Bangli Education Board Approves Child Protection

We are proud to announce that our Child Protection Program has received Bangli Education Board approval, meaning the program of educating children about their rights will be delivered in each of Bangli’s 164 elementary school.

The program gives schools an online package for teaching students about abuse, along with videos, activities and more. It includes our landmark animated video ‘Mawar’ which takes viewers through Mawar’s story.

In December, this will be launched with a teacher training workshop attended by each of the 164 schools in the regency.

It’s a landmark moment for the program and one we hope to repeat in other regenices of Bali in 2022 and beyond.

Our sincerest gratitude to project funders the Mel Wolf Foundation and Bali Chef’s Charity Lunch for enabling this to happen.

Support Child Protection in Bali

This program only happens thanks to help from supporters. The more support, the more students we can reach. If you’d like to become a supporter of the Child Protection Program, please get in touch.