Huge Teacher Training Workshops for Child Protection

Bali Children’s Project is excited to share the latest big news in our Child Protection effort in Bali. After careful negotiation, Bali’s regency of Badung has signed up to our Child Protection program.

It means that every single elementary school in the Badung regency must now deliver child protection workshops, based on Bali Children’s Project’s teaching template. That’s 286 schools!

It is huge news – Badung represents a huge portion of Bali’s tourism industry, covering popular destinations of Kuta, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Canggu, Seminyak and more.

Now, all children in these areas will receive abuse awareness workshop so that they are better equipped to understand and respond to abuse.

Template Education

The aim of the workshops is to give teachers the ability to run their own abuse awareness workshops.

The in-person training sessions train teachers and give them online and offline materials, as well as a structure for workshop delivery.

Structure includes songs and games for children, custom made animated awareness videos, a teachers training video, a workshop handbook for teachers and more.

Monitored through our team, schools are asked to report their activities when delivering workshops.

The ‘template’ structure of teaching teachers means that we can reach tens of thousands of children and create sustained impact in schools.

Abuse Awareness Development

Our program started in 2018, with our team directly delivering abuse awareness workshops to classes within schools.

However, we quickly realized that our team could not hope to reach the numbers of students required.

That is when we re-strategized, focusing on creating a template that schools and teachers can follow to help their children understand abuse.

Developed together with child psychologists, our team have create a template that schools and teachers can emulate. It means that we can reach tens of thousands more children.

Abuse Awareness

Child abuse, like in many parts of the world, is present in Bali.

Not part of the national curriculum, abuse awareness is a key component for children to understand stay safe.

Badung is the third regency to formally join our Child Protection program, made mandatory by the regency’s education board after meeting with our team.

Badung follows Bangli (in 2021) and Buleleng (in 2022) in formalizing abuse awareness education. In 2023, Jembrana and Karengasem regencies will also joining this program. For the first time, the program this year will reach outside of Bali – with schools in Nusa Tenggara joining via online workshops.

The program in 2023 is kindly fully funded by The Mel Wolf Foundation. For 2024 and beyond, we are seeking support to continue and grow the impact of this Child Protection

Fund Child Protection

We are always looking to increase our impact with Child Protection in Bali and beyond. Increased funding means that we can support more schools to deliver this life-changing program.