in Bali. The project involved knocking down an old broken dormitory and building a brand new learning center. It's all thanks to supporter Barry, who dedicated the renovation to his father Russell. [...]

1 02, 2022

Tuohey Learning Center, Bali

2022-02-01T15:39:58+08:00February 1st, 2022|Library Renovations, News|

The Tuohey Learning Center in Bali is Complete Welcome to the Tuohey Leearning Center in Bali! It is our latest learning center renovation supported by our friends Karmagawa. It's our 38th project together with Karmagawa. What an impact! Fund a Library There are many more libraries in Bali that need [...]

31 01, 2022

Karmagawa Funds 37th Project in Bali

2022-01-31T14:10:25+08:00January 31st, 2022|Library Renovations, News|

Karmagawa Funds 37th Project in Bali Bali Children's Project opened our 37th project funded by Karmagawa in Bali - the Irish Learning Center. This time we renovated an old and uninspiring library into a magical new learning center. Fund a Library There are many more libraries in Bali that need [...]

24 01, 2022

Shetty Learning Center Opens in Bali

2022-01-24T15:55:05+08:00January 24th, 2022|Library Renovations|

Shetty Learning Center Opens in Bali Another wonderful renovation is complete. After support from Karmagawa, we transformed this unused library into a world of imagination. It's our 36th project together with supporters Karmagawa, with plenty more to come. The students at this school now have a fantastic place to learn. See more below. [...]

17 11, 2021

The Second Russell A Peterson Learning Center

2021-12-08T13:50:45+08:00November 17th, 2021|Library Renovations, News|

The Second Dr Russell A Peterson Learning Center Opens Welcome to the Dr. Russell A Peterson Learning Center, which opened its doors this week thanks to support from Barry. Supporter Barry donated to help us transform this dark and old library into a bright and new learning center. We are so grateful for Barry's support, who dedicated the [...]

15 07, 2021

New Renovation: Alex Unite Learning Center

2021-07-15T10:07:50+08:00July 15th, 2021|Library Renovations|

101 Heroes Fund a  Fifth Learning Center Renovation in Bali Thanks to support from 101 Heroes, we have opened yet another Learning Center in Bali. The renovations program finds poor quality libraries and transforms them into incredible new learning spaces. It's the fifth learning center we have renovated thanks to 101 Heroes and this one has a special [...]

20 04, 2021

101 Heroes Open Library in Bali

2021-04-20T15:54:19+08:00April 20th, 2021|Library Renovations, News|

101 Heroes Fund a Learning Center Renovation in Bali Thanks to our friends 101 Heroes, Bali Children's Project has been able to renovate another learning center in Bali. Named after their friend, the Cameron Rualo Learning Center has made an incredible difference to students in this village. Fund a Library [...]

22 02, 2021

Fourth Leonore G Calaustro Learning Center Opens in Bali

2021-02-23T10:37:35+08:00February 22nd, 2021|Library Renovations, News|

Fourth Leonore G Calaustro Learning Center Opens in Bali Bali Children's Project is delighted to present our latest renovation - the Leonore G Calaustro Learning Center, Tabanan.   The Learning Center transformed an old library that was at risk of eathquake and landslide damage to a wonderful new place of inspiration for children.   It is [...]

22 01, 2021

New Kindergarten and Learning Centre in Bali

2021-01-25T17:18:23+08:00January 22nd, 2021|Library Renovations, Schools Support|

New Kindergarten and Learning Centre in Bali Bali Children's Project is proud to present our 22nd and 23rd projects funded by Karmagawa in Bali! The two projects are in the same location, giving a village whose buildings and facilities were very poor a massive makeover. It's changed the village forever and Bali Children's Project is so [...]

17 01, 2020

101 Heroes and Bali Children’s Project Open Third Library in Bali

2020-01-17T16:48:34+08:00January 17th, 2020|Library Renovations, News|

101 Heroes and Bali Children's Project Open Third Library in Bali In a wonderful start to the year, we opened the Gaddi Family Library in rural Tabanan, north Bali. The library included a mini renovation and a full compliment of new furniture, supplies and of course our tradmark mural. It's thanks to funding from 101 Heroes, who donated [...]

16 09, 2019

Multiple Donations Create a New Library!

2019-10-11T10:20:22+08:00September 16th, 2019|Library Renovations, News|

Multiple Donors Create a New Library Thanks to several library donations, supporters have clubbed together to transform yet another library. Many supporters will be aware that libraries in Bali are almost non-existent. Although there is a designated building in each school, most libraries do not have quality books or supplies to run a library. Libraries come in different shapes [...]

7 09, 2019

Rice Family Opens Three Schools in Bali

2019-09-07T11:49:00+08:00September 7th, 2019|Library Renovations, News, Schools Support|

Learning Centres in Bali Not one, not two, but three new schools opened in Bali last week! It was thanks to support from the Rice family. The two kindergartens and one library were previously falling apart, but now have a new lease of life. Just look at how much it means to the community and the children of [...]

25 06, 2019

Chinese School Donates a Library

2019-06-25T12:15:55+08:00June 25th, 2019|Library Renovations|

Students and teacher’s from QSI International School have helped to completely change a library in the rural village of Batuan, Bali. When QSI International School teachers Adam and Heather visited Bali Children’s Project, they knew their school could help to give students a better quality learning environment. Access to Books in Bali During their visit, Adam and Heather found [...]

13 03, 2019

Heroes: Ethan Library Opens in Bali

2019-03-15T09:40:04+08:00March 13th, 2019|Library Renovations|

Before After Delight as the Ethan Library Opens in Bali Another library has just opened to serve a low income community in the mountains of Bali, thanks to support from 101 Heroes. SDN 2 Sukuwana Elementary had previously been struggling to educate its children to read. Without a budget, the school could not [...]

6 08, 2018

From Ghost House to Learning Centre

2018-08-07T09:57:16+08:00August 6th, 2018|Library Renovations, News|

From Ghost House to Bali Children used to be scared to go into the teachers house in their school in Kintamani - so scared they called it 'the ghost house'. But now, thanks to support from Karmagawa and the Timothy Sykes Foundation, Bali Children's Project renovated the ghost house into a wonderful new learning centre - The Mark [...]

2 07, 2018

A Day to Remember

2018-07-05T09:11:15+08:00July 2nd, 2018|Library Renovations, News, Schools Support, Special Donor Projects|

A Day to Remember Children in the mountains of Bali had a day to remember as Timothy Sykes and friends from Karmagawa visited Bali to open two new schools and a learning centre. Kintamani Schools Up in the mountains of Kintmani, Bali Children's Project has been working on a series of new projects [...]

25 05, 2018

Karma Spreads to Apuan

2018-05-25T21:24:22+08:00May 25th, 2018|Library Renovations, News, Special Projects|

Karma Spreads to Apuan School Karma was spread in more ways than one earlier this month, as our friends at Karma House helped us to put the finishing touches to Apuan Elementary's library. Apuan Elementary Apuan Elementary had been on our libraries waiting list for quite some time. The school had a very [...]

16 04, 2018

Sykes Learning Centre Starts

2018-05-21T06:47:13+08:00April 16th, 2018|Featured Story, Library Renovations, News|

16th April 2018 In a busy month of April, Bali Children’s Project have started both our eighth and ninth projects in Bali, thanks to support from Timothy Sykes. The latest project will create a new learning centre out of an old teacher’s building. […]

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