School Partnerships

Create a partnership with your school, helping to supply and equip schools that need it most in Bali.

One of the most rewarding ways of supporting Bali Children’s Project is through school partnerships.

Fundraising is a great way to teach students about global issues, while having a real impact in areas of need in Bali.

It’s an opportunity for students to learn through action, giving them an appreciation of education and an understanding that many children are not so lucky.

Why are Partnerships Needed?

Many children in Bali go without the comforts of many schools elsewhere in the world.

Schools lack books, equipment and supplies. Libraries are mandatory, but are in old run down buildings, with poor quality books.

Partnering your school can help change the lives of children with less – your school can help a range of projects, including renovating preschools and/or libaries.

How can my School Help?

In reality, the best way your school can support schools in Bali is through financial support. With so many supplies lacking, donations help us to support schools.

300 USD | Supply a library with books

1,500-2,000 USD | Fund a small library or school renovation

10,000 USD+ | Fund a major library or school renovation

100 USD | Give a elementary school entry 


250 USD | Give a schools supply box

What can our School do?

The best ways to support are to run your own fundraising events. From non-uniform days, class sponsor drives or charity fundraising days, your school can help to support schools in Bali.

  • Run a charity non-uniform day with each student giving a donation
  • Get your school to create it’s own charity day – create a fun fair, talent show, cake sale or think of your own cool fundraising ideas
  • Organise a sponsorship drive in your class or whole school
  • Create a raffle that students, teachers and parents can help with
  • Think of your own way to raise funds and involve teachers, students and friends

If there are any materials, advice or support needed from Bali Children’s Project, we are happy to help.

We will send your school photo and videos of how your support has helped. Of course, schools are welcome to visit the projects that you have been supporting.

If you would like to become a school partner, just get in touch and let us know about your plans. We’ll do all we can to help.