Monthly Giving Helps Children in Bali

Thanks to supporters of our monthly giving program Champions for Children, Bali Children’s Project has been able to help children access education in Bali.

Having launched in 2023, the program aims to give supporters an easy way to fund our work, enabling you to choose your amount and frequency, without any restrictions.

Since it’s launch, the program has helped to provide emergency sponsorship for children in school, support kindergartens to have better supplies and provide food packs for children in dire need.

Helping Families like Ana Dewi

Ana Dewi is the older of two. She lives only with her mother, little brother, and paternal grandmother. Her father passed away when Ana Dewi was in primary school. He had a massive headache and suddenly passed away. Her little brother is eleven-years-old and is in primary school.

Ana Dewi’s mother has been the sole breadwinner for the family ever since Ana Dewi’s father died. She works as a tailor for a garment shop. At most, her mother earns only USD 4 per day and she does not get to work every day since they work based on demand or made to order.

Ana Dewi almost dropped out of school this year since her mother cannot afford the expensive senior high school fees. However, Ana Dewi strongly appealed to her mother since she would like to pursue her dream to become a chef or a cook. Her greater dream is to work abroad if given the opportunity.

Previously, mother borrowed money from their neighbor to buy their staples. Ana Dewi sometimes had to go to school hungry as well since her mother cannot give her allowance to buy food at school.

Champions for Children has been providing monthly food packages for Ana Dewi and her family, alleviating the burden, while enabling Ana Dewi to gain more strength from regular food.

Become a Champion for Children in Bali

Champions for Children’s impact will grow as the number of supporters grows with it.

A flexible fund designed to help where it is needed most, we are encouraging supporters to join and give a monthly donation of your choice.

You can find out more or become a Champion for Children here.