Michael and Marisa Launch Library GoFundMe Appeal

After visiting Bali, Michael and Marisa have embarked on a mission to raise funds for a library in Bali through a GoFundMe appeal.

The kind couple had visited a local school library with tour group Friends in Bali. The tour group had arranged visits to give guests the opportunity to see how school life is in Bali. Michael and Marisa were struck by the lack sad state of affairs in Manukaya Library.

Once home, the couple started looking into how they can help. After finding Bali Children’s Project online and seeing some of our completed renovation projects, they got in touch asking how we can work together to improve the library.

As is the situation with many libraries in Bali, the issue is funding.

Without enough funds to renovate the building and only old black and white books, it’s no wonder the library at Manukaya was rarely used.

GoFundMe Appeal

After assessing the building and the costs for renovation, the budget came to 14,900 USD. They decided to raise the funds for the renovation through a new GoFundMe page, which will be delivered by Bali Children’s Project.

Setting up a new GoFundMe page to raise the funds, Michael and Marisa wrote:

This past summer, my wife and I enjoyed a great visit to Bali, Indonesia, where we had a truly unique and inspiring experience. As we toured the island, we became acquainted with many people who welcomed us to their community. On one of our excursions, we toured an elementary school where the kids showered us with their kindness and hospitality.

As we made our way around the school, we came to the school library. As my wife is a librarian in an elementary school, we both knew that what we had just stepped into was a beaten-up room used chiefly for storing old books, worn bookcases, and other unused items. Yet the kids that surrounded us and shared their smiles were just amazing. From that moment, I knew we could help do a small deed that would go a long way to bring a pleasant and cheerful place for these kids to go and learn.

During our visit, we learned that many families in Bali live in extreme poverty. Their schools were filled with old wooden desks and wooden benches—virtually no technology except for some older model smartphones.

When we returned home, we decided to raise funds to renovate the SD NEGERI 6 MANUKAYA School library. Having made contact with the Bali Children’s Project, our goal is to raise the needed funds to provide a warm, friendly, and inspiring place where students can go and learn about their culture and the world.

If you would like to donate towards the appeal for funds, you can do so through the GoFundMe page here.

Fund a School

Libraries in Bali are often in such poor condition that children hardly use them. We aim to renovate these libraries and transform them into special learning spaces to inspire children. But we can only do it with help from supporters like you.