Photo Album: 100th School Opening

Bali Children’s Project is delighted to share our favorite photographs from our 100th school opening in Bali.

Welcomed by the local community, donors and friends in Bali joined us for this wonderful celebration. The project has an extra special meaning, being the 100th renovated project in Bali.

It is a milestone for our organization and helps to show what can be achieved when people from around the world support library and kindergarten refurbishments.

Our latest Community Donor Project, Bedulu Learning Center used the combined donation power of kind people from all over the world. Combining the donations, we were able to reach our fundraising target and renovate a mostly unused old library.

It’s now a place of brightness, imagination and insight, as we’ve filled the building with books, computers and comfortable seating.

We thank our Bedulu Community Donor Project funders of:, Melani Baker, Red Parka & Jennifer Cousins, Bob Hughes, Serge and Jelena, Hayley McGourty, Benjamin Harrison, Thomas Rosario, Marin Community Foundation, Tania Keelan, Dennis Sheverdeav, Yosuf Saputra and Thomas Cullen.

Of course, our thanks also go to everybody who has supported a renovation in Bali – your support has changed children’s lives.

*photographs kindly provided free of charge by Suka Studio and Design and Wahyu Mahendra

If you missed the video of the opening, you can watch it here.

Opening Day Celebrations

Before at Bedulu

After at Bedulu

Fund a Library

Libraries in Bali are often in such poor condition that children hardly use them. We aim to renovate these libraries and transform them into special learning spaces to inspire children. But we can only do it with help from supporters like you.