2018: A Year to Remember

As we see out the twilight of 2018, Bali Children’s Project takes a look back at some of the achievements over the course of the year.

Impacting tens of thousands of children, Bali Children’s Project’s work in 2018 created a huge impact for children and families in Bali. Below are just some of our highlights from the year.

It was all made possible thanks to the generosity of you, our supporters. Without your help, none of what you read below would have been done.

Bali Children’s Project extends our deepest gratitude at all the individuals, businesses, schools and community groups who have helped us in 2018. It has been a truly wonderful year and we are humbled to have your continued support.

With many plans already in place for 2019, with your support we can continue to help children escape poverty through education.

Thank you.

Linda Venter and the whole team at Bali Children’s Project

Class of 2018

As new children joined our sponsorship program, 22 also left the program in the best way possible – through graduating! It was a dream come true for the students, who would have never made it without their sponsors. Out of the graduates, 16 went directly to paid work, and eight onto further education.

Christmas Appeal raises 4,500 USD

The year is ending on a high for children in our sponsorship program. While sponsorships focus on supporting school costs, it’s hard to ignore children’s living conditions. With so many sleeping on the hard floor, we’ve been running our Christmas Mattress Appeal to help give children a good night’s sleep.

93 Children Sponsored for School

School sponsorships for 2018 have given 93 children new futures. That is over a 35% increase in sponsored children! These are all children who would have dropped out of school. According to official data, 1 in 5 students will not finish high school in Bali, limiting their futures to manual labor. The total number of children sponsored by Bali Children’s Project now stands at 314!

Six Preschools Built

To think that we would be opening one school every 60 days was just a pipedream a couple of years ago. Focusing on crumbling preschools and kindergartens, we’ve renovated and supplied six schools in 2018. A further four projects are already in progress. It’s all been possible thanks to support from Karmagawa as well as individuals who have donated.

Seven Libraries and Learning Centres

Seeing children enter a world of excitement and imagination is one of our favourite sights. Especially considering Indonesia ranked 60 out of 61 in a recent literacy study. Creating seven new libraries and learning centres gave thousands of children access to books, English lessons and IT. A plethora of supporters helped us achieve this.

80 School Entry Backpacks

With elementary school starting for new academic year in August, many families struggled to afford necessary school supplies. Thanks to a great response from supporters, we were able to deliver 80 fully equipped ‘School Entry Backpacks’ which included everything from stationary to school uniforms.

Sex Education Impacts over 13,000

Shockingly, HIV and AIDS are still rising in Bali (doubling from 12,000 in 2013 to 24,000 in 2017). Our Sex education program, funded by Mel Wolf Foundation, Lucky Number 9 and Three Monkeys Cafes set out to help adolescents learn about protecting their health. The program is not just workshops, but also trains student groups to educate their student peers. The program supported 49 ‘KSPAN’ student groups this year.

100 Child Protection Workshops

Thanks to funding from the Mel Wolf Foundation, Bali Children’s Project expanded our Child Protection Workshops, after successful trials in 2017. Fast forward to December 2018 and the engaging workshops networked with one hundred schools and educated 6,886 children in abuse awareness.

Agung Refugee Support

The year started as is ending – with Mother Nature flexing her muscle. By the end of January, the volcano had settled down, miraculously staying calm ever since. With our appeal raising over 13,000 USD, we focused on supporting refugee camps and preparing breathing masks for children in the event of an eruption.  We remain vigilant that activity could start once again.